Bye Bye Empties, October 2017

So again, I guess it’s better late than never getting this post up. October was really beautiful and warm for the most part. We celebrate Thanksgiving in October here in Canada so I enjoyed spending time with family. I didn’t do much for Halloween, other than dressing up for an office Halloween party, but I did watch scary movies and shows every day leading up to Halloween. Now I’m ready for Holidays!

On to the empties!


I enjoyed using Neutrogena’s All-in-One Make-Up Wipes. These work OK on their own, but I found them most effective after I washed my face to remove any lingering makeup. The sheets are large, thick and fairly soft. I will be repurchasing this.

I also tried one of my three Bio Belle facial masks. The one I used was #beautysecret. I received this in my June Boxycharm and I’m pretty happy with how it left my skin moisturized. I’m excited to try the other two I still have.

Haircare and Bodycare

I used up my Dove Coconut & Hydration Conditioner. I’ve mentioned before in many other empties posts that I love the Dove line for my dry hair. This one, in particular, has a pleasant scent and always left my hair really soft. I know for sure I’m going to continue to purchase Dove shampoo and conditioners.

Another item that keeps popping up in my empties posts is Yves Rocher’s Jardin du Monde Soft Shower Cream. The Cotton Flower from India is a scent that I really love because it’s floral and fresh. I love the way these lather up and are gentle on the skin. Of course, I always use this for bubble baths too. I’ve switched up my shower gels for November, but I do keep backups of this.

Makeup Tool

OK, so this isn’t an empty per say but I was so disappointed in Pur’s Blend Squad. I got the 3 piece blending sponges in my April Boxycharm. I was excited initially because I liked the shape of these sponges and was hoping it would be soft like my Beauty Blender when wet. Unfortunately, this sponge is so stiff and I had a hard time blending in my makeup with it. So, after one use I’m tossing this and the other two sponges out.


I have a large jar of the Nivea 2 in 1 moisturizing primer but I didn’t want this little packet to go to waste so I used it up. I love Nivea products because they are hydrating for my skin. This one is great because it hydrates and primes and I find that my makeup applies easily whenever I use this.

I usually love all of bliss products but unfortunately, that’s incredi-peel was a bit too harsh and irritating for my skin. I won’t be purchasing the full size but I’m happy I tried the sample beforehand to figure that out.

I got this sample of GlamGlow’s nude glow mega illuminating moisturizer in my Sephora haul back in September. It reminds me of the Becca Backlight Primer because it has that same type of scent (they both smell like Children’s Flinestone Vitamins) and did the same thing. They both make my skin glowy and work nicely under foundation or as a light highlight. They are about the same price, but I like that the Glamglow comes in three shades.

Lastly, I tried the Tocca Body Wash in Giulietta. I love the scent of ylang-ylang and that’s one of the notes in this fragrance body wash. I’m definitely getting this in the full size.

These were the items I used up in October! Some items I really loved and others I was severely disappointed in. What have you used up in October?

Lots of Love,


Bye Bye Empties, September 2017

September has been a busy month for me. With my sister’s wedding at the end of September, most of my time was spent helping her get prepared. September has been a beautiful month and was super warm here in Toronto! It’s like summer finally came and we had some super fabulous days! It’s actually been relatively nice so far in October. Except for a few cooler or grey days, it’s been pretty nice. I’m looking forward to Halloween and Thanksgiving! I’m planning on watching scary movies and shows everyday this month!

I didn’t use up too many items for September mostly because I’ve been using and trying new items!


I didn’t finish up The Body Shop’s Camomile Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover but I think it’s old now and it was time to throw it out. I didn’t really think this was that good for removing eye makeup like I would have wanted it to. That’s probably why I hardly used it. I don’t think I would repurchase this.

I did a review of Caudalie’s Premier Cru The Eye Cream that you can read about here. Essentially, I didn’t see a difference in the appearance of fine lines so I don’t think I’ll repurchase this.

I am absolutely in love with Jurlique’s Rosewater Balancing Mist. I did include it as part of my Summer Morning Routine. This smells so good and the mist is very fine which is super impressive for a sample size product. Unfortunately, I don’t think Sephora carries it anymore, but looking on the Jurlique website they have a lot of other beautiful face mists that I’d be curious to try.

