These last two months have just flown by! I feel like January and February we’re going at half speed and now we are into May and I’m not sure what happened! LOL! These last few months I have been going into my office a few times in the month. My company is an essential business so our office remains open throughout all of Ontario’s lockdowns and sometimes there are things I need to do in the office that I can’t complete from home. The days I go to work, I’ve had to go back to my early morning routine where I get ready and head out to work, and I’ll be honest, I really missed that! I find that more recently I’ve been using more and more of my makeup and it’s been fun to get ready in the morning and have somewhere to be. Have you been back to your routine pre-COVID?

Here’s what I used up!

Body Care

love script body wash in orange blossom. I received this in last year’s Fab Fit Fun Spring Box (see it here) and while I LOVE body washes I was unconvinced this was worth $28.00 (that’s US dollars) and after using this whole bottle and I can definitely say it’s not worth the money. It worked just fine but nothing really wowed me about this product. The scent was nice but it wasn’t anything special. I love orange blossom so I was looking forward to an indulgent scent in my shower, but the scent is very faint. It lathers up alright, but not as much as other body washes I enjoy. It did nothing for me my skin either. To be honest I was looking forward to this finishing up so I could open up my bottle of Aveeno body wash. I would not purchase this.

live clean tropical coconut aromatherapy foam bath. During the colder months, I really love a bath and I take my baths very seriously. I love adding bath balms, Epsom salts, oils, etc. I love to make it a spa experience, especially since I can’t go to the spa right now. I picked this up from Shoppers because I thought it sounded really good and was affordable but wow was I really impressed with this after using it. I get lots of foamy bubbles and it makes my bath water more hydrating. I really love this and would definitely repurchase it.

Skin Care

Indeed Labs Retinol Reface. I shared a full review of Indeed Labs on the blog last year when I did a haul of many of their products which you can read here. This Retinal Reface cream was one of my favourite items and I enjoyed it to the very end. What’s nice is that this cream is light and mixes well with my moisturizer. I really felt a difference when I used it plus this is only $20 and because it’s at Shoppers you can always wait for it to go on sale. I would repurchase it.

Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist 24 Intensive Eye Contour Cream. I always have a sample of this cream so I never have had to purchase the full-size. While I know that eye creams are becoming less and less popular as more information comes out on how they aren’t necessarily useful if you have a good face cream, however, I’m not going to start tossing out what I have. I enjoy this cream and think it works well under my eyes. I even use it in my smile lines to help them get deeper. I won’t be purchasing this since I have some samples still around.

Bioderma Sensibio H2O. I don’t have preferences when it comes to micellar waters, but Bioderma continues to be one that I go back to. Mostly because it does work really well and the cost is reasonable for how much you get. I always wait for it to go on sale and pick up a bottle or two. Recently, on days I’m chilling at home and not wearing makeup or going out to run errands I’ll use it to rinse my face in the morning in place of washing it was face wash. It’s super convenient. I have other micellar waters to use up but I know I’ll repurchase this one soon.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost makeup removing cleansing wipe. Speaking of products that are losing popularity, makeup wipes are definitely an item that I want to reduce using. However, I received this product and wanted to give it a try. I will say that makeup wipes are a perfect travel item for me. Especially since it’s easy to carry very say micellar water or other makeup-removing products or washes. I have to admit, this did an amazing job at removing my makeup gently and effectively without it feeling like I was tugging my skin and it didn’t burn around the eyes. The wipes are standard Neutrogena wipes but I have to admit that the solution was amazing. I LOVE the hydro-boost line so I’m so happy to continue to see it expanding. I would repurchase this when I can travel again!


Wet N’ Wild Megaslicks Lip Gloss in Clear. I purchased this when I was in a pinch and needed a gloss before an event. It works just fine but I haven’t used this since then and when I picked it up a week ago to wear it had started to smell like it was going bad so it made sense to toss it out. I won’t be repurchasing this.


There you have it! All the items I used in March and April! Mostly Body and Skin care items which makes sense since that’s what I’ve been using the most lately.

What did you use up these last few months?

Lots of Love,