Smashbox Cover Shot Palettes: Palette Collection Review Series

This post has been months in the making. From when I purchased my first palette, the matte palette, I knew I wanted to review it on my blog. I then got golden hour for my birthday and waited patiently until ablaze came back in stock to purchase.
Smashbox Covershot_LBL (7)
What it is

A collection of seven portable palettes inspired by Studio trends.

Matte – lush, soft, and velvety with ultra-high coverage shades in warm nudes, cool mauves, and a deep, dramatic black.

Golden Hour – finishes range from matte to sparkle, and the sultry, shades are rich and creamy so you can blend and build a custom smolder.

Ablaze – this palette captures the warmth of the desert in a range of sun-drenched shades—these dimensional pigments are perfect for adding depth and contouring.


Each palette retails for $35.00 Canadian (0.27 oz total). I think it’s expensive for the amount of product you get but the shades are very rich so a little goes a long way.
Smashbox Covershot_LBL (5)Packaging
I enjoy the packaging of these shadows. It’s a sleek black, sturdy plastic and I like that it’s compact. The palette is slightly bigger than a credit card which is so perfect for travel. The cover is most attractive and stands out compared to other palettes. As you shift the palette it looks like a powder burst.

The layout of the shadows is smart. There are two large base shades and six crease & lid shades that work together to create variety of looks. You can imagine each palette consisting of two quads, each colour coordinating together to create a cohesive look. The palettes are very pigmented (with Golden Hour excluded because the shades are naturally sheer) so I don’t need to pack on too much product when creating an eye look.

Cover Shot Matte
Smashbox Covershot_LBL (14)
The matte palette is definitely my base palette and perfect for when I want an easy go-to look. I gravitate towards the warm brown shades the most but I do love the added salmon and grey/mauve for little hints of colour or when I want to create a smokey eye.
Smashbox Covershot_LBL (9)The black in this palette, Deadline, is a true black. It works really nice as a shadow liner or if I want to deepen the crease. When I traveled to Las Vegas, I took this palette as well as my blinc palette from my July BoxyCharm and it was perfect for creating a variety of looks.
Smashbox Covershot_LBL (3)

Cover Shot Golden Hour
Smashbox Covershot_LBL (15)
I might wear golden hour the least of the three palettes but if I’m looking for a shimmery version of the matte palette this is it. I like that the base shadows are matte but for me it’s hard to work the shimmer on my lids because they are sheer. I use my fingers when applying this palette because I get the best colour payoff that way.
Smashbox Covershot_LBL (10) I think this works best for me if I just use one colour all over the lids and maybe deepen it with another. I love Turned On most because it’s a really pretty pale pink. Don’t get me wrong though, the colours are nice and work if you want to keep things light and airy. I tend to use this mostly for work days.
Smashbox Covershot_LBL (2)

Cover Shot Ablaze
Smashbox Covershot_LBL (16)
Of the three, ablaze is my favourite. It feels like this one was everyone’s favourite because it kept coming in and out of stock for some time after all these palettes came out. Throwback, the burnt orange shadow, looks gorgeous on the eyes.
Smashbox Covershot_LBL (8)What makes it a staple for me is that as the colours work together but each quad offers something different, one being a set of red and pink tones for a fun spring look and the other side and nice array of gold, brown and orange to wear in the fall. Of course these colours work all year around but I love having a colour scheme for each season and this palette does just that.
Smashbox Covershot_LBL (4)

Application and Wear
The formula is great. The shadows are highly pigmented but not too powdery. Smashbox really thought hard about the layout of these palettes and I can see the dedication to ensure that all the shades work together within each palette and even across the palettes. I feel like both Matte and Ablaze have the best wear time. Golden Hour doesn’t tend to last as long on me without an eyeshadow base, but I have that issue with most shimmery shades anyway. As I mentioned before, Golden Hour works best if I use my fingers, however, Matte and Ablaze work really well with both natural and synthetic hair brushes.