Haircare & Body Care


I have been loving this body wash from a girl’s gotta spa! in Energizing Citrus. Talk about a nice smelling product! I love citrus and this one smells super fresh and natural. It helps wake me up in the morning and always put me in a good mood. There is so much that I love about this body wash and you can read all about it here. I would repurchase this.

Lastly, I have finished up a sample of healthy sexy hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave In Conditioner. I think I got this in one of my subscription boxes. I really liked how it made my hair feel whenever I used it before styling. It left my hair feeling very soft and smooth after I blow-dried it. I don’t think I would repurchase this just yet because I do have other leave-in conditioners and hair products that I want to use up.

There you have it! My little pile of empty items for September.

What have you used up in September?

Lots of Love,


Bye Bye Empties, August 2017

Fairwell August! I took a little vacation during the month which really made the time go by quickly because I was constantly busy. I traveled to the Mediterranean and it was so nice to by the beach and enjoy super warm weather! I also went to the Canadian National Exhibition which I did enjoy this year as well. It’s starting to get chillier, with temperature dipping below seasonal but hopefully there are a few nice days before the official end of summer.

Hair Care


Of all the shampoo brands, Head & Shoulders is my favourite. I wash my hair two or three times a week max because I have dry hair so I love that this keeps me feeling super clean between washes. I already have another shampoo open to replace this one.

I received a few shampoo and conditioner samples in the mail/magazines so I gave them a try this month. I have never used Garnier’s Whole Blends before but their Moroccan Argan & Camellia Oils shampoo and conditioner was very hydrating. I did notice my hair felt smooth and styling afterwards was a breeze. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Garnier’s Fructus Damage Eraser, but then again I’ve never been a fan of Fructus. It was fine for cleaning my hair but I don’t think I’ll purchase the full size.

I used up a sample of Novex Brazilian Keratin Protect and Repair Cream I received in my May 2016 Topbox. I got three uses out of this product. The last time I used it was after my vacation and it really helped restore my hair after being in the sun so long. I think I have more samples of products from Novex that I will be trying out next.

Face and Skin Care


I have owned the YesTo Grapefruit daily facial scrub for quite some time and I’ve finally used it up. I love the smell of grapefruit to wake me up in the morning, however, the exfoliating bits were too harsh for my skin so I don’t think I would repurchase this.

Through Topbox, subscribers can sign up for a program called Glam Sense where they receive products to test out for free in exchange for a review. That’s how I got this tiny sample of Cetaphil’s Nourishing Moisture Body Wash. In my teens and early twenties I was a huge fan of Cetaphil face wash so I was excited to try this. I thought it was alright though and doesn’t wow me enough to want to purchase a full size bottle. If I ever saw it on sale though I might be inclined to buy it because I like that it’s unscented.



I’ve had this Younique Lucrative Lip Gloss since 2015! It’s pretty much empty but I had been holding on to it for who knows what. It was included in my 3 Summer Lip Essentials back in summer of 2015 and I really do love the formula, nonetheless, it’s time I finally let this go.

Another item that makes me sad is empty is my Benefit They’re Real Mascara. I LOVE this mascara as well as Benefit’s Roller Lash. It’s the perfect formula and wand design for my lashes. This sample came in my either my Topbox or in a Sephora order, I can’t be sure. Fingers crossed I get another sample sometime soon so I don’t have to purchase the full size, but if not I’ve still got my Roller Lash to hold me over.

That’s all I’ve used up for August! What was in your empties bin this month? Have you tried any of the products listed above?

Lots of Love,

Bye Bye Empties, July 2017

July has been such an amazing month! I was guest again on Beauty Podcast with Cat which is always fun! If you haven’t had a chance to listen you can find all the links in my post here. I also travelled to Las Vegas for a bachelorette weekend which I shared a bit of on my instagram. Lastly, I was invited the Estee Lauder Fall Preview, you can read that post here.

I’m looking forward to August! I have more travel plans and looking forward to more summer fun!

Empties_July 2017_LBL (5)

I used up my Sephora Rose Cleansing Wipes soon after I did my post on my Night Time Routine. These wipes were OK. Although they worked for removing face makeup, I couldn’t use it around my eyes which is really important to me so I won’t be repurchasing them. I also finished my bottle of Nivea’s 3 in 1 Micellar Water. I received this product through to try and review and I thought it was quite nice! It removed all of my makeup including any waterproof mascara or eyeliner easily. I would definitely repurchase this.
Empties_July 2017_LBL (2)I received this Pur-Lisse Face Mask from my May 2107 Topbox and I was really excited to give it a try. The packaging reads that this is intensely moisturizing but after trying it my skin felt tight and dehydrated. I don’t think I would purchase this product. The next mask I used was the Green Tea Mask from the The Face Shop. This mask is meant to purify the skin. After use I had really nice clean skin that felt really clear. I can’t ever go wrong with the Face Shop masks, they are reasonably priced and work really well for me.

