Unboxing and First Impressions, Monthly Watch Club

It’s always fun to try something a little different than the usual unboxing here on the blog. Today I’m sharing an unboxing for box that I’m really intrigued by. That’s the Monthly Watch Club* box.
Monthly Watch Club (1)

Monthly Watch Club is a subscription service where every month you receive one custom made watch. They work with watch designers around the world to bring subscribers affordable watches. You can choose whether you want a male or female subscription.

This costs $39.99 CAD plus $7.00 shipping within Canada.

I’ve never heard of a watch subscription service so I was curious about the quality and style of the watch. My watch was received in a Canada Post bag wrapped tightly in bubble wrap. The black box that it came in is sturdy with the Monthly Watch Club name and logo on the top. I really appreciate this packaging because it makes the watch an easy gift or a nice way to store the watch when not in use.

Monthly Watch Club (6)

The watch I received has a genuine leather brown strap. It has a beautiful gold face with Roman numeral dials. On the front and back of the watch is the Monthly Watch Club logo which I think is a nice touch.

Monthly Watch Club (4)
I like that it’s a smaller and sleeker watch with a thin strap because that’s what I would go for. I usually wear my smartwatch every day but I would switch it up for a watch like this for when I’m dressing up.
Monthly Watch Club (3)After seeing the watch in person I can imagine a subscription like this would be great for someone who enjoys watches and accessories because it’s a good quality and the style is nice (you can also find styles from previous months on the website).

There are different subscription levels (month to month, 3 month prepay, 6 month prepay or 12 month prepay). So if you only want to add a few or many watches to your collection you could easily do that.

Monthly Watch Club

I thought of this as a good gift option for some of the men and women in my life because they can be difficult to shop for. Something like this is easy because they would get a new style every month to enjoy and I could pick a subscription option that fit my budget.

You can find more information and sign up for monthly watch club here.

Other Things to Note

  • based out of Calgary, Alberta (go Canada!)
  • each watch comes with a 100 day warranty
  • ship internationally
  • 10% of all profits go toward Kiva, which help people build businesses around the world. I love a company that gives back

Monthly Watch Club (7)

My Thoughts

I personally don’t see the need for so many watches for myself, but I can think of a few people who would love this. I definitely think this is a great gift option for some of the people in my life who I know would enjoy receiving a new watch in the mail every month. The watch is better quality than I thought for the price so I would be super happy gifting a subscription like this.

Would you be excited to receive a new watch every month? What would be your favourite type of subscription box?

Lots of Love,

*I received this item complimentary for reviewing purposes. My opinions are honest and my own.



Review: Grande Cosmetics GrandeLASH™ MD Lash Enhancing Serum

Who doesn’t want long, thick lashes! I know I sure do. If you didn’t know, a long time ago I worked at a medical spa and had the opportunity to try out Latisse. I actually saw a difference in my lashes. I had to stop using it after a few months because it was too expensive to be repurchasing and my lashes went back to their normal length. Since then, I’ve been intrigued by how many other lash enhancing brands have hit the market.

I was browsing through the Sephora website back in September when I stumbled upon Grand Cosmetics and their feature enhancing items. I decided I would try the GrandeLASH MD serum and see if it would do anything for my lashes. According to the directions, it takes 3 months to achieve the full results of the product.
GrandLash_Review_LBL (4)

I’ve been using this for 8 weeks, just over halfway through the 3 month period and I thought I’d share my experience up to this point.

What it is
A revolutionary lash enhancing serum that promotes longer, thicker-looking eyelashes. (Sephora.ca)
GrandLash_Review_LBL (3)

$87.00 CAD (2mL). This is pricey, but it’s supposed to be 3 months worth of product.

My Lash Progress

Week 1GrandLash_Review_week1

Week 2

Week 4

Week 6

Week 8

You are supposed to apply this like eyeliner, close to the lashes but not on the lashes themselves every night after washing and drying your face. You apply one stroke on each eye. The applicator itself is very similar to a brush tip liquid liner. I’ll admit that I  have missed days here and there but for the most part, I’ve been pretty consistent with the application. It feels like a wet liquid eyeliner for the first few minutes before it dried.
GrandLash_Review_LBL (5)

Did it make a difference?
When I look back at the photos above I don’t see a huge difference in the appearance of my lashes. Granted, because I was trying to stay consistent, the photos were taken in the morning in my bathroom which probably doesn’t have the best lighting. However, when I look at my lashes in person, I see a slight difference and when I apply my mascara I see an even bigger difference.

