Review: New Benefit BadGAL Bang! Volumizing Mascara – Is it really out of this World?

Benefit Cosmetics recently launched their newest mascara the Badgal Bang. As a fan of most of their other mascaras, I was super excited about this new release and immediately purchased it from Sephora. I also thought it would be fun to compare this to my other Benefit faves including They’re Real and RollerLash.

So what’s the deal with this new mascara? 

Reading the info both on the packaging and on the Sephora website what makes this so special is that the formula contains aero-particles, which are one of the lightest known materials, derived from space technology.  The slimpact! brush is designed to reach from root-to-tip and corner-to-corner of both your upper and lower lashes for big volume with 360-degree reach (

BadGalLash_Review_LBL (4)

Now, I have to give it to Benefit with their unique marketing and a new formula for the mascara. This sounded very interesting and I was intrigued. I haven’t been disappointed with their mascaras in the past so I imagined that I would like it regardless.


$32.00 CAD (8.5 g). I got the mini size for $17.00 (4 g).

How does it Stack Up? BadGalLash_Review_LBL (2)I have loved both the Roller Lash and They’re Real mascara for so many years now. I always keep one of each in my makeup collection at all times. I wanted to compare this new release and see if it performs any better or worse.

BadGalLash_Review_LBL (9)

To keep things fair I put one coat of mascara on. The photos taken are of the same eye in the same lighting (granted the day did start getting darker but I worked as fast as I could). I didn’t curl my lashes.  I hope this gives a good impression of each.

BadGalLash_Review_LBL (8)

BadGAL Bang!

I thought this newest mascara both lengthened and made my lashes appear thicker. The formula does feel seriously light which is so interesting because it feels like nothing on my lashes. It’s also very soft to the touch, unlike both They’re Real and Roller Lash which can feel stiff when dry.

Another difference between this and the other mascaras is the brush is very flexible so it glides over the lashes rather than brushes or tugs at them. The bristles are very short so a lot of product gets dispersed onto the lashes at once.

BadGalLash_Review_LBL (10)

One thing I didn’t really love about the brush tip is that it started clumping my lashes together so I had to comb the brush through a few times to get them to separate.

The black is a crazy deep black, more than my They’re Real and it’s very shiny at first so my lashes looked like they were coated in vinyl. As is dried it looked a lot better.

VS. They’re Real!

I must note that both BadGAL Bang! and They’re Real! are fresh new bottles.

BadGalLash_Review_LBL (12)

They’re Real! Is the first mascara I considered a holy grail. I went a whole year using only this product so I hold it dearly in my heart.

In comparison to BadGAL Bang! this mascara really coats each lash and fans it out. I believe it’s because the brush is a lot stiffer and the actual bristles are longer to help comb in the product. After coating this on my eyes I realized right away that I liked this one much better. It looks like I have way more lashes.

As far as formula goes, this is pretty liquid but not as much as the BadGal Bang. It’s also not as black in colour.

VS. Roller Lash

The only Roller Lash I have to compare is this brown one which is a bit older so the formula has started to dry.

BadGalLash_Review_LBL (11)

What I love about the Roller Lash is that the curved brush hugs the lashes and helps pull them up as it coats them. Since I don’t ever curl my lashes, I feel like this helps to give them a slight bend. You might be able to tell in the photos that my lashes do look more lifted. It doesn’t give me as much volume or length compared to the BadGAL Bang! so I prefer the BadGAL Bang! over this one.

BadGalLash_Review_LBL (5)

Because the BadGAL Bang! brush is shaped like a cone (which is my favourite brush shape) it lifts the ends of my lashes nicely so give them a flirty and fanned effect which is similar to the Roller Lash.

My Thoughts

So this isn’t better then They’re Real for me, but something about the formula is really great because it’s lightweight and feels soft on my lashes. I like when my mascara starts to dry down a little so I’m hoping that in a month or so this will work even better for me.

BadGalLash_Review_LBL (1)

I will keep testing this mascara and see how it looks when I complete a full eye look. I have so many other brands of mascara that I love too so although I like this compared to other Benefit Mascaras we will see how this holds up to my ultimate favourite mascaras – Lancome’s Monsieur Big or Essence’s Princess Lash!

Have you tried the BadGal Bang? What do you think of this mascara? What is your holy grail mascara?

Lots of Love,

Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning Mat, Is it worth it?