Body Care
Empties_July 2017_LBL (3)

I go through my Yves Rocher Body Wash pretty quickly. It’s because I also like to use them for bubble baths too. This one has a very nice minty/tea scent which I enjoy because it just smells clean. I also finished up my Bath and Body Works Gentle Foaming Hand Soap in Turquiose Waters. Anything from Bath and Body Works that has any beach theme is a scent I tend to enjoy most. Again, they just smell clean and fresh and are usually not crazy strong. I will be repurchasing both of these items although currently I’ve bought a 1 litre bottle of refillable hand soap so it may be a while before I get another body shop soap! LOL!

Hair Care
Empties_July 2017_LBL (4)

I’ve had this N4 Lumiere d’hiver Super Comb Prep & Protect spray for such a long time. I got it in my January 2016 Birchbox (oh Birchbox, why won’t you come back to Canada!!). I wasn’t a fan of any of the products I tried from this brand and this leave-in conditioner wasn’t much different. I really wanted to like it because it claimed to be good to de-tangle the hair as well has providing UV and colour protection. I never really had a chance to really test any of this out because I just got lazy to use it and eventually it started to smell REALLY bad! I won’t be purchasing a full size of this.

There you have it! All the items I managed to finish up.

What have you used up lately? Have you tried any of the items I’ve listed above?

Lots of Love,

Bye Bye Empties, June 2017

Summer is finally here! I have some travel plans in the next coming months so I’m excited to share posts different from beauty ones soon!

I feel like I did pretty well for June empties. I finished up a good number of products I’ve been wanting to finish.

Skincare Bye Bye Empties June 2017 (6)

I finally finished up my Caudalie Polyphenol Anti Wrinkle Fluid, if you recall in my review I wasn’t the biggest fan of this product because I really didn’t see any difference using it. You might probably guess that I won’t repurchase this. I also used up my Body Shop’s Nutriganics Refreshing Toner. For me this was OK, it felt filmy towards the end. I personally like toners that feel like they deep clean so I won’t be repurchasing this one. Lastly, I used up my Bella Aura Gentle Purifying Cleanser. This was a sample that I received in my January 2017 Topbox. This cleanser is great! It feels really creamy and lathers up nicely. The sample lasted maybe 8 washes but I was being very conservative using only a pea size at a time. Another plus for me is that it removes my makeup without irritating my eyes. I would definitely purchase I full size of this it’s just pretty pricey. I would also be interested in trying more from Bella Aura.

Hair & Body
Bye Bye Empties June 2017 (2)

I finished up my Dove Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner. I enjoy this line because it’s perfect for my dry hair. It helps tame frizz and works great with whatever oil or creams I use afterwards to style. I am picking up this again soon! Another item I finished up is Yves Rocher’s Jardins du Monde Soft Shower Cream in Cotton Flower from India. I have 5 back-ups of these body washes (yes, I counted them) I love so many of these scents and for me I can’t go without them! I like to use them as both body wash and as bubble bath! This scent is one of my favourites, it’s sweet and clean.

Bye Bye Empties June 2017 (4)

Some of my makeup items are actually empty and some are just products I think are old and need to be discarded. I’ll start with actual empties. When Joe Fresh first released their line at Shoppers Drug Mart I wanted to try it and started with the illuminating concealer.  I wasn’t the biggest fan of this at first because it’s not full coverage but with a change in foundation I found that this looked nice under my eyes adding a light highlight and woken up look. It looks the best with my Maybelline Fit Me foundation. I wish I took a picture of the applicator because I think it’s a really great design. It was long and flat and the angle was great to apply the concealer directly onto my face. I will likely repurchase this.

I also finished my sample of Urban Decay’s All Nighter Setting Spray. I really like this to set my makeup because it helped to blend in any powders and help keep my makeup in place. I will be purchasing the larger size.