My lashes before are a standard length but the tips are blonde so they look shorter than they actually are. Now, I feel like when I look in the mirror, my lashes look darkened from root to tip. My Lashes feel really soft and almost thicker too.
GrandLash_Review_LBL (2)

It hasn’t had an adverse effect on my lashes, so I feel safe to use it until the end of the 3-month treatment.

I can see a difference if I compare week 1 to week 8. I’m not expecting a huge difference in my lashes, but even the smallest amount of change is a good one for. I’ll continue using this until I’ve reached three months and share an update on my progress.

Have you tried a lash enhancing serum? Do you think this will even make a difference on me in 3 months?

Lots of Love,

Bye Bye Empties, November 2017

I feel like I got through a decent number of products this month which is exciting. Doing these empties posts encourages me to be diligent with using up the products I have.

Skincare/Body Care
Empties_November_LBL (3)

The first item I’ve finished up this month is my L’Occitane Supple Skin Oil with Almond Oil. I enjoy spraying this on my body after I shower but I also would put a few drops in my baths. I’ve been able to work around the nuances that I disliked in this oil in the beginning. I shared a review on the blog over a year ago which you can read here. I didn’t really like the spray nozzle and thought this was really thick at first, but I’ve learned that spraying into my hands then rubbing it on resolved that issue. I’m still unsure if I’d repurchase this or try the body milk instead.

I have used up my Shiseido Facial Cotton pads. I was introduced to these (and the whole Shiseido line) through Stashy at stashmatters.com. Thanks to her I’ve become such a facial pad snob! haha! She also introduced me to the less expensive, but just as good MUJI Cotton Pads (which I LOVE by the way). She’s the best at reviewing so I would suggest heading to her site here (Shiseido) and here (MUJI) for her reviews on each! I already have a backup of this.

After recently raving about this in my Favourites from the Boxes post a month ago I was pretty sad when my Dr.Roebuck’s Polish finished! This mixes two of my favourite things; a facial scrub and moisturizer. I have so many face washes to get through but this is on my list to purchase soon.

Another facial scrub item I used up is the Anthony Glycolic Exfoliating and Resurfacing Wipes. This was harsh on my skin and the last 5 sheets dried out really quickly so I had to wet them to get them to work. I only used this once a week so that was bound to happen. They were very pricey at Sephora so I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing them. You can read my review of them here. I think they just didn’t work with my skin type.

Empties_November_LBL (4)

 I got this deluxe sample of MAC’s Eye Makeup Remover when I bought some items online and I got about 4 uses out of it. I didn’t think it was better at removing eye makeup compared to my miceller waters so I don’t think I would purchase a full size of it.

I really enjoyed this deluxe sample of Cover FX illuminating primer. It gave my skin a glow which looked nice under my foundation. I also appreciated that this didn’t have a scent. I currently have another illuminating primer in my makeup stash but I can see myself purchasing a full size in the future.

I received a Ciate Fierce Flicks eyeliner in my October 2016 Ipsy Bag and I was so happy with it when I started using it a few months later. The felt tip is stiff which I usually don’t like but the formula was great. I could get a very precise line and although it was very liquid it didn’t bleed on me. It doesn’t replace my Stila Stay All Day liner but I’m happy I got to try it!

I was at a Teeez event hosted by Dave Lackie when I received their Desert Metals Mascara and at first, I wasn’t sure how I was going to like the brush. After using this, however, I thought it was because it coated and lifted the ends of my lashes fanning them out for a flirty look. I love Teeez packaging and a really enjoyed the formula so I am going to be purchasing this.

I also used up my Anastasia Brow Gel deluxe sample. I have brows that love doing their own thing so I must have this in my makeup collection (or any type of strong hold brow gel). I’ve done a review of this here and have it in a full size.

