With more things opening I have been enjoying patios, visiting friends and family, pool days, working at my office, and going on walks. Needless to say, this summer I’ve been wearing a lot more makeup than last year. During the summer I don’t do a lot of tanning so I love turning to products that give me that glow and sun-kissed look.

Here are some products that are new to me that I’ve been using and loving a lot,

Smashbox Cali Contour Palette

I purchased this on a whim. I was at the Shoppers Drug Mart trying to find some powder to touch up my face but ended up falling in love with this palette. For one, all the shades in this palette work well with my skin tone and I love that they all are very real-toned shades. There isn’t a super bright pink or shiny highlights etc. All the colours have a more bronze, summer feel so they give me an overall tanned look.

The face palette has a contour, matte highlight, shimmer highlight, shimmer bronze highlight, matte bronze, matte blush. These shades all work well together too. You can tell that Smashbox really thought about what would go together to give an overall summer look so when I use this I don’t have to grab other face powders. I’ve taken this to work on days that I’m planning to go out afterwards and love that I can easily touch up my look, I even use a lot of the shades on my eyes too. The packing is very cute with the palm tree on the front. It’s not super large but you can easily use big face brushes in the pans without it mixing with the surrounding shades. It’s very sturdy which makes it great for travel and I love that it have a nice mirror inside. I use this all the time on the go. When I start travelling I know I will be taking this with me.

Marc Jacobs O!Mega Bronzer Coconut Perfect Tan

Another product I bought on a whim! I was on the Sephora website and saw that this was on sale so I decided I would just pick it up because I had seen really good reviews on it. I have to admit that this bronzer is my favourite purchase this summer, it really is the best I’ve tried. For one, it’s a super large pan so I can get my really fluffy bronzer brush in it. The powder itself is so finely milled that when I apply it onto my skin it doesn’t streaky. It’s also very buildable. Unlike other bronzers, the colour is not intense so I don’t struggle to blend it in. Since the powder is very fine it looks very natural on me. One issue I usually have is that bronzer can look really blotchy on my face, but this does not at all.

I love that the compact is large and there is a mirror inside. Quite a few times I found that I was using the mirror to apply all my makeup so I know this is going to be a product I take with me for travel, both for the mirror and the bronzer itself!

MakeUp By Mario Soft Sculpt Shaping Stick

The moment I saw this product being reviewed on YouTube I knew I wanted it. It looked super creamy and perfect for what I was looking for as a contour. I usually struggle with contour because it either doesn’t work on my skin tone or it’s very hard for me to work with because the powered is too chalky or the cream is really slippery so it ends up blending on the whole side of my cheek. Although the weather is warmer and wearing too much cream ends up melting off my face I find that this tends to stay in place. I love that it doesn’t apply thick or and is so easy to blend on my face.

This shade is perfect on my skin. It’s not super grey so it doesn’t look like dirt but it’s cool enough that it works super well in the areas I want to contour. What I enjoy the most about this product though is the packaging. It’s dual ended with one side being the sculpture stick and a brush on the other side. I love this because then I have a brush to use only with this cream which is great for not mixing product but also because I think the brush is actually really great. It’s dense but really soft and the raised parts of the brush makes it much easier to blend the bronzer. I use this any time I need contour.


There are my favourite summer products for achieving a beautiful summery look. What are some products you have used a lot this summer?

Lots of Love,