I took a little extra time to myself this holiday to catch up on me! I was lucky to get some extra days off work to really relax and ease myself into 2017 (BTW- HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!)

Something that I actually really, really enjoy doing to relax is clean! I like being organized so cleaning for me helps me relax. Now imagine how much I love cleaning makeup brushes!

An item that I had wanted for Christmas was the Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning Mat so I was excited to receive it. I immediately tested it out to see if it was any good. sigma-spa-express-brush-cleaning-mat-4This product is pretty interesting. It sticks inside most sinks with suction cups to keep it steady. The mat is portioned off into eye and face with different textures to quick clean, deep clean (refine) and rinse the brushes. I found that each section did help with cleaning the brushes better for sure.sigma-spa-express-brush-cleaning-mat-2I only had my beauty blender solid cleanser to test this out with but what I did was wet my brushes and wipe them on the solid cleanser to pick up some soap.sigma-spa-express-brush-cleaning-mat-3I then used whatever appropriate side. In the case of the photos, I was cleaning a dense face brush so I used the face washing side to work the lather into the bristles.sigma-spa-express-brush-cleaning-mat-6Afterwards, I would rinse the brushes and use a towel to help remove any extra water on the barrel and bristles and hang them to dry. sigma-spa-express-brush-cleaning-mat-7One trick for drying brushes is to hang them from your towel hanger (if you have one). I use a elastic hair bands to tie the brushes upside down on my towel hanger and leave them until they are dry. sigma-spa-express-brush-cleaning-mat-5I really enjoyed using the Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning Mat. What I really liked about it is that I didn’t constantly have to keep my hands under running water to wash the brushes and I needed to use a lot less soap because the mat helped to work the soap into the bristles better than if I was to use my hand. It took half the time to clean my brushes and I’m not left with any extra soap residue. This worked really well for my fluffy brushes, the denser ones needed a bit more work in the refining texture, but I still got really clean brushes in the end. Overall, I’m really happy with this product and would recommend it.

Have you tried this product? What do you think of Sigma’s Cleaning Mat?

Lots of Luv,

RaspberryMint; Trying new Body and Lip Care!

I’m excited to share some new skincare items that I’ve been enjoying over the last few weeks! I was contacted by Cherish, creator of to try out a few of their items and see how they faired on my skin. I decided, with winter here, that I would try some hydrating items for my skin and picked up the Argan and Jojoba Body Oil and Diva Night Repair Moisturizing Hemp Lips Conditioner. Cherish was also generous to share a fantastic coupon code for you and a giveaway (details at the end of this post).rm_lbl_dec20164 I am completely in love with body oils and I was really excited to give the Argan and Jojoba Body Oil in Strawberry* a try and see how I liked it. Let me say, this oil is very hydrating without feeling greasy. I spray a bit into my hands and then work this into my skin and I’m left with instantly hydrated skin. What’s better yet is the smell of this product is amazing! It has an incredible strawberry scent that is delicious but not overbearing. Everyone who has smelt this on me has commented on how good it is.

The ingredients in this include; coconut oil, grapeseed oil, organic argan oil to name only a few. Let me also point out that on the website all of their ingredients are listed, and not only that, they include a short description as to what key ingredients do. I love informed shopping!rm_lbl_dec20162The next product I tried was the Diva Night Repair  – Moisturizing Hemp Lips Conditioner* which is my new favourite lip product! Some ingredients in this include; organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, and hemp seed oil. This is a fantastic overnight lip mask but I’ve even applied it during the day if my lips are feeling a bit dry. This has such an emollient formula that you only need a little bit to coat your lips. A little goes a long way. This is extremely shiny so I’ve even dabbed a bit on top of lipstick to give my lips a glossy effect.  rm_lbl_dec20163The Diva Night Repair has no taste which I really appreciate and it smells like fresh cherries. It did feel a bit tingly when my lips were extremely cracked but that went away very quickly. Just a heads up if you have extremely dry or cracked lips. My lips aren’t cracked now so I don’t get a tingly sensation anymore.

I’ve really enjoyed trying these products and feel like they’ve made a difference in my skin. I feel the love and thought that went into each of these products and the ingredients that were used to create them. You can read about Cherish and her story and passion to create safe, chic and cruelty-free products, it’s very inspiring!

Some things you should know about RaspberryMint!