Empties_November_LBL (5)

Through my various Sephora & BeautyBoutique orders these past few months, I’ve made quite a collection of little one use samples. I was hoping that I would enjoy Sephora’s Fond de teint perfection foundation but the formula wasn’t right for me. It felt a bit thicker than what I prefer it didn’t blend in well so I won’t be getting a full size. Another item I won’t be repurchasing is Sephora’s Cleansing Cream in Rose. It felt really good on the skin because it was creamy, but it did not remove my makeup at all and that’s a huge drawback for me.

I have heard so many positive reviews on the Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair Hair Mask that I really wanted to give it a try (I also have a deluxe sample of this so I was really hoping it would work). I have really dry hair so nothing is going to drastically change that but this did help hydrate my hair and made it feel soft. I’m going to use my deluxe sample the next few washes to see if it makes a difference with continued use.

The last item is the KNC Beauty Lip Mask that I received in my November Boxycharm. I got three of these lip masks and I’ve only used one so far. I think you’re supposed to use this 2-3 times a week so I’m not following the directions. I thought this was OK. I didn’t notice a dramatic change but it never hurts to moisturize your lips. I’ll use up the other two but I don’t think I’d purchase this.
Empties_November_LBL (2)

What have you used up in November? Any favourites that you’ll repurchase? Do you have any items you don’t think you’ll buy again?

Lots of Love,

Favourites From the Boxes, November 2017

Did anyone do any Black Friday Shopping? I found myself on the Sephora website at 5:00AM going through their offerings for Black Friday but other than that I didn’t do any shopping. There were quite a few deals and the mall nearby my work was crazy busy. For me it just really feels like November is coming to an end and Christmas will be here before we know it! I’m soooo excited! Anyways, I wanted to share some subscription box favourites below.

Royal & Langnickle Brushes
Received in: BoxyCharm February 2017 and BoxyCharm August 2017

I am so impressed with these brushes. They are extremely soft and blend my eyeshadow perfectly.
20171125_123916I’ll start with the gold set of brushes which I use as shader brushes. This came together as part of the Omnia line. The natural hair large shader brush is great for putting eyeshadow all over my lid. I also really love the synthetic smudger brush for smoking out my eyeliner or blending out the lower lash line. These brushes look really fancy and are super lightweight.

The next brush I received from a later Boxycharm box is this synthetic crease brush which came in a set of three from the Moda Pro line.

The other brushes are for the face and I really like them. This guy is becoming my go-to for blending out the crease. I like it because it’s really fluffy but the tip is tapered so it keeps the eyeshadow in the area I place it. I also really love the design of this barrel. It’s rubberized with a cushion style pattern that makes it super comfortable to grip.

Buff Her House of Exfoliation Vanilla Almond Crumbles
Received in: Ipsy Glam Bag September 2016

20171125_123626I use this whenever I want to turn my face wash into a scrub. I like that I can add in as much or as little I want of this so that I can either have a light exfoliation or a stronger scrub.
20171125_123644They are very large granules so if I do put too much it can be irritating to the skin but a little pinch like the amount I have in my hand below is perfect for me.
20171125_123700I love using this mostly with my foaming wash because then I get a little bubbly exfoliation action going. The scent is very natural too which I do enjoy.

Shu Uemura Essence Absolute Nourishing Protective Oil
Received in: Topbox July 2015

I’ve had this for such a long time now but the oil has held up super well. I have so many hair oils that I rotate through so it’s not a surprise to me that I still have about half a bottle of this left.
20171125_123609While my hair is damp I put about two pumps of this into my hair. I then will let it air dry or I’ll heat style my hair. This leaves my hair feeling really soft and less frizzy. I think this is one of the best items I’ve received in a Topbox, ever!

These were the products I wanted to share this month from my various subscription boxes.

Are there any items you’re enjoying from your subscription boxes?

Lots of Love,

Unboxing Boxycharm, November 2017

Price: $21.00 USD (+$5.00 shipping to Canada)
Number of items: 4-5 full-size items

Boxycharm is a monthly subscription box of full-size makeup, skincare and beauty tools. The theme for this month is “Sweater weather”. I do love wearing comfy sweaters as the weather gets colder.

Prices are in American Dollars, converted to Canadian at the end

What I received;

Luxie Beauty Quad Eye Travel Set
Retail Price: $32.00 USD
Unboxing Boxycharm_November_LBL5
I used to envy anyone who got Luxie brushes in their Ipsy bags because I never did! Luckily, now I’m collecting them in my Boxycharm! This is a set of four travel-size eye brushes. These are super soft brushes and I love that they are travel size because the smaller handle is easier for me to use. I’m very excited about this item and can’t wait to use them!