CoverShot Matte
Smashbox Covershot_LBL (12)
I wore Assistant all over the lids and into the crease. Using tape to create a very sharp line I built Editor into my outer crease and on the outer half of my lid I blended in Supermodel. To create the wing I used Deadline and Mac’s Fix Plus. I used black liner on my water line and finished the look with my Givenchy Noir Interdit mascara (review coming soon!)

CoverShot Golden Hour
Smashbox Covershot_LBL (13)I like to create work looks with this palette which it what I did above. I put Dope over the entire lid and then used Hotline all over the lid. I took a little bit of Stare into the outer edge of the crease to deepen the look slightly and used Rock Stars on the outer edge of my lid. I smudged Hotline into my lower lid. I used Stila Stay All Day liner on the very edge of my lid for a small wing and took some brown liner to the waterline. I used my Smashbox Full Action Brown Mascara.

Covershot Ablaze
Smashbox Covershot_LBL (11)
Here’s a fun one that I kept messy. I put Moccasin all over the lid and put Throwback all over the crease. On the inner half of my lid I put Torch and on the outer half I blended Nirvana. On the very edge of my crease I blended a little bit of Dark Horse. I smudged some of Throwback into my lower lid and finished off the look with my Noir Inderit Mascara and brown liner in the waterline.



  • compact and travel friendly
  • great pigmentation
  • little fallout
  • colours work really well together in each palette
  • good wear time


  • pricey for the amount of shades you get
  • Golden Hour isn’t as pigmented

Smashbox Covershot_LBL (6)
My Thoughts
I think these are beyond just cute small palettes, Smashbox really nailed the pigmentation and formula of these to make them easy to apply and noticeable on the eyes. As someone who hasn’t been a fan of the previous palettes I own from Smashbox, I think these are amazing! If I can feel confident traveling with a palette than I know it’s good. I would definitely recommend these palettes and suggest you try it out for yourself. Luckily there are seven different palettes so you can choose the one the best suites your style. I think I’m going to purchase the bold palette next! Let me know your thoughts on the palettes. Have you tried one?

Lots of Love,

Tarte Tartelette In Bloom: Palette Collection Review Series

I spent quite a bit of time researching palettes before I picked this up back in October. Tarte’s Tartelette In Bloom has some of the best recommendations and reviews on Sephora, YouTube and other Beauty Blogs that I figured I could not go wrong purchasing this. It’s even recommended over the original Tartelette palette (I don’t own that so I can’t confirm).

I ordered mine off the Tarte website and got 20% off my order. After using this palette so many times I can see why this is at the top of many makeup lovers lists.

What It Is
9 mattes and 3 luster finishes. This palette is infused with Tarte’s signature Amazonian clay formula, all in a chic, portable palette with a beautiful floral design. ( In Bloom_LBL (3)Price
Regular Price is $60.00 CAD, I paid $48.00 CAD (0.636 oz total weight)

I absolutely love the packaging of this palette. It’s about 4×5″ which makes it perfect for travel and storing with the rest of my makeup. This is a sturdy plastic in reflective gold with a flower petal design on the lid. I think this is one of my favourite looking packages. This palette also has a vanilla scent. It’s nothing like the Too Faced palettes which can be strong, this is much more subtle.
Tartelette In Bloom_LBL (2)Colours
The layout of this palette makes it easy to put together an eyelook. Each row can be broken down into a quad. The first shade can be used under the brow bone and inner corner as highlight. The second can be used in the crease. The third shade over the lid, and the forth to deepen the outer corner.

This is a beautiful neutral and warm palette, with reddish and brown shades. The colours are very everday wearable mattes, with pops of shimmers. Unlike my other palettes I wear every single shade over and over. My only issue with this palette are the colours activist and smokeshow which are too close to being the same shade. Rocker is my favourite shade and I absolutely love rebel. I love the way these colours are layed out because I literally will pick a light, medium and dark shade and put it on my lid, each colour works so well with the next. I think this is one of the best thought-out palettes I own.
Tartelette In Bloom_LBL (4)Application, Wear & Longevity
The pigmentation on this palette is so good! I actually don’t need to lay down a base for these to pop and to last which is quite amazing. I don’t know what it is about Amazonian clay, but it really packs a punch here. The palette is not powdery but I do experience quite a bit of fallout, so I ensure that I put these on before I move onto foundation.

