Summer Morning Routine with Garnier

I’m constantly switching up my routine for morning and evening in hopes that I find the best products for my skin each season and because I simply get tired of using the same thing over and over.

The last few weeks I’ve been testing some items sent to me from Garnier that I’ve worked into my morning routine.

Let’s start with my first step; cleansing. I love cleansers that have citrus scents especially to help wake me up in the morning and the Clearly Brighter Gentle Smoothing Scrub* is really nice for that.
Morning Routine 2017_LBL (9)I don’t usually do exfoliating cleansers everyday because of their rough texture but this is surprisingly really soft and gentle on my skin. The formula is like a gel cleanser with argun nut shell. I find the the shells feel really smooth. Garnier claims that this can be used for all skin types including sensitive skin.
Morning Routine Collage1 It helps to smooth my skin and prep it for my next step which is whatever face spray I have at hand.

Recently, I’ve been using a sample of Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist. This spray is really nice to hydrate my skin and prep it for moisturizer. Morning Routine 2017_LBL (1)It has a beautiful rose scent that I personally like. I also love the mist this creates, it’s very fine but wide so two-three sprites will cover my whole face.

My next step after that is moisturizer. There usually isn’t a moisturizer I don’t like and the Moisture Rescue* is no exception.
Morning Routine 2017_LBL (3)This is simply a great everyday fragrance-free and oil-free moisturizer that feels really light on the skin and absorbs really quickly.
Morning Routine Collage2It has Vitamin C and E and an SPF of 15. I appreciate the SPF, even if in the summer I’d want a bit more, I like that it has any coverage.

My stand out product for the morning is the Ombrelle Ultra Advanced Tinted Lotion with SPF 60*.
Morning Routine 2017_LBL (6)I did try a tinted lotion last year from Clinque which I quite enjoyed for my face but this one from Garnier has a higher SPF. This is non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores), water resistant for up to 80 minutes, and hypoallergenic. I also LOVE that this is fragrance free. I really don’t like the smell of sunscreen so I’m glad I don’t have it here. This is a mineral sunscreen which is new to me.
Morning Routinge Collage3Upon further reading I found that unlike most sunscreens mineral sunscreen doesn’t get absorbed into the skin but instead sits on top and reflects the suns rays. I mostly just love this because it feels really nice on the skin and the tint gives me a little bit of coverage. For the summer I move away from foundation so I use mostly BB Creams to add a bit of coverage and then use concealer around my eye area or where I need more coverage. This does the same thing but has a really high SPF so I won’t need to worry if I’m out in the sun all day.

My next steps after this are to add my makeup which I might post since my makeup over the summer is pretty minimal but great for those who like to rock a simpler look like I do!

What’s your morning routine like? What steps do you take?

Lots of Love,

Disclosure: products with * were received through PR, all other products mentioned were purchased by me. My opinions are always honestly given whether a product is sent to me or not.

Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte Plus Poreless Foundation

I know it might be a surprise that I would pick up this foundation since I have dry skin. From time to time I do like matte foundations because I like their finish. I think they work for me in the summer. If you are interested, I did a review of Urban Decay’s All Nighter Foundation here, which is also a matte.

I gave this foundation a try for 3 weeks, using it maybe 2-3 times a week (I have other foundations that I love using so I couldn’t commit a whole week to just this, lol!). I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it!
$6.96 CAD on sale with free shipping from when I made an order over $35. Regular price is $10.99 although it goes on sale pretty regularly on

What it is
Ultra-lightweight foundation for normal to oily skin. Tone plus texture-fitting foundation for the ultimate natural fit.

Shade, Coverage & Application
I got mine in the shade 112 Natural Ivory which was a fantastic match for my skin tone and the formula is liquid and light. It gives a medium coverage and it was super easy to layer if I wanted to add more coverage. One draw back is the bottle, I wish it had a pump because it has a wide opening and I’m always worried I might spill it whenever I’m applying my makeup especially because this product is very liquid. It also makes this a bit more messy in general since I have to pour out just the right amount to use on my face.
Whenever I wore this I would add a generous amount of moisturizer first to ensure my skin didn’t get too dry under the foundation. I’m sure the moisturizer helped, but I was left with a nice natural finish. The foundation didn’t accentuate any dryness on my face and my makeup looked really good on top.

I’m really impressed with this formula as I’ve never tried Maybelline foundations and I’m even more impressed at how inexpensive it was. I felt like it minimized my pores or at least made them less visible to the naked eye. I’d want to try the Fit Me Hydrate & Smooth Foundation next time I order.