CoverFX Illuminating Setting Spray
Retail Price: $31.00 USD
Unboxing Boxycharm_November_LBL6

With dry skin, anything that offers to hydrate and illuminate is a plus for me. If you watch Kathleen Lights on Youtube you would have heard her mention that this is full of micro glitter so you really need to shake this well to disperse them in the liquid. I love using setting sprays so I’m happy to get this.

WinkyLux Kitten Palette
Retail Price: $25.00 USD

The packaging on this palette is so adorable! When I saw this I immediately thought of my sister because she loves cats and with her birthday in November, I decided to gift this to her. So, you probably won’t see it again on the blog unless I have the opportunity to borrow it for some time to test out the formula. If you were interested, you can click here to see some swatches. There are a few reviews on their website, but it seems to be pretty positive. It says to be soft like kittens and highly pigmented.

LAQA & CO Cloud Lips in Storm
Retail Price: $17.00 USD
Unboxing Boxycharm_November_LBL2
This is an airy matte lipstick that is highly pigmented. I like the packaging although for such a dark colour I think the actual lipstick is too thick. It might be best applied with a brush for me.

KNC Beauty Collagen Lip Masks
Retail Price: $15.00 USD
Unboxing Boxycharm_November_LBL1

You apply this jelly lip mask for 15-20 mins to condition, moisturize, plump and hydrate the lips. I’m actually wearing one now as I type and so far it seems OK. It sticks to the lips fine and can feel a little tingle (probably the plumping ingredients at work). It’s recommended to use this 2-3 times a week. A lot of serum remained on the tray so I think I could reuse the mask a second time if I put it back into the packaging. I’ll update you on my thoughts in my empties.

My Thoughts
Every month I’m always very happy with the items in my Boxycharm. For about $30-35 Canadian Dollars a month it’s worth it. I find a lot of the items make really good gifts (such as the palette). I’m excited to try the setting spray and the eye brushes. Total Value: $120 USD ($153.25 CAD)!!

Did you get Boxycharm this month? What did you think of your box?

Lots of Love,

Unboxing Topbox, November 2017

Price: $12.00 CAD (plus tax, free shipping) 4 items.

Topbox is a Canadian monthly beauty subscription service. Each month you have the option of getting a surprise box or to swap it for a prive box where all the products are from one brand and you know what they are. This month I opted for a surprise box!

I usually receive the Topbox spoiler email before the bag arrives in the mail and I ALWAYS read it! haha! This month, I tried hard not to open that email until after I saw the items so I could actually enjoy the surprise and I did!

Prices are in Canadian Dollars

What I received;

LARITZY Cosmetics Silicone Makeup Blender
Full size: $14.00, this is a full size item
Unboxing Topbox_November_LBL9

I once bought one of these silicone style blenders from Amazon and it was awful! It really just made my foundation look like it was sitting on my face and not blended in. This blender has a lot more bounce than the Amazon one does but I wasn’t too excited when I saw this in the bag. I did read in the description that these are useful for applying skincare too and I thought that might be better. I’m sure it would be great for spreading around a mask or something so I’ll give it a shot!

First Aid Beauty 5 in 1 Bouncy Mask
Full size: $38.00 (1.7 oz), Sample size: $7.60 (.34 oz)
Unboxing Topbox_November_LBL4
This is an item I’m excited about! This mask should nourish, calm, firm, plump and refine. I do enjoy First Aid Beauty products and I really hope that this delivers on all the things it promises to do. I also enjoy that this is safe for sensitive skin, is hypoallergenic and fragrance free!

Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer in All Wrapped Up
Full size: $15.83, this is a full size item
Unboxing Topbox_November_LBL6

I’ve recieved Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquers before and I really enjoy this formula. Yes, I don’t wear nail polish, but my toes are just as important! haha! I might actually wear this for a holiday party or something because it’s just so festive! It’s a deep grey/purple with a lot of silver glitter.