  • Started by a nursing student!
  • Made in Canada
  • Made in fresh small batches
  • All products are formulated without artificial colours, fragrances, or synthetic preservatives
  • Products are not tested on animals and are cruelty-free. As of December 2016 they are Leaping Bunny Approved! Congrats!

To celebrate their Grand Launch you can use the code “grand50” to receive 50% at! They have skin care, aromatherapy as well as accessories and makeup brushes. The coupon code expires March 31, 2017

GIVEAWAY! is giving away 25 of their awesome products as well as other brands in a huge Christmas Giveaway. This is open to Canadian and US Residents. Deadline to enter is December 25th, 2016 at 9:00 AM EST. Enter Here

Lots of Luv,

*Disclaimer, I received these products in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.
Giveaway & coupon are not affiliated with, it is generously hosted and presented by Coupon is only valid at until expiry, for more information please contact directly.

A Girl’s Gotta Spa! Energizing Body Wash and Lotion

It’s so hard to find the energy to do anything when you’re sick. Last week I was feeling a bit under the weather and I was anxious to get myself better. Luckily after lots of chicken soup and vitamin C, I’m feeling much more like myself. Something that helped me at least enjoy my showers each day was this beautiful set from a Girl’s Gotta Spa!

I used this every day for the past two weeks and my skin is looking and feeling really hydrated.

Energizing Citrus Natural and Organic Body Wash for Dry Skin, see hereaggs_2

  • 98% natural, plant-based ingredients with 30% aloe
  • burst of citrus to wake up your senses (not too strong for those sensitive to scents)
  • sulfate-free
  • pure essential oils of pink grapefruit, orange, lemon and lime

I really enjoyed using this body wash because it left my skin feeling moisturized. This is designed for dry skin with shea oil to hydrate as well as aloe and chamomile to soothe it. I really felt these ingredients at work as my skin is feeling less dry whenever I get out of the shower. A good test for me if a body wash is hydrating is whether or not I can use my body wash to shave my legs (I don’t use shaving cream) and this was AWESOME for that!

The body wash lathers up nicely and it leaves my skin feeling really clean and I loved the fresh and invigorating citrus scent. It is really energizing, the smell was a nice pick-me-up for when I was feeling really groggy and sick.

This was also gentle enough that I was able to wash my face with this without irritating my skin or eyes (great for when I’m in a rush and multitasking in the shower, lol). Overall I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this wash.

Energizing Citrus Moisturizing Shea and Cocoa Butter Body Lotion for Dry, Itchy Skin*, see hereaggs_3

  • whipped texture that is highly hydrating, non-greasy and quick absorbing
  • energizing citrus scent (again, not too strong)
  • Antioxidant-rich olive oil, shea butter, and unprocessed natural cocoa butter

I’m truly obsessed with this lotion! I don’t feel as uncomfortably dry as I usually do and my skin is really soft to the touch. I didn’t need to reapply this as I usually do with lotion. The body lotion has a lighter scent compared to the body wash which is great because it didn’t overpower any perfume I put on afterward.

This is super lightweight and has a thin consistency, not at all thick or gloopy. I found that it absorbed into my skin really quickly so I was able to change right after I applied this. This is going to be my go-to lotion for winter.

My Thoughtsaggs_4My skin can feel itchy and appear flakey but the combination of this body wash and the lotion has improved the look and feel of my skin. It really feels like giving myself the spa treatment. I can see myself using these products for a long time and I hope that they create more scents and other body products – I’d love to see a hand cream in this line one day!! If you have dry skin, I really think these are great products to try. It’s super gentle, hydrating and I honestly have seen a huge difference in my skin.

Somethings you should know about A Girl’s Gotta Spa!

  • All bath and body products are natural, vegan and certified cruelty-free (Leaping Bunny certified)
  • Started by beauty blogger Shannon Smyth who’s been blogging for 11 years!
  • Products do not contain synthetic fragrances or dyes, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, petrochemicals or sulfates
  • Made in the USA
*I received the body lotion through the Canadian Beauty Bloggers Network to review. I did purchase the body wash myself. This review is my honest opinion whether I purchased or received the products free.

Lots of Love,


Can’t Deny the Glow! Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops

I want to start off by saying thank-you to everyone who listened to the podcast hosted by Cat at and for commenting on twitter, our blogs, google + and so on! You are all super supportive and I’m really happy you enjoyed it! If you haven’t heard it yet click here.