My Eyelook
I used mostly the middle row to create this look. I put flower child all over my lid with charmer on the brow bone. I then worked smarty pants into the outer half of my crease. I put firecraker (look at that shimmer!) all over my lid and used activist to darken the over V of my eyelids. I ran a little bit rebel on my lower lid. I love the look and love how the layout of the palette made this easy to put together. Tartelette In Bloom_LBL (5)Breakdown


  • Easy to put together eyelooks
  • Amazing luster shades
  • Fantastic Pigmentation
  • Adorable Packaging


  • Some Fallout
  • Activist and Smokeshow are the same colour on me

My Thoughts
I recommend this palette to anyone who is starting off using makeup or just wants a solid palette with easy to do looks. It has everything I want in a palette, perfect pigmentation, warm and neutral tones, great shades to wear together and alone, and is easy to travel with.

Do you have the Tartelette In Bloom Palette? What do you think of it?

Lots of Love,

Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette: Palette Review Series

I received the Sweet Peach Palette as a Christmas gift from my lovely sister. I used it all throughout the holiday and last few months since.

What it is
An 18 eyeshadow palette with peachy pinks, corals, bronzes and purple. It has antioxidant-rich essence of peach.

This comes in the tin packaging that is similar to the chocolate bar palette series. I think the gradient from peach to orange is really cute. I like the bright colour of this palette.
Too Faced Sweet Peach_LBL (6)Price
$59.00 CAD (.54 oz of shadow total – this is less then my Original Chocolate Bar Palette)

The biggest thing you will notice about this palette is the scent. For me it smells like fuzzy peaches. The smell is strong. I can’t leave this palette open too long or else I start getting bothered by the overwhelming sweet smell. I usually keep this at arms length while I’m applying it. I don’t mind this scent but it’s nothing like the amazing smell of chocolate in the Original Chocolate Bar. If you are sensitive to scent, stay away from this palette!
Too Faced Sweet Peach_LBL (2)Colours
At first glance, I kinda wondered why there were only 3 peach shades in this peach palette, and they are all peachy-pink not PEACH!! As I started using the palette though, I found that 3 peach-pink shades were enough pops of colour against the neutral tones I like wearing. I do love the peach-pink shades in this palette. They are so romantic and bright that they instantly make my whole face appear brighter. That said, it’s not a “peach” palette in my opinion.

I love the mix of shimmers and mattes in this palette and even the mattes with specks of glitter. My favourite shades to use are puree, bellini, nectar, georgia, bless her heart and luscious. These colours in any combination together are perfect for me. On the downside I find tempting and talk derby to me a bit patchy and when I’m working with either of those shades I’ll use puree to help them blend a lot easier.
Too Faced Sweet Peach_LBL (4)Comparing this to my Chocolate Bar palette, a lot of the colours look the same in the pans but when I swatch them the Sweet Peach Palette has more pink/orange shades and the Chocolate Bar is more brown. There are a lot more lighter shades in the Sweet Peach Palette which I use quite frequently for everyday.  If you were wondering which of the two I recommend if you don’t have either, I would say the Original Chocolate Bar because I think it has a better range of differing colours and smells yummier.

Too Faced Sweet Peach_LBL (3)Application, Wear and Longevity
It takes no effort for me to apply and blend most of these colours. They have great pigmentation and look really smooth on the lid. I find the quality is as good as the Original Chocolate Bar Palette which I absolutely love using.

The colours do wear well and last me all day. I can wear event the lightest shades without primer, but I find that if I want to create a full eyeshadow look I need to lay down a primer so that nothing blends into each other.

Too Faced Sweet Peach_LBL (5)
In the look above I put white peach all over my lid. I then blended puree in my crease and inner third of my lid. I then darkened the crease with tempting mixed with puree. I mixed candied peach & bellini and put that onto the center of my eye using a dampened brush. Lastly, I put bless her heart on the outer half of the lower lash line. (don’t mind my crazy brows!)