Professional Sebastian Shaper Plus Extra Hold Hairspray
Full size: $24.14 (10.6 oz), Sample size: $3.10 (1.36 oz)
Unboxing Topbox_November_LBL8

I haven’t received a hair spray in any of my boxes in a long time so I’m pretty happy to get one now. I did a little search for this online and found that it was sold at Ulta (hurray that Ulta now ships to Canada!) and it has a 4.5 star rating. I don’t fuss too much with my hair, but again with the holidays around the corner I will use this to hold my styles in place. This is meant to be a 24hr hold (who tests this?) that’s not stiff or sticky. It’s also good for high humid areas, I’ll have no problem with that during winter!

My Thoughts
I’m super happy with my Topbox items this month. I get stuff that I’ll be able to wear/use for the holidays and winter rescue (aka the face mask). I’m not the most excited about the blender, but I’ll try it for skincare. Total Value: $40.53.

Did you get Topbox this month? Any items you are excited for?

Lots of Love,

Sephora VIB Sale Haul, a little bit of gifting for myself!

For any makeup/beauty enthusiasts Sephora’s VIB Sale is always an exciting time, especially November because that when they offer 20% to VIB and VIB Rouge and 15% to Beauty Insiders. I take the opportunity to purchase holiday and birthday gifts for family and of course, I do purchase items for myself. Mostly, I replenished items I love.

Sephora VIB Sale Haul2

I’m going to start with L’Occitane’s Almond Shower Gel which I absolutely love! I did a full review of this which you can read here. This is perfect for me because I have dry skin. I purchased the largest bottle available because I enjoy it that much!

Sephora VIB Sale Haul3

I have a few glittery shadows that I feel need a glitter glue so I picked up the  Too Faced Glitter Glue because it has a lot of good reviews. I’m looking forward to using this to create glitter looks for the holidays!

Sephora VIB Sale Haul5

I am a huge fan of Fresh skincare, mostly their lip balms. They are pricey so I always  pick up sets and with the 20% off it’s a really good buy in my opinion. This is the Fresh Glow n’Go set. I thought this would be packaged all together like most sets are but this wasn’t. I guess it doesn’t really matter but I like them boxed together if I wanted to give something like this as a gift. I’m looking forward to trying the face cream and mask!

Sephora VIB Sale Haul6

I’ve complained a few times about my brows on the blog so I thought it would be good to pick up the Tweezerman Brow Shaping Scissors & Brush to help tame them.

Sephora VIB Sale Haul7

Lastly, I splurged and got the Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes palette. I enjoy the Peach palette which you can read about here. When I saw that the reviews were super positive for this palette I thought, why not!

Sephora VIB Sale Haul9

This purchase put me at the VIB Rouge tier and I received the Sephora Pro 56.5 brush. I actually own this in the full size and I like it for applying foundation. I also picked up samples of Fresh’s Seaberry Skin Nutrition booster and two hair oils; one is Bumble and bumble. Hairdresser’s invisible oil and the other is 100 proof treatment oil.

That’s all I ordered from Sephora for myself. Did you purchase anything during Sephora’s VIB Sale?

Lots of Love,

Estee Lauder Color Envy Sculpting Eyeshadow: Palette Collection Review Series

I have a lot of 12-14 pan eyeshadows that I write about in this series, but I also have many 4-8 pan ones that I have never featured before. This palette from Estee Lauder is one that I wear often.

First off, I received this palette as a gift at the #LauderLovesCanada Event hosted by Dave Lackie. I have been using this since then and really enjoy it.

What it is
Long-lasting and luxe neutral hues with textures that create unexpected looks. This also claims to be crease-resistant and budge-proof.

$55.00 CAD (.24 oz/7g) The price/gram for this is $7.86/gram. I think I will start creating a chart to break down the price per gram of all my palettes but this one might be the most expensive. It costs more per gram compared to my Kat Von D Sinner Saint palette and Tartelette in Bloom for instance but then again I use EVERY shade whereas in my other palettes there might be a few I don’t.

This packaging to me feels very sturdy. It’s a hard plastic domed case with gold trim. The one downside is that 1/3 of the palette was reserved to hold the sponge applicators which I don’t use. I wish they didn’t include them and either gave us more product or a smaller package.

The palette I have is Ivory Powder which is a nice mix of light, cool browns. There are seven different palettes in this line. The colours work well together and compliment each other. I enjoy the tones in my palette because they are super versatile and wearable. I wear this quite a bit every day or as a base palette to throw pops of colour on top of.
The shades don’t have names, but I numbered them the same way Estee Lauder does on the back of the packaging.