As a treat to myself for doing the podcast I got Cover FX’s new Custom Enhancer Drops. Cat and I actually went to Sephora to swatch them but they had not been released in store at that time. I was impatient and decided to order it online.

I’ve only tried this once so below are my first impressions. As of right now I’m in love, love, love, love….yes, I like it that much!!!Fotor_146810233190463What it Does: “Easily add a highlighting, strobing, or bronzing effect to any liquid cosmetic or skincare product”

Cost: $52.00 CAD! OMG! Super expensive! However, one drop was enough to highlight both cheekbones. It’s a highly concentrated .5 oz bottle so I can imagine it lasting a long time.

This comes in six shades, 4 highlighters and 2 bronzers to compliment a variety of skin tones. I have the highlight shade moonlight which is a pretty shimmery beige.

Packaging: I’m not the biggest fan of the eye dropper. I wish it was a pump because I always accidentally touch the dropper part and then get it everywhere. Fotor_146810243781630Formula and Application: This feels very silky. The fluid is really light and blends easily on the skin without streaking. I used my fingers to dab and then blend this onto my cheekbones. It’s also waterproof! I needed to use a few pumps of soap to get it off the back of my hand! Good to know that my highlight will stay in place.

My camera does this no justice, it’s gorgeous in person.
My Thoughts: This highlight is very intense so if you like a strong highlight this is definitely for you! I will be reaching for this on special occasions but I don’t think I could pull it off for everyday. I like the colour and how bright my face looks. Whenever I catch myself in the mirror I am so impressed with how nice it looks. It’s been about 7 hours since I put this on and it’s still going strong. It’s also budge-proof, I’ve rubbed my face a few times and it hasn’t transferred to my hands and I don’t see specks of shimmer anywhere but where I put the product. I’m a bit intimidated to mix this with my foundation just yet because I’m afraid I’ll just look too shiny but as I get more comfortable using it, I may give it a try.I’m interested in trying the bronzer shades (I’m eyeing sunkissed as I type this).

I want to know what you think of these new custom drops? Do you have a favourite? Would you get one?

Lots of love,

Summer Sun! Grab Your SPF!

This weekend is the Canada Day long weekend, and for me, this is the true start to the summer!

I’ll be headed up on a spa trip for a bachelorette in Chelsea, Quebec to enjoy a nice relaxing weekend. I will also be going into Ottawa again! I loved Ottawa the last time I was there and I’m looking forward to watching fireworks in our capital.

With days in the sun and the summer just about to begin, I thought it would be a great time to remind everyone to get their SPF on! I’m taking two with me that I’ve been loving lately and I wanted to include them here. I also have a travel packing guide here.

For the Face – Clinique Super City Block, SPF 40Fotor_146724158038352I purchased this about a month ago because I really, really wanted an SPF for my face. I had been debating getting a powder SPF, but decided I would go for a cream. When I saw that Clinque had one with UVA/UVB sun block and antioxidants in 40 SPF I decided I would pick it up.

This is is 100% fragrance-free! I’m not in love with the smell of sunscreen so I really appreciate that this has no smell. Not having a fragrance is great for me because it just makes this more comfortable to wear. 

You can wear this as a daily moisturizer but because I have dry skin I still mix in a little of my own creams for extra hydration and I find it helps the product spread easily. I  use about a pea-sized amount of the sunscreen and moisturizer to cover my whole face. This is also oil-free which is great as well because it feels light on the face and makes it werable on more skin types.Fotor_146724165305010My only drawback with this su screen is that it has a tint. It blends in with my complexion well, but I’m not sure how it would look on other skin tones. I just wish it was a colourless cream. 

For the Body – Coppertone Clearly Sheer, SPF 30Fotor_146724174402340I received this courtesy of the Canadian Beauty Blogger Network and with great timing because I had been looking for a new sunscreen for the body. This has a very nice, light formula that spreads really easily. It actually just feels like a moisturizer which is really nice.

It claims to be breathable and good for sensitive skin. Most sunscreens can feel super thick which is why I tend to use sprays but this is not thick at all! It’s also not greasy and absorbs into my skin really quickly and after I apply it I don’t feel like it is going to leave a residue on my clothes or anything I touch. All these makes it comfortable to wear as a moisturizer every day which is how I have been using this. For those who want a sunscreen that is easy to apply and is weightless on the skin, I think you’d really like this.Fotor_146724183576362It does have a slight scent, but luckily it doesn’t smell like sunscreen. It’s more like a coconut/pina colada scent that is actually really pleasurable. This is probably the best a scented sunscreen has ever smelled!