  • great everyday shadows with peach-pink shades to brighten the eye
  • cute tin packaging
  • beautiful shimmers


  • smell is too strong
  • darker shades are patchy

My Thoughts
For me, I can easily put together simple everyday looks with this and I love the peach-pink colours because they compliment my skin tone and style. This is likely going to get heavily used in the spring. The colour payoff is great especially for the shades that I use and I can create a good variety of looks using this palette. I would recommend this if you like lighter shades for everyday.

What do you think of the Sweet Peach Palette?

Lots of Love,


Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette, Palette Collection Review Series 

The original chocolate bar palette is one of my very first palettes. I remember waiting until my birthday to buy this and then using it almost everyday afterwards. I’ve become quite attached to this palette so spoiler – I have very positive things to say about it.


I like this palette because it is full of great neutrals that I can easily put together for simple everyday looks but has a few deeper shades and shimmers for more sultry evening looks.

What it is
An assortment chocolate-inspired shades formulated using real cocoa powder. A rich selection of the perfect browns, neutrals, and little pops of color.palette-review-series_chocolate-bar_lbl-2Price $59.00 CAD (0.62 oz total weight)

I guess I can’t talk about this palette without mentioning this. The scent is very strong and lasts – I’ve owned my palette for years now and it is still as potent as the day I got it. It smells like cocoa hot chocolate and I am completely in love with it! If you hate sweet smells, I would not get this palette because you will always smell this. palette-review-series_chocolate-bar_lbl_labeled-4Colours
Don’t expect to create colourful or bold looks with this. The colours here are neutral and warm in a few shade ranges to suite many skin types. Mostly you can create a variety of beautiful neutral looks. I gravitate towards this because I find I can easily put together a few solid everyday looks without needing to go into other palettes. The palette is well thought out in my opinion. I do appreciate the attempt for pops of colour with the pinks and purple but they aren’t bold enough to add any drama.

Application, Wear & Longevity
These are not as powdery as other shadows I’ve used but they blend so well. It’s very creamy and the shadows that are pigmented are really pigmented! I really like the formula of the shadows because they sit really well on my. I do wear these colours pretty often and find that they last the work day. I’ve become really comfortable using this palette and have some really favourites shades that I use whenever a need a quick look (white chocoloate over the lid and salted caramel in the crease are my quickest and easiest look). I’ve also enjoyed swiping just one shade over the lid and mascara and then just heading out the door (marzipan is that awesome shade).

I wore salted caramel in the crease and deepened it with triple fudge on the outer edge. I then put white chocolate over the lid and dabbed a bit of champagne truffle in the center.


  • Smells delicious
  • Great everyday shades
  • Easy to blend


  • Pink and purples aren’t the best here

My Thoughts
Clearly, I would recommend this even if the colours are really neutral. After all the palettes I’ve purchased and received I still come back to this one.

Do you have any of the chocolate bar palettes? What do you think of this palette?

Lots of Love,

Urban Decay Naked Palettes: Palette Collection Review Series

Urban Decay is where my palette collection started. Basic2 was the first I ever bought and so it has a special place in my heart. I was originally going to separate these palettes out in the series, but since they are all Naked Palettes I figured I would keep it all together.fotor_147835975609179What it does
Naked Basics –  A multipurpose MATTE companion to Naked. It’s the palette EVERY woman needs in her beauty arsenal. (

Naked Basics 2 – An indispensable palette with six TAUPE-hued matte neutrals.(

Naked Smoky – Loaded with ALL the essentials you need for the perfect neutral smoky eye. (

Naked Basics (2) – $36 CAD (6 x 0.05) each, Naked Smoky – $66 CAD (12 x 0.05)

I remember when I was looking for a palette the basics were the cheapest available so that was why I picked it up. Today I would have probably just purchased the Naked palette (the 12 pan palette) but I actually like these smaller palettes for travelling. fotor_147835959128845Packaging
I like the hard plastic casing in these palettes. It makes it easy to travel with and I don’t have to be too careful when storing them I can just throw them into my makeup case.