Application & Wear
These last a long time on the eye and I don’t need to start with a primer and I don’t find it creases. The shadows are super soft and blend well. The pigmentation is good but it does require building if you want an intense look. You have to also be careful not to blend too long or they will disappear.

For the look above, I put 2 all over my lid and built my crease with 3 to create some depth. I also placed 3 on my lower lid. I then took 4 to the outer half of my eyelid and blended 5 from the outer half of my lashline slight up and into 4. I then used 1 under my brow bone. I finished off the look with Teeez mascara.



  • Easy to put look together
  • Soft shadows
  • Nice formula


  • Pricey
  • Colours need building for intense looks
  • Don’t like sponge applicators

My Thoughts
I really enjoy this palette. The colours may not be the most exciting but it’s a perfect work/daytime palette for me. I think it makes a wonderful gift for someone you know who wears minimal makeup and doesn’t Awant to fuss with a really large palette. It’s also fantastic if you just need to have a base palette.

Have you tried any eyeshadows from Estee Lauder? What do you think of their items?

Lots of Love,

As mentioned above, I received this palette as a gift however my thoughts are honest and my own.

Bye Bye Empties, October 2017

So again, I guess it’s better late than never getting this post up. October was really beautiful and warm for the most part. We celebrate Thanksgiving in October here in Canada so I enjoyed spending time with family. I didn’t do much for Halloween, other than dressing up for an office Halloween party, but I did watch scary movies and shows every day leading up to Halloween. Now I’m ready for Holidays!

On to the empties!


I enjoyed using Neutrogena’s All-in-One Make-Up Wipes. These work OK on their own, but I found them most effective after I washed my face to remove any lingering makeup. The sheets are large, thick and fairly soft. I will be repurchasing this.

I also tried one of my three Bio Belle facial masks. The one I used was #beautysecret. I received this in my June Boxycharm and I’m pretty happy with how it left my skin moisturized. I’m excited to try the other two I still have.

Haircare and Bodycare

I used up my Dove Coconut & Hydration Conditioner. I’ve mentioned before in many other empties posts that I love the Dove line for my dry hair. This one, in particular, has a pleasant scent and always left my hair really soft. I know for sure I’m going to continue to purchase Dove shampoo and conditioners.

Another item that keeps popping up in my empties posts is Yves Rocher’s Jardin du Monde Soft Shower Cream. The Cotton Flower from India is a scent that I really love because it’s floral and fresh. I love the way these lather up and are gentle on the skin. Of course, I always use this for bubble baths too. I’ve switched up my shower gels for November, but I do keep backups of this.

Makeup Tool

OK, so this isn’t an empty per say but I was so disappointed in Pur’s Blend Squad. I got the 3 piece blending sponges in my April Boxycharm. I was excited initially because I liked the shape of these sponges and was hoping it would be soft like my Beauty Blender when wet. Unfortunately, this sponge is so stiff and I had a hard time blending in my makeup with it. So, after one use I’m tossing this and the other two sponges out.


I have a large jar of the Nivea 2 in 1 moisturizing primer but I didn’t want this little packet to go to waste so I used it up. I love Nivea products because they are hydrating for my skin. This one is great because it hydrates and primes and I find that my makeup applies easily whenever I use this.

I usually love all of bliss products but unfortunately, that’s incredi-peel was a bit too harsh and irritating for my skin. I won’t be purchasing the full size but I’m happy I tried the sample beforehand to figure that out.

I got this sample of GlamGlow’s nude glow mega illuminating moisturizer in my Sephora haul back in September. It reminds me of the Becca Backlight Primer because it has that same type of scent (they both smell like Children’s Flinestone Vitamins) and did the same thing. They both make my skin glowy and work nicely under foundation or as a light highlight. They are about the same price, but I like that the Glamglow comes in three shades.

Lastly, I tried the Tocca Body Wash in Giulietta. I love the scent of ylang-ylang and that’s one of the notes in this fragrance body wash. I’m definitely getting this in the full size.

These were the items I used up in October! Some items I really loved and others I was severely disappointed in. What have you used up in October?