This next item in my empties isn’t exactly an empty but an oldie! I’ve had my Too Faced Melted Metal in Melted Candy for way too long and I just wasn’t wearing it. The colour is too bright for everyday and I’m not into super bright lipsticks so this expired before it actually emptied.

The last item is also an oldie which is the Ruby Cosmetics Eyebrow powder. I did a whole review on this product when I first got it here. I pretty much summed it up in my final thoughts about the product, it’s not bad but there are so many brow products on the market I would probably move on to something new. That’s what I ended up doing. I just stopped using this and thought it might be best I just throw it out.

What items have you finished up this month?

Lots of Love,

Bye Bye Empties, May 2017

Before we get too far into June I figured I better get to all my empties for May. I feel like this I finished up a lot of products that I’ve been wanting to finish so I’m really excited to share them now!

May Empties 2017_LBL (9)

Let’s start off with Algenist Purifying & Replishing Cleanser which I finished up mid month. I originally reviewed it here and at that time I said I wouldn’t repurchase this. Since then I’ve had a complete change of heart because I grew to love this cleanser because it’s just so  good at removing my makeup and leaving my skin feeling clean. Plus it lasted me so long even with regular, daily use.

I have two little sample products that I finished this month as well.
May Empties 2017_LBL (10)The first is the GlamGlow Thirstycleanse Daily Hydrating Cleanser which I really enjoyed. I used this about 4 times before the sample ran out. It’s not a product I’d use everyday though so I’ll probably not purchase a full size but I would definitely get another sample.
May Empties 2017_LBL (11)The next item is my Dr.Lipp Nipple Balm. I love this balm! I got it in my Birchbox and then did a review of it here. I used this on my lips and cuticles the most but I would also occasionally use it when my legs, hands or face felt a little extra dry as spot treatment. Luckily I purchased a full size from the Birchbox store before they stopped servicing Canada.

Body Care

May Empties 2017_LBL (6)
An item I was really happy to have finish is the St. Ives Fresh Hydration Lotion. I thought I’d really like a spray moisturizer but as someone who needs a little more hydration I realized pretty quickly that I prefer creams instead. I did enjoy this as the weather got warmer because it was really light. I also really loved the smell; super tropical and delicious.

Once I finish up more body washes I have laying around my home I’m heading straight to L’Occitane to pick up more of the Almond Shower Oil. I did a review of this product here and I’m almost finished the Almond Supple Skin Oil as well.

I didn’t finish my PennyLane Pink Grapefruit Deodorant but it’s crumbled so badly that I can’t use it anymore. That was my fault because at first I think I might have pushed up too much product causing it to crack.
May Empties 2017It’s unfortunate because I love this smell. It was strong when I first applied it but it did diminish throughout the day and left me feeling fresh. I have other deodorants I’m using right now but I will probably repurchase this.

Hair Care

May Empties 2017_LBL (3)
Although I have dry hair, I always seem to finish up my shampoos before conditioners. I really enjoy the Dove Shampoo line. It’s really nice for dry, frizzy hair like mine making it really easy to style afterwards. The Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo is definitely one I will be picking up again.

If I could chose a high-end Shampoo and Conditioner it will most likely be Alterna’s Caviar Repair Instant Recovery Duo. This is amazing for hair like mine. I got this with my Sephora points with other items from their line.
May Empties 2017_LBL (4)If I’m leaving my hair to dry naturally I’m likely to use the shampoo and conditioner as well as the Caviar CC Cream. These three together made my hair more manageable. It’s really pricey, so I might be leaving this for Christmas and Birthday ideas 😉

What did you finish up in May?

Lots of Love,

Bye Bye Empties, April 2017

I thought I’d get through more items this month. I have so many things that feel empty but every time I go to use them I seem to be able to squeeze out more products! Hopefully this just means I’ll have more items to share for May!

SkincareEmpties April 2017_LBL (2)

Fresh Rose Face Mask
I got this for Christmas in one of Fresh’s skincare kits. I really enjoy these kits because Fresh products on their own are pricey in my opinion but getting little samples in a set always feel more cost effective to me. If I remember correctly, my set came with a cleanser, two lip balms, and this Rose Mask. I love the smell of roses and this mask is very fragrant. This is infused with real rose petals. I really loved using this. I got a good 4-5 masks out of the 15mL jar which is really great. I was instantly hydrated with this mask and I loved wearing this before I put on my makeup.