What sunscreens have you been enjoying for the summer?

Happy Canada to all my fellow Canadians!! AND!!! Happy 4th of July to my American friends celebrating!

Lot’s of Luv,


First Impressions: Hair Straightener Brush


I’m sure we’ve all heard about the newest technology in hair straightening, the hair straightener brush. What a genius idea if you could brush your hair and straighten it at the same time! I always straighten/curl my hair. Only on weekends when I’m staying in do I let my hair be its natural wavy, frizzy self. So, when my dad gave this to my mom as an early xmas present, I had to try it out too.

After trying this I thought I’d post my thoughts if anyone was curious about purchasing one.

Price: Looking on Amazon, I find that these really range in price which is interesting given that they look exactly the same in each picture! The one that I have tried is Apalus and it cost $59.99 CAD. 


Design: This is actually pretty light making it easy to hold. It’s a pretty baby pink and the bristles are long with red tips (so that you don’t burn yourself). 

To start off, my hair is medium thickness, mid-back length and coloured. I have very wavy hair with a ton of frizz. I can usually straighten my hair in about 20-30 mins using a traditional straightening iron.

Using the Hair Brush Straightener

This has a pretty high heat setting which I was pretty impressed with, it goes up to 450 degrees celsius. To straighten my hair I set it to 400 degrees celsius and it took about 60 seconds to reach that heat. Although there are all these buffers to prevent you from burning yourself you still need to be very careful handling this so that you don’t accidentally slip your fingers on the inner bristles (which I did and it hurt a lot!)

I sectioned my hair off into three pieces and then took about a 2 inch diameter of hair to straighten at a time. Holding the hair taught in my other hand I brushed the straightener through the strands slowly.


Cons: I found that it removed the curls in my hair but did not get rid of the frizz.You can’t get too close to your scalp with this so the little frizzy bits at the nap of my neck are still crinkly. After I was done my whole head I ran hair brush straightener through my hair again to remove the frizz but I found this didn’t really help much. It didn’t leave my with sleek straight hair like the flat iron does.

I also don’t like the way my hair feels after I’ve used this product, it just feels frizzy and dry and the ends of my hair are sticking in all different directions. Also, because it’s still frizzy, I feel like my hair looks huge and not in a full hair kind of way but in an untamed hair way.

Pros: I got through my hair really quickly, it took maybe 20 mins max to run this through my whole head. It’s also really easy to use, you just brush your hair slowly and it straightens as you go so if you’re someone who struggles with using a flat iron it might be worth you trying this out.

My Thoughts

I personally think that you are better off putting your money towards a really good flat iron, for the same price, the flat iron I own does a far superior job at straightening my hair. This product isn’t really worth it unless you have thin hair that has no frizz. If you have thick hair, I’d just stay away completely. I had to go back with my straightening iron to get my hair to the desired look I want which defeats the purpose of even using this in the first place.

Anyone else try this yet?

First Impressions: Sephora Collection Craig & Karl Felt Eyeliner Set

Main Photo_Sephora Eyeliners

It’s really hard for me to say no to a good set of felt tip eyeliners, especially when cute packaging is involved.

Yesterday I was shopping and chatting with the lovely Cat from at Sephora when I remembered I needed new eyeliners. This set caught my eye and after swatching the colours in the store I decided to pick it up.

First I’m inserting Cat and my little haul 😉Sephora Haul Cat & Dal

We got a few fun and much needed things. Cat picked up a beautiful Sephora Gloss and the Nars Concealer in Vanilla. I also grabbed the same concealer, the Sephora Eyeliner Set and a Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick.

I really wanted to add a few colours to my makeup look, and because I’m into neutral eyes, I thought colourful eyeliners would be a nice way change it up.

What I think:

Packaging: The tin is totally cute and colourful, designed by two artists Craig & Karl based in London and New York. I can reuse it to store all my eyeliners. I really like that the eyeliners themselves have their own designs which helps distinguish them.

Swatches and EyelinersApplication:These liners are thin! I love that you can really get a precise line with them.