Wear & Longevity
Since this was matte it wore pretty well into my work day without the need for primer. It might have looked a bit more dry on my nose, but that tends to happen since my nose is dry.
The Breakdown


  • great coverage
  • long lasting
  • worked well on my dry skin


  • No pump

My Thoughts
Sometimes drug store beauty products impress me way more than higher end products. Comparing this to my Urban Decay foundation I like this formula way more! Maybelline’s Fit Me Foundation had great coverage, didn’t oxidize too much on me, and is much more affordable. What’s even more impressive is that this was a product geared for a normal to oily skin but with some adjustment to my skincare routine I was able to get it to work for me. I really hope that the Fit Me Hydrating & Smooth Foundation works well for me too!

Have you tried Maybelline’s Fit Me Foundation? What Drug store foundations would you recommend?

Lots of Love,

Skincare Review:Caudalie Polyphenol Anti-Wrinkle Protect Fluid & Premier Cru The Eye Cream

I’m a complete lover of Caudalie’s grape water spray so I was pretty excited to try other items from the brand. The Polyphenol Anti-Wrinkle protect fluid was suggested to me by a Sephora associate when I was at the store a few months ago looking for skincare and then I received this Premier Cru the eye cream in a Caudalie favourites set that I picked up from Sephora at a later time.20170409_121512I don’t exclusively use only these products in my routine but since I do tend to use these together I thought I would post my thoughts. I’ve used the polyphenol cream interchangeably with other face creams for what feels like 4 months now and about a month and a half ago I added the eye cream to my skincare regime.

Here’s what I think of them.
20170409_121355 The polyphenol cream is really nice for days that I don’t crave too much moisturizer which, lets be honest, isn’t very often except on humid summer days. This is meant to protect the face from free radicals which improving the appearance of wrinkles ( What I like to do is wear serum and then put this guy on top. I’ll then follow with a face cream to add some extra moisture to my skin. That’s one thing I’m not the biggest fan of with this cream. I still need to add a moisturizer because it doesn’t really hydrate my skin. Now, I have dry skin, so I guess it’s something that I’ll have to do with certain creams because not everything is designed to be overly hydrating.

A reviewer on Sephora mentioned that a Caudalie representative described this to her as a moisturizing sunscreen because it has SPF 20. I can appreciate the extra SPF. The cream is really light and spreads evenly. After using this for some time I find that I like to add this around my eyes and mouth to help prevent any wrinkling and smooth out a thin layer over the rest of my face, then I’ll apply any moisturizer on top.
20170409_121409The eye cream is also really light and spreads easily. It has anti-aging ingredients to instantly transfer the eyes and deliver long term results ( UMMM….OK I don’t agree with that statement and I’ll tell you why. I use it sometimes on top and sometimes under all my other creams. No matter how I wear this, I don’t think I’ve noticed a difference at all when it comes to reducing any wrinkles.

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me and I need my creams to do so much more for me. I NEED hydration and I NEED it to make my fine lines and wrinkles look reduced. I really, really do! I want my skin to feel hydrated and plump and not dry and creasing!
20170409_121435I’ll admit, I’m pretty disappointed in both of these creams. With my other skincare items they are OK, but they don’t stand out as must-have products. Out of the two I do like the polyphenol for the SPF but even then I would use my Clinque Super City Block because it has SPF 40 and is less expensive (see my review here).

I do have other products from Caudalie that I like and I still want to test out the other items from the favourites set I have but I really don’t think I was wowed in any shape or form with the items I’ve mentioned today.

Have you used any items from Caudalie? What is your favourite/least favourite product?

Lots of Love,

Amazon Buy & Try, Becouyou Face Brushes

I was online trying to find some Artis brushes but after fainting a few times over their price, I decided to head to Amazon to find some highly reviewed cheap toothbrush face brushes.

This set was only $15.99 CAD and took 3 days to arrive at my door! You can see other styles and info on the brushes here.

20170319_144507I mostly ordered this for the extra large face brush because the last time I bought a face brush off Amazon, I thought it was good – but I just wished it was a bit bigger. The large size brush is about double the size of that one which I am really happy with.

20170319_144709I used only these brushes for a week to get a good feel of applying my makeup with them and I must say they are really good. Granted, the handles are a bit flimsy so I would mostly hold these closer to the brush head to prevent them from snapping. The black handle is rubberized adding to a firmer grip and I loved the rose gold colour making these a bit more chic. I’ve included the sizes of each brush in a photo below.

20170319_144559The brushes are really dense and surprisingly soft so using them on my face was a breeze. I mostly loved the large face brush (#1) because it spread my makeup quickly and easily over my face. I ended using the third largest brush (#3) for concealer which was nice. I used the liner brush (#4) to apply a soft shadow liner. The second largest brush (#2) was about the same size as the brush I got before (see that post here) and I think it would be great for foundation as well. This might become my travel foundation brush. The small circular brush (#5) got not use out of me. I’ve seen beauty YouTubers use similar brushes to contour the nose, but I don’t do that in my routine. I used it once to apply eyeshadow over the lid but it pulled at my eyelid and I didn’t really like that.