Empties April 2017_LBL (3)Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb
I JUST got this in my Topbox for April but I had to use it! I like that this mask has a blue layer that helps it keep it’s shape until it’s applied on the skin. After you have placed on your face, you peel away the blue layer and leave on the sheet mask. This was such a super hydrating mask. I really loved this and felt pampered when I applied it. I’m definitely picking up more!


Empties April 2017_LBL (5)

Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer in the Hydrating Formula
I got this from the Smashbox Booth from last year’s Generation Beauty. I got so many items at that event, if you were curious to see what they were click here. This was really good the first 2-3 times I used it but after being open for only a week it development that bad makeup chemical scent! I thought it was a bit strange because I left the plastic packaging on the tube until I opened it so it wouldn’t have been exposed to the air. I’m just going to throw this out. I do like the hydrating formula so who knows if I’ll pick it up in the future.

Empties April 2017_LBL (4)Benefit They’re Real Tinted Primer
I got this sample from Topbox December 2015 and did do a review of this as well here.  I know, these products are really old, but they surprisingly lasted so long! This doesn’t really do much for my lashes in terms of added length, volume or thickness but something about this makes it perfect for everyday or those I’m not wearing makeup but I want my eyes to pop kind of days. See, I have long lashes but the tips are blonde so you’d never know. For me, tinted primer is great to coat my lashes so that you can see their full length without it looking like I’m wearing mascara. It’s not like wearing a brown mascara, this formula is much thinner. It has a rubber applicator that does help to separate the lashes if you wanted to use it as primer. I already own the full size of this.

Benefit Roller Lash in Black
I got this sample in the same Topbox as the tinted primer. Now I had never used the Roller Lash before but I quickly fell in love with it! I love the curve of the brush which helps lift the lashes and I enjoy the formula because it’s not clumpy. I already own a large size in both black and brown!

What items did you finish up this month?

Lots of Love,

Bye Bye Empties, March 2017

March was a pretty fun month. I had hopes that it would get much warmer since February had signs that winter was over. I think once the weather turned a little colder again, my hopes for an early spring died a bit with it. The weather is slowly getting warmer again now so I’m really looking forward to April and spring colours. First, let’s get through all my empties!

Skincarebye bye march-2017-LBL4I got through quite a bit of my skincare items this month. Tarte’s fresh eyes maracuja waterproof eye remover wipes was great for loosening my mascara and eyeliner before I washing my face. One terrible downside to this is that it reacted badly with my micellar waters and when the two were mixed together this would sting my eyes bad! I won’t stop using my micellar waters so unfortnately that means I won’t be repurchasing this.

I received a one-time use Peter Thomas Roth 24k gold hydra-gel eye patches in my Peter Thomas Roth set from Sephora in February (see the rest of that haul here).
bye bye march-2017-LBL1The gold sparkles in the patches are interesting. It also had a comfortable cooling sensation. The skin around my eyes were much more hydrated and slightly firmer. I really loved this, I may just pick up the jar.

Now, I product I really love is the sample of Bliss fabulous drench n’ quench that I got in my June 2016 Topbox. I go a bit in depth here when I featured it as a favourite in my box. I’m definitely purchasing the full size.

A moisturizer that I didn’t like as much was the Philosophy take a deep breath oil-free oxygenating gel cream which I got a sample of from Sephora. I like very hydrating creams so I won’t be picking up a large size.

I got a sample of Estée Lauder’s revitalizing supreme global anti-age creme in my awesome Topbox Prive Box in April 2016. After using this I felt my skin was glowing and bright  and since it’s finished my skin has been so sad and dull! Haha! Maybe it’s in my head, but this cream feels so good on. I got a lot of really great creams and serums from the Lauder loves Canada Event Dave Lackie hosted so I’m covered for the next while :).

When Birchbox was still shipping to Canada I got a sample of Benefit’s it’s potent eye cream in my December 2015 box and I loved the packaging and the cream wasn’t so bad either. I didn’t notice a huge difference around my eyes, but it was nice for hydrating.

bye bye march-2017-LBL5
When this started popping up at my local Shoppers, I picked up the Joe Fresh Fine Tip Liquid Eyeliner in Classic Navy and a few of their items. This liner is OK. It’s a good thickness for creating winged liner and I really loved the colour because the navy made it a good everyday shade when I didn’t want to wear black or brown. The downside was that it would dry too quickly. I couldn’t even finish one eye before I started to feel like it was dried out. Eventually it just dried out and became unusable. I will not be repurchasing this.