Colour:Two of the colours looked more dark brown which is disappointing because I thought one of the colours would be black. Regardless, what I really got this for was the coloured liners. The blue is a beautiful cobalt colour, leaning towards teal. The green is a deep jade which I am completely in love with, it was the first colour I wore out of this collection. Lastly, the white is a very soft white but the pigmentation is amazing. Cat suggested wearing it on top of a black liner for a black/white wing and I may try that.

Longevity: I wore the green and brown liner all day today and looking at it now it’s still as strong as when I first wore it. It dries immediately after application and there is no flaking or bleeding (the colours did bleed a bit when swatched on my hand, but not on my eyes). The liners are not waterproof, but the swatches on my hand got wet and they mostly stayed put, a good sign I think.

eye application

My Thoughts

I’m really happy I picked this up. I think the colours are great and are easy to wear everyday.

Have you tried this set? What do you think of Sephora’s Eyeliners?

First Impressions: Lise Watier Virtual Lip Contour

I was shopping in the Beauty Boutique at Shopper’s Drug Mart (this is a Canadian Drugstore/Beauty store) looking for the No Bleeding Lips Lip Liner. Unfortunately, they did not have it in stock but the beauty associate directed me to Lise Watier’s Virtual Lip Contour explaining that she actually liked it better. I’ve never tried No Bleeding Lips, so I can’t agree/disagree with that statement but I can give my first impression of Lise Waiter.

These liners come in a variety of colours but I chose the clear liner so I could wear it with all my lip colours.

Price: $19.00 CAD. This is on the pricier end of lip liners, but I was told that it lasts pretty long so hopefully I’ll get my money’s worth.

Application: It comes on really easily and very matte, which I like. I’m not fond of lip liners coming on shiny because it gives this glossy halo around my lips. I also like that this a twist up because I find liners that need sharpening make a mess.

IMG_0106Wearability: Without a liner I get quite a bit of bleeding on my lips, especially on my lower lip in the right side. With this product underneath I felt that there was abolutely no bleeding. I purposely put on a bright pink lipstick so I could see how well it would work (I’m wearing Mac’s Lipstick in Something New).

I did find that after a few hours of wear, my lipstick started to wear off except for in the areas where I had the liner, but i guess I coat it all over my lips next time to get long lasting wear.
I’m pretty happy with this liner but my question is, has any one tried the no bleeding lips? Can you compare it to Lise Watier?

First Impressions: Flower Beauty Haul

I was shopping at Walmart today and happened to walk by the beauty section….ok, no, I practically went to Walmart to buy dish soap and makeup!

I wanted to get a few things I needed; a hightlighter or maybe a concealer because we all know that sometimes drugstore makeup can be just as good as beauty store makeup and I wanted to try some new items out.

Then it hit me, the beautiful face of Drew Barrymore promoting her makeup line, Flower Beauty, and I decided that I wanted to try it for myself. I bought items that I would use in an everyday makeup look to see how well they would compare to the current products I have.

If you are not familar with this line, Flower Beauty is owned by actress Drew Barrymore, they aim to provide quality makeup without high prices (the most expensive item I bought was $14.95).  For more info you can visit their website (Drew Barrymore even does her own tutorials of different makeup looks there – it’s really cute!)

What I Purchased and First Impressions



Ultimate Powder Brush and Ultimate Eyeshadow Brush

These brushes are made with man-made hairs but they are extremely soft and nicely dense.



About Face Foundation in LF1, Powder Up Loose Powder in L01, Lighten Up Brightening Concealer in BC1

At first swatch these products feel super nice and creamy, the colours match my skin tone well.




Eye 2 Eye Eye Marker & Volumizing Mascara in Intense Black, Shadow Play Quad in Smoke and Mirrors, Colour Play Eyeshadow in Good as Mari-gold, Glisten Up Highlighter Chubby in Gold Coaster, Kiss Me Twice Lip & Cheek Chubby in Apricot-a-lot

I like warm colours so I chose golds and peachy tones. The highlighter is light but super buildable and the texture is really nice and shimmery. My favorite thing so far in this line is the cream eyeshadow because it really feels like whipped butter and colour payoff is amazing. My first swatch of the quad was a bit disappointing, I was hoping for more pigmentation, we will see how it works on my eyes. The masacara and eyeliner dou is a cute concept, I may end up taking it to work 🙂


I will wear only this line for the next few days and do a blog post on my thoughts of its wearability.

What do you think of Flower Beauty?

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