The packaging on the Smoky is one of my faves because it is a clear case with grey/black marbling on it to make it look like smoke.

Colour Selection
The Basics are neutral, matte, easy everyday shades. I don’t know how they compare to the 12-pan palettes but these two are pretty similar in colour. Yes, the Basics2 feels a bit more taupe and I personally this one out of the two but it’s not too much different than the first Basics that you necessarily need both. I wish that the colour selection was a bit different so that if you did have both palettes like I do, they could be used to create very different looks.

Top Row: Naked Basics, Bottom Row: Naked Basics 2

The smoky has a really great range of colours to create a variety of looks. There are some cool tones and warm tones to compliment whatever look you are going for. It has browns, silvers and navy colours in both shimmer and matte finishes.

Naked Smoky

Whenever I dip my brushes into these palettes the amount of powder they kick up is quite annoying. Granted, the powdery-ness does make these really easy to blend onto the eyes. I mostly gravitate towards the Basics2 for every day and use only two colours, stark all over the lid and cover in the crease. fotor_147836355462459

In the look above I used Foxy (Basics) all over my lid and built my crease with a little Frisk (Basics 2) in the crease. I then put dirtysweet (Smoky) all over my lid and lower lashline and radar (Smoky) to deepen the crease. I then put high (smoky) in the inner corner skimp (Basics 2) on my browbone.

Wear & Longevity
I used to wear these shadows without primer and it surprisingly would last long for my simple everyday look. Whenever I’m using the darker shades and putting more colour into my crease I always use primer. I do like the way these wear, however, I find that it does gather in my crease.

 The Breakdown:


  • good everyday shadows
  • perfect base for any eyeshadow look
  • Basics are easy to travel with


  • Very Powdery
  • Basics are very similar in shades and not too much range in colours

My Thoughts
I love the smoky palette because it is great for creating dramatic looks. In regards to the Naked Basics, I use the colours as a base to a lot of my eye makeup looks and I love carrying these around whenever I travel.

Do you own these palettes? What do you think of the Urban Decay Naked sets?
Lots of Love,

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette: Palette Collection Review Series

It’s really helpful to me to read reviews and see swatches of palettes before I buy. Since I have a few (some newer releases, some classics) I thought I’d review them here and hope it helps you should you be looking for a new palette. Recently, I reviewed Urban Decay Moondust Palette.

Today’s Post will focus on the ever popular Modern Renaissance Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills. This palette is on fire! It’s been going in and out of stock since it landed in Sephora back in the summer.

What This Does

An essential eyeshadow collection with fourteen neutral and berry shades.


$55.00 CAD (14 shadows x .02 oz) . I purchased mine from Sephora.cafotor_14765736217151Packaging

I’m not in love with this packaging at all. The crushed velvet casing in light mauve gets dirty easily so my palette looks older than it actually is.

I do like the double ended brush and think it’s great for working colours in your crease.fotor_14765735701905

Colour Selection

It’s clear just looking at this palette that the colours are unique. The berries and reds are beautiful colours. The mattes are true mattes and the shimmers are not glittery but pearlescent. All the colours are perfect for the fall and winter. fotor_147657285719999I tend to use a lot of shadows on the left neutral side of this palette for every day and then incorporate the ones on the right when I want to intensify my look for the evening using the reds. Although the colours are nice and super pigmented, I wish it had a deep green or dark cool brown just to balance out all the pink and red tones in this palette.fotor_147657337297425Application

The shadows are easy to blend. If you’re a novice this is a great palette to practice with because you don’t need to put in too much effort for a look to come together. Also, because this palette is really popular you can look up so many different looks to recreate. The shadows apply intensely, however, because they are powdery you can blend them out if it feels too bold.