I wrote about the Covergirl Plumpify Mascara in my spring beauty challenge here. This is one of my favourite drugstore mascaras because it seriously added volume and thickness to my lashes. It can get a bit clumpy if you’re not careful but otherwise it gave me that false lash effect. I will be repurchasing this.

Another sample I got from Topbox was the Pur-lisse BB tinted moist cream in May 2016. I enjoyed this the most during the summer when I was a bit tanner and wanted the added SPF 30. It was nice and creamy and spread easily over the skin. Not sure I’ll repurchase this.

Body Care
bye bye march-2017-LBL3
I liked this thick Bath & Body Works fresh Brazil citrus body cream that I would slather on my skin after the shower. Lately, I prefer lighter formulas but this has a delicious tropical scent. I don’t think I will be repurchasing this.

The Face Shop shea butter moisturizing hand butters are so cute and really effective. I really liked this and the smell was like dessert.

I think Victoria Secret body care is seriously overlooked. I have their shower gels and mists which I love using. Victoria Secret hand cream with shea butter was intense and thick and best part was there was so much product that it took forever to get through. This also had a light tropical scent. I will be repurchasing this.

I was not a fan of the scent of Origins Calm to Your Senses lavendar and vanilla body cleanser. The earthy lavender did not mix well with sweet vanilla. I just used this up to be rid of it. I’m definitely not picking this up again.

I love bubble baths! Caprina Fresh Goat’s Milk foaming milk bath with the added shea butter was delightful and moisturizing. The smell wasn’t too strong so I could still enjoy my own added essential oils. Only thing is I would use quite a bit of this to get it to the bubbles I liked, it wasn’t too foamy.

Well that’s it! All the items I was able to use up in March! I finished quite a bit of samples from my boxes as well as full size items.

Did you finish up any products in March?

Lots of Love,

Bye Bye Empties, February 2017

February literally flew by in the best way possible. I had a really awesome birthday week and got to spend time with a lot of my friends and family. February has been a warmer month too! It’s literally felt like spring the last week and a half!

I made an effort this month to finish up a bunch of samples that I’ve had from various subscription boxes.


Yves Rocher Ovale Lifting Anti-Slacking Eye Care – This eye cream de-puffs the eyes and provides an instant lifted effect. This is made for mature skin which I didn’t realize at the time I bought this over a year ago but I still enjoyed using this as an anti-wrinkle eye cream. I won’t be repurchasing since I have other eye creams.

Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet –  This sample either came from the Caudalie Favourites set I got from Sephora or from a subscription box because I have a few of these laying around. I did like how light this felt on my face but I thought the texture was a bit weird. It looks chunky but once you start blending it on the skin it feels really liquid. I think it’s just the gel-cream formula coming into effect. It’s not my favourite product from this brand so I don’t think I’ll be purchasing the full size.

Bliss Fabulous Make-Up Melt – I got this sample in my Topbox Bliss Prive box back in June of 2016 and although I really wanted to love it I just couldn’t get into it. This is a gel that turns into an oil but it wasn’t really good at removing my makeup and I didn’t like the way the oil felt on my face. The sample is not empty but I really don’t like it so I’m going to toss it out now. I will not be repurchasing this.


Beauty Blender – I’ve had this since January 2016 and thought it was about time that I tossed it out. It’s really hard to part with the Beauty Blender because it’s such a staple to my makeup application. Recently, I’ve been using other brands and they will get me by until I repurchase this.

Benefit’s That Gal Brightening Face Primer – I’ve had this little sample for two years but I’ve finally used it up. It has a pink tint to brighten the face and as a primer it’s not bad for my dry skin. The one thing I could not get over was the smell. It smells like a jar of children’s Flinestone’s multi-vitamins which isn’t nostalgic but gross. I’m glad I tried the sample because I may have bought a full size of this and really regretted it. I won’t repurchase this.

Elizabeth Mott Tints & Sass Cheek and Stain Review – I received this in an Ipsy bag over two years ago. This is about half-way done but I just thought it was about time I threw it out. I kept this at work for easy touch ups but I started to find that the stain didn’t last on me at all. I can wear other stains that will hold about 2-3 hours but this one felt like it faded soon after I put it on. Compared to Benefit’s Benetint this one is more pink in colour (if you were curious). I won’t be repurchasing this.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer – This concealer is fantastic! I’m actually really sad that this tube is empty. I know some say this is a dupe for Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer but I think their formulas are a bit different. The Nars is a bit lighter in consistency and I think provides better coverage. This does brighten under the eye and gave me great coverage while still feeling light and blending easily into my skin.

