Summer Walk at High Park

I’ve mentioned in a few posts just how beautiful the summer has been. It’s been crazy warm and humid. For instance, this summer in Toronto, the temperature has been hovering around 30 degrees Celsius + (plus humidex running some days into 40-degree Celsius). That’s about 86 degrees Fahrenheit!

I’ve taken advantage of the wonderful weather this summer by enjoying walks home after work, heading to the beach on weekends, and taking walks through the various parks in Toronto.

highparkwalk (6)A few weeks ago I took a walk through High Park which a 399-acre park west of the Downtown area. This park is beautiful because it is full of unique gardens, lots of picnic areas, a lovely little restaurant, and a free zoo. It attracts many visitors all year round. It’s also the site of the Cherry Blossoms in Spring which I shared on my Instastories. highparkwalk (1)It was a really beautiful day when I went up to the park. I took a day off work and decided that I would go and enjoy breakfast at the restaurant in the center of the park and a little walk. There are so many gorgeous gardens to enjoy, the morning was so quiet so I felt like I had the park all to myself.highparkwalk (3)I got to the restaurant early morning. There were a few people also enjoying breakfast catching up with family and friends. It really is a good place to go to if you ever have plans to be in the park. The menu is pretty simple, but if you want to grab a quick bite it’s perfect if you decide to leave your picnic at home.

Afterwards, I walked through the park towards the lake. I love being near the water and living so close to Lake Ontario I get to experience it everyday!


I got back home just before the mid-day heat kicked in!

I can’t wait for Autumn to see all the leaves in High Park turn red, orange, and yellow! This week has been pretty hot, but I’m looking forward to cooler weather soon!

What are some activities you did this summer?

Lots of love,

I’m on Beauty Podcast again!

Hurray! I’m on the 22nd episode of Beauty Podcast! This will be my second time on the podcast and I was super excited to be a guest again!

This time around Cat and I talk about my blog turning two years old and where I see it going in the future. We also discuss my new found confidence in putting myself out there on social media!

If you haven’t noticed I’ve been more comfortable lately with posting photos of myself on Instagram and sharing things outside of beauty photos. We also about some beauty events and laugh about our first trip to Sephora together!

Cat and I had such a fun conversation! Grab a snack and listen here;




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If you wanted to listen to more podcasts you can find them all, including my first podcast as the first guest here!

Thanks so much to Cat for allowing me to be a guest for the second time! You can find Cat at

thanks Cat!

Lots of Love,

(Closed) Giveaway! Tarte Maneater & Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Mini! (Canada & US)

I didn’t want to end May and Celebrating my 2 year blogiversary without a little giveaway! I have been shopping and hauling quite a bit in April (there will be another haul post coming up soon!) so I picked up a few cute items to do for a giveaway as a thank you to you!

Giveaway_LBL (2)It’s no secret I love Tarte and Bite Beauty so I’m giving away the Tarte Maneater Palette & Bite Beauty’s Perfect Pair Lipstick Set.

The Tarte Palette was actually limited edition and is now sold out on the Tarte website. I think the colours are so adorable. I obviously didn’t swatch the palette I have so I’ve inserted a photo I found off the internet!


The Bite Duo includes Rhubarb (rich plum rose) and Thistle (mauve infused taupe) in the mini size. I didn’t open them but I did include an image of the lipsticks from Sephora below!

Giveaway_LBL (4)How to Enter!

The rules are super simple!

  1. Must be following my blog! I will be checking 😉
  2. Like and leave a comment on this post that you’d like to be entered and maybe even your favourite thing about Spring.

This giveaway is open to Canadian and US residents only. I wanted to host a larger giveaway soon internationally!

Giveaway will close Monday May 22nd at 12:00pm EST and I will announce the winner Tuesday May 23rd! Winner will be chosen by a random number generator.

If you have any questions, let me know!

Lots of Love,

Happy Blogiversary to ME!

Today marks the 2 year blogiversary since I started littlebeautyloves! Time surely goes by quick!

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who follows, likes, comments or even just views my blog posts! I’ve gained so many new experiences and met (both in person and virtually) so many other extremely sweet and knowledgeable bloggers through the blog!

Here are a few of my favourite or more popular posts from the last year;
Sephora Haul 2_LBLSephora Haul; Because I have no self control!!
Yep! We all do it! go a little bit nuts when shopping at Sephora! I recently bought more items from their VIB sale which I will share very soon!fotor_147353099281868
Need to Define those Brows! Review Of Benefit Cosmetics Soft & Natural Brow Kit
I was really excited to share this new find from Shoppers Drug Mart! I laugh still at how badly I over-drew my brows using the stencils! I did think the eye definer was good though!Tartelette In Bloom_LBL (3)
Tarte Tartelette In Bloom: Palette Collection Review Series
Amazing palette! I think I created one of my more favourite eye-looks using this palette that I photographed for the blog.

Thanks to those who always stop by!

Lots of Love,

Social Media Loves

Hi!  I just wanted to send out a little thank you to everyone who follows my blog. I honestly am so grateful that you take the time to read any of my posts. I’m sending lots of love your way!

Being part of this amazing community of bloggers and beauty enthusiasts is just incredible, everyone has always been so nice and really encouraging.

I wanted to take this opportunity to get your social media information. If you are on twitter or instagram I would love to follow you if I’m not doing so already (and of course, I’d love a follow back!) Please see links to my social media accounts below.


Twitter_logo_blue @littlebeautylov


insta-icon @littlebeautyloves

Please include your social media tags in the comments and I’ll be sure to follow. It would be great if we all followed each other, so be sure to check out and follow those who comment as well 🙂

You never know what interesting things you will find.

Question: Tattoos

Hello lovelies,

In the next week or so I will be getting my first tattoo with my friend and being something I’m very unsure of I wanted to reach out to you for your thoughts.

My friend and I will both be getting the outline of a heart on the inside of both our feet near our ankles. I’ll also be getting an evil eye on my other foot in the same area, because I’m crazy superstitious, while my friend will get an anchor in memory of her grandfather. The tattoos will be small with very little colour.

So, if you have or are thinking about getting a tattoo, what are some things you think I should know? What has your experience been? What was your healing time/process like? How do you feel about your tattoo now?

I’ll definitely post a photo of the tattoos once I get them done! Keep you posted on my experience too 🙂