Wear & Longevity

With a primer (I used Too-Faced Shadow Insurance) my look lasted a solid 8 hours. It would have likely worn longer but I did end up washing it off. The shadow does not crease or separate as much some shadows I’ve owned. fotor_147657378629891I wore Tempura all over the lid, then worked the crease with Warm Taupe and added depth with Cyprus Umber. I put Venetian Red on the outer third of my lid and did Primavera in the inner half. (please don’t mind my eyebrows – they have a mind of their own)

The Breakdown


  • Good pigmentation
  • Unique colours
  • Easy to blend
  • Good mix of mattes and shimmers


  • Casing gets dirty easily
  • Needs a more colour variety (green or dark brown in my opinion)

My Thoughts

If you like taupes, reds, and oranges this is a great palette for you. The colours are nice for everyday fall and winter looks and there are some unique shades that if you already have a few palettes you’ll be able to create different looks using this. You won’t be disappointed with the formula and pigmentation with any of these shadows. If you’re looking for something with more pops of bright colours, like blues or yellows you won’t get it here.

Do I think it’s worth the hype? Although I wouldn’t say this is the one palette you’ll ever need in your collection, it is super impressive and worth all the positivity surrounding it. If you debating getting this, I would definitely suggest taking the plunge!

What do you think about the palette? Is it over-hyped? Is it really good? Would you get it?

Lots of Love,


Over the Moon for Moodust by Urban Decay: Palette Collection Review Series

I really went outside my comfort zone trying this new palette from Urban Decay but sometimes you just want a little oomph in your makeup routine. This lovely palette add a bit of sparkle to my makeup world.

What It Does

Take glittery eye looks to a whole new level with eight otherworldly shades of sparkily shadow in Urban Decay’s first-ever Moondust Eyeshadow Palette (


$70.00 CAD. I personally think this is pretty expensive for eight shadows that are only 0.02 oz each. With the amount of times I’d probably use this palette, I could have just purchased one or two single glitters.littlebeautyloves-ca_urban-decay_moondust-5

Urban Decay really knows how to package shadows and this one is no exception. The outside is silver glitter with a slight rough texture and “Moondust” is cut-out lettering exposing a mirror backdrop. The palette has a strong magnetic closure and houses a large mirror. The palette is only about 4″x 6″ which makes it great for travelling or storing. The pans of glitter pop against the matte black inside.littlebeautyloves-ca_urban-decay_moondust-1


The shadows are really soft and super pigmented. Except for the lightest shade, specter, I only needed to do one finger swipe on my hand to produce clear swatches. I was expecting this to feel gritty and maybe scratchy but it’s nothing like that at all. They apply as easily as you’d expect an Urban Decay shadow to.littlebeautyloves-ca_urban-decay_moondust-6I had a lot of fall-out when applying these eyeshadows. I assumed this would happen so I did apply the shadows before the rest of my makeup. I did have to use a makeup wipe to remove the fall-out though.littlebeautyloves-ca_urban-decay_moondust-3For my look first I used my Naked2 Basics palette to build a base on my eyes then I added some Too Faced Shadow Insurance on top and covered my whole lid with lithium. After, I mixed vega and galaxy and placed that on the center of my lid and finished it off with specter mixed with element on my lower lash line.littlebeautyloves-ca_urban-decay_moondust-2

Wear & Longevity

I love the way these looked on. The look I created is fun but wearable in my opinion. I wore this for about 10 hours and found that it wore off the most on the edges of my eyelid, probably because that’s where I had the least primer, but for the most part it still looked good. The colours did start blending together which I wasn’t too happy with but I think maybe a glitter glue would have helped keep them separated. One thing I was most impressed with is how little fallout I had throughout the day! I was expecting glitter to be everywhere but it actually wasn’t. Of course my primer did help.

The Breakdown:


  • Variety of shades
  • Easy to wear glitter look
  • Long lasting


  • Price
  • Fall out with application
  • Colours blended together

My Thoughts

With holidays around the corner, I’m going to try to incorporate more glitter shades and use this palette more because I do like the way it looks on but for the price I think it’s just not worth it because it’s not a palette I would personally use everyday. However,  if you’re a fan of Urban Decay and love collecting their Palette’s I would totally say to get this because the formula of the shadows is fantastic.

What do you think of this palette? Would you get it?

Lots of Love,