Hair Care

Matris Gloss Booster – I have two of these and I think I got one in Topbox and one in Ipsy. This is designed to make your hair appear shiny. I liked to apply one pump of this gel to my completed look after I had styled my hair. This was especially great after I heat styled my hair. Although I do like this, I find that hair oils do the same thing while actually adding some benefits to my hair and they are easier to get my hands on. I won’t be repurchasing it.

12 Benefits Instant Healthy Hair Treatment – I am sure I got this from one of my subscription boxes, maybe Birchbox when they were still shipping to Canada. This product is described to add strength and shine from a combination of natural proteins and lipids. I loved using this as a leave-in treatment after I washed my hair whether I was letting it air dry or heat styling. I was pretty liberal with the bottle so it didn’t last me very long and I’m sad to see it done. I will be repurchasing this in the full size.

There you have it! What did you finish up in February? What are some of your favourite items from last month?

Lots of Love,

Bye Bye Empties, January 2017

There is something really satisfying to me to finish up an item from the vast amount of products I have! What I’ve done below is list the item I’ve emptied, what I thought of it, and whether or not I’d repurchase it.

Let’s start with skincare!

dsc_0075The Body Shop Nutriganics Foaming Facial Wash – I bought about 5 of these back in June of 2015! I think I’ve gone through 4 and have one more to use up. I did review these on my blog before here and I still love this wash over any other facial wash I’ve used. It’s very gentle on my skin but still great at removing my makeup really well. I’m repurchasing this for sure!

Yves Rocher Cure Solutions Anti Fatigue 24 HR Vitality Skin Care – I am completely in love with Yves Rocher skincare. I really love using this whenever my skin is extra dry because this is super thick and hydrating. That’s probably why I finished it up this winter. I’m currently awaiting an order of different skincare from Yves Rocher so I won’t be repurchasing this for some time.


Now the makeup items in my photo above are not all empty but they are really old so I must get rid of them.

Stila Color Balm Lipstick in Brigitte – I don’t know what possessed me to pick up this colour back in late 2015. I guess I wanted to go outside my comfort zone with this deep wine. I wore this a few times when I first got it but there were a few things that I ended up not liking about this balm. First, it has a very strong mint scent which really annoyed me. Second, the tube is thick and made applying this colour without a lip brush difficult. Lastly, it didn’t hydrate my lips. I’m getting rid of this now even though it’s not empty because it’s extremely old and I haven’t used it at all in the last year. I won’t be repurchasing this.

Benefit Fake Up Undereye Hydrating Concealer in 01 light – I wasn’t the biggest fan of this concealer when I got it back in 2015 but grew to love it. You can see it as one of my summer face faves here from when this blog was just a little babes. I do currently have about 4 concealers in rotation so I did neglect this a little bit and when I grabbed it to use about a week ago I realized it smelled old and that I should probably throw it out. Currently, I have no plans to repurchase this.

Sephora Collection Contour Eye Pencil 12hr Wear Waterproof in Blonde Ambition – I’m really impressed with how well the Sephora Collection eyeliner wears! It’s pretty long lasting and glides on so easily. I got this to wear on my waterline but I haven’t worn it in the last 6 month because I don’t gravitate towards lighter liners. I will repurchase this in black.


Lastly, are a few body items I used up.

Yves Rocher 24H Deodorant in Cotton Flower from India – I bought this in July 2016 and used it like crazy over the summer. I love the scent and how it feels on. It does roll on a bit wet at first, especially when the bottle is new, but it soon dries down and I’m left with fresh smelling underarms. I have quite a few different deodorant brands that I’ve opened but I always have one of these available just in case because I know it works really well for me. I already repurchased 2 of these!

Yves Rocher Cranberry & Almond Liquid Hand Soap – I got this in a holiday collection soap set which I shared with my mom. I’ve forgotten what the other scents were but this was my favourite. It was perfect for the holidays and the bottle was small enough that it finished by the time the holidays were over. Unfortunately, I have to wait until next year to repurchase this exact one but during the year I use their Hamamalis super soft hand soap.

Anything you’ve emptied this month?

Lot’s of Luv,