Lots of Love,

Kat Von D Saint & Sinner Eyeshadow Palette: Palette Collection Review Series

With the VIB Sale on at Sephora, I thought it appropriate to post my thoughts on Kat Von D’s Saint & Sinner palette if you were debating whether to pick this up or not. I’ve always snoozed on the Kat Von D limited edition palettes in the past and regretted it, but this year I bought the palette the moment it was released.

What it is
An ultra-limited eyeshadow palette with 12 Saint and 12 Sinner shades inspired by the vibrantly stained glass windows of gothic cathedrals. (Sephora.ca)
Kat Von D Saint Sinner Review_LBL3Price
$83.00 CAD (.96 oz total). This palette is very pricey but you get 24 shades in large pan sizes. If you were to get this during the sale it would be $66.40 (20% off) for VIB and VIB Rouge and $70.55 (15% off) for beauty insiders.
Kat Von D Saint Sinner Review_LBL2
Keeping with the theme of the palette, this looks like a cathedral window with Kat’s signature design. It’s a nice thick style cardboard that feels very sturdy. It has two mirrors on each side of the flaps. Although the packaging is beautiful, it’s not very practical. I enjoy compact palettes that I can store but this one is too bulky.
Kat Von D Saint Sinner Review_LBL8Colours
These colours do remind me of stained glass. When I first saw this palette I was a bit unsure how the colours would work together, but playing around with it in person, I can easily build together a lot of cohesive looks. For me, the colours are really fun and bold. Usually, palettes have one or two bold shades but this palette is full of them!

I do want to note that two of the colours I’ve noticed are patchy. Those colours are worship and crucifix on the saint side. For my look below, I really needed to build up worship and the only way I got the colour to work was when I switched to my Inglot 26P brush (see it here) because it’s small and dense. It’s just a bummer that these colours don’t perform as well as the others.


Kat Von D Saint Sinner Review_LBL5Saint has more “everyday” type shades. I love the mix of cool and warm shades.
Kat Von D Saint Sinner Review_LBL9 My favourite shades on this side of the palette include; sacred heart, heaven and cathedral.

For my look, I put amen all over the lid and blended sacred heart into the crease. I then added worship over the lid and on my lower lid. On the outer edge of my eyelid, I added sanctuary. I used a bit more of amen on the inner eye to make it brighter. I put absolution on the inner half of my eyelid for some sparkle and finished it off with Lancome’s Monsieur Big for very bold lashes.


Kat Von D Saint Sinner Review_LBL6
The sinner colours are way more bold and unique. These colours really pop.
Kat Von D Saint Sinner Review_LBL10I think this side of the palette is a great way to incorporate more fun shades into your collection. My favourite shades include; rapture, vestment, ministry and relic.

To create the look above, I started with baptism from the Saint side all over the lid. I then blended devil in the crease and on the outer half of my eyelid. After, I placed stigmata over devil to intensify the red on the outer eyelid and put relic all over the inner half of my eyelid and mimicked those colours on my lower lid. For mascara, I used Benefit’s Roller Lash in brown.

What makes this palette exceptional is the formula and the finishes. There are mattes, which Kat Von D is famous for and gorgeous shimmer shades. There are also two shades (absolution and rapture) which are glitters that are meant to be used as shadow toppers. I didn’t think I was going to love absolution because it doesn’t swatch well but on top of shadow, it really pops.

Application & Wear
These shadows apply well and blend easily together. The pigmentation is phenomenal and the shades look so vibrant. They also feel soft and creamy. I’m always inspired to create a new look. I use a primer (Urban Decay’s primer potion) with the colours to ensure they last all day. The formula is very powdery and I do experience fallout so I apply this eyeshadow before foundation.

Kat Von D Saint Sinner Review_LBL4



  • Fun and inspiring colours
  • Great pigmentation
  • Easy to blend


  • Bulky packaging
  • Worship and crucifix are patchy
  • Some fallout

My Thoughts
If you are debating between all the holiday or newer palettes that have been released lately, this is a great one to pick up. I’ve tried other palettes from Kat Von D and this is up there with the quality and uniqueness of the shades. I’m so happy I picked up this palette and would say it’s worth the buy, especially during the sale.

What do you think of this Palette? What are you planning to get during the Sephora sale?

Lots of Love,