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On to the Original Review

I’m someone who takes vitamins and supplements every day as a convenient way to ensure I’m getting my daily requirements. When Nature’s Sunshine reached out to send me some of their items I knew that I wanted to give them a try.

Nature’s Sunshine changed the world as the first company to put herbs into easy-to-take capsules. This year is their 50th anniversary of bringing the healing power of herbs to millions of people across North America. This is the first time I’ve learned about Nature’s Sunshine and with 200+ products they have something for everyone I’m so excited that I get to test them out.

Here are some items I tried and my thoughts

Collagen Powder

Helps to reduce joint pain associated with osteoarthritis. Helps maintain the health, strength and youthfulness of tissue structures throughout the body. Sourced from the finest, grass-fed, pasture-raised cows. This ensures that you receive the highest-quality, natural, sustainably sourced collagen in the world. Certified non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, Keto-friendly and Paleo-friendly.


This is a really easy way for me to incorporate collagen into my everyday foods. It’s flavourless so I can add this to so many things. My favourite way to incorporate this is in my pancakes, coffee, or smoothies in the morning so I don’t miss taking this. It dissolves very quickly, without leaving clumps so I don’t need any special devices to mix it. I love that this is super convenient it makes it easy to use every day.

Crystal Clear Deodorant & Body Spray

24-hour maximum odour protection without harmful chemicals, No aluminum chlorhydrates or zirconium, No parabens, No chemical additives, Hypoallergenic, No animal testing, Non-staining, Dries quickly


I’m always on the hunt for a good deodorant that won’t leave me feeling stinky at the end of the day. I was really excited to give this one a try because it was in a spray format and I haven’t tried that style of deodorant before. This actually works so well. I spray it in the morning and surprisingly at the end of the day and I did not stink. The spray dries down pretty quickly so I don’t have to wait too long before I put on my shirts. I also love that it’s unscented so I can pair it with my favourite body sprays and perfumes. I’m not kidding when I say that this is replacing the current deodorants I own. I’m so happy to have this with the hot summer months around the corner.

Hair, Skin and Nails Vitamins

Helps to maintain healthy hair, skin and nails and mucous membranes. Supports immune function and wound healing. A source of antioxidants to protect and prevent free radical damage to cells and supports good health.


I feel like after using this for over a month my nails are feeling so strong. My skin is also looking really good lately. I’ve been using a lot of different things to improve my hair but I know that this has been helping as well. The only downside for me with this product is that I don’t love the taste of the vitamin capsule itself. It has a very earthy taste. I can get over it but it can be a bit off-putting. I might not use this particular vitamin again but I don’t dislike the taste so much that I won’t take what I have.

Ashwagandha Herbal Combination

Traditionally used in Ayurveda as a rejuvenative tonic (Rasayana) and for memory enhancement. Used in Herbal Medicine as an adaptogen to help increase energy and resistance to stress (e.g. in case of mental and physical fatigue related to stress).


I take this in the morning with my breakfast to help set me up for a productive and stress-free day at work. I find that it really does put me at ease but doesn’t leave me feeling drowsy or out of sorts. It just helps me feel alert.

Cat’s Claw Combination

While Cat’s Claw is the key ingredient in this formula, NSP has combined it with the traditional Asian tonic herb Astragalus and the Native American herb Echinacea, to create an all-herbal immune supplement from classic traditional medicine ingredients.


I enjoy taking supplements that aid with immunity. The combination of all the different ingredients that improve immunity in these little capsules is so convenient.

HTP Power

Promotes the production of serotonin and may help stabilize mood and reduce insomnia. Used as a sleep aid. Used in Herbal Medicine as a tonic to help relieve general debility and/or to aid during convalescence. Contains traditional adaptogenic herbs eleuthero and ashwaganda which help support the nervous system in times of stress.


I absolutely love this product! This it’s supposed to be taken 45min before I sleep. In the evenings I like to usually have some warm milk as a way to prep for sleeping and this helps to ease me into sleep and it prevents me from waking up multiple times during the night. I notice this is a huge difference from when I don’t take this, I don’t get as restful sleep.

CORE Balancing Oil

Used in Aromatherapy as a nervine/calmative. Great with massage oil. Use during times of stress


I received this from Nature’s Sunshine with a few beaded bracelets so that I could enjoy the scent of the oil throughout the day. I really like this because the scent is extremely calming. I also enjoy this in my bath where I mix about 3-4 drops of the oil with my favourite bubble bath. I love relaxing in a bath with this oil, it has a nice mix of cedar. I absolutely love aromatherapy, sometimes I just leave the bottle open at my desk while I’m working so that I can always enjoy the scent.

My Thoughts

Overall, I really like the products I’ve tried so far from Nature’s Sunshine that I’m very excited to try more of their items. I like that there are an array of items not only vitamins or supplements that aid in general health and well-being I know there will be more great products for me to discover.

Have you tried products from Nature’s Sunshine? Are you into taking daily vitamins and supplemens?

Lots of Love,