20170319_144638I washed these a few times too and experienced no shedding or loosening of the glue. I can imagine over time that these will not hold up as well as an Artis set but it’s not expensive so I’m sure with proper care I can get a few years out of them.

Do you use these style brushes? If you own Artis brushes let me know your thoughts on them!

Lots of Love,

BB Cream much? Here are a few I’ve been wearing

A few days ago I noticed I had a couple open BB Creams and that I was actually using all simultaneously and thought I’d share these with you.

I wear mostly BB Creams in my everyday makeup routine. I like the sheer barely there look and the added moisturization. I have other BB Creams that are open but I’ve already discussed my thoughts on Tarte’s Amazonian Clay BB Tinted Moisturizer which you can read here and I’ve been using my sample of Pur-Lisse BB Tinted Moist Cream that I received from Topbox so it will probably be in an empties post soon.

Covergirl cgsmoothers BB Cream Tinted Cream Tinted Moisturizer ($8.97)
This is the very first BB Cream I purchased and I’ve become accustomed to using it on its own and mixed with foundation. I think since I last bought this they’ve changed their shade names because I have 710 which I think is equivalent to 810 now which is light to medium. It’s a bit darker than my natural skin tone but once blended in it helps to give my face a bit more natural warmth. It also leaves a satin finish and leaves my skin hydrated. This has a creamy texture which is really light weight.

Benefit Big Easy BB Cream ($49.00)
It wasn’t until I was looking up some info on this product that I realized how old my actual tube of the Benefit BB Cream is. Not sure if the formula was reformulated or if it’s just the packaging but the one currently on Sephora has an SPF 35 and I can’t tell if mine ever was. You can see in the photo below from Sephora that now Benefit has changed the packaging to include a note that it has an SPF.
benefit-bb-sephoraOf all the BB Creams I own, I use this the least. It has a really mousey texture which I don’t like and I find it doesn’t blend super well for me. This is a liquid to powder bb cream that doesn’t work well for my dry skin because it’s supposed to balance out the oils in your skin. I should have probably read the labels before picking this up.

Garnier BB Cream + Blur Cream ($15.97)
This is the newest BB Cream in my collection and currently my favourite because as well as having added moisturizers this also blurs and perfects the skin. I like wearing this on its own and under makeup as a primer too. The formula of this is liquidity so I find it blends into the skin easily (more like a light moisturizer would). It also has a light fresh scent which I am loving. The finish on this is a velvet matte so it doesn’t look completely matte on the skin but more matte than say my Covergirl BB would. I have this in the shade light which I find matches my skin nicely.

Below I’ve put a photo of each of the BB Creams, on the left is just a squeeze out from the tubes on and on the right I’ve blended them into my hand so you can see what they look like when sitting on the skin.
bb-cream9_all-togetherDo you have any BB Cream recommendations? Do you wear BB Creams? Let me know!

Lots of luv,

Amazon Buy & Try, Makeup Brushes

I went down the dark hole that is the Amazon website. I think I was buying a new cell phone case and then jumped over into the beauty section!

I grabbed a few brushes and have been trying them for the last month and have some strong opinions about them.

11pcs Professional Makeup Cosmetic Brush ($8.49 +free shipping, see here)amazon_brushes_lbl1There are some good hits and many misses in this brush set for me. It had such great reviews on Amazon that I thought they all were going to be amazing brushes, but I think out of the 11 I only really liked 5, and out of those only 3 I can say are faves. I really didn’t like the face brushes, in the picture they looked  like they would be denser but were really flimsy. The eye brushes, however, were nice and easy to use for blending. The three brushes I liked are starred in the picture below.amazon_brushes_lbl2

The big fluffy brush could be used as a highlighter but I like to use it to put my base shadow over my eyes. *I’ll note here that this one wasn’t glued so well so the handle came apart from the barrel, but I was able to glue it together, they are pretty cheaply made* I like that it’s a bit dense so it spreads shadow evenly on my lids making it easy to blend colours on top.

The smaller fluffy brush is nice for blending and defusing shadow in the crease.

Lastly, I like the angled brush to work colour more precisely into my crease. I actually didn’t think I’d ever use the angled brush let alone like it, but I find I use it every time I do a smokey look. Do I think this brush set is worth it as a whole, absolutely not BUT! The 3 brushes I gained from it for my eyes are now staples for me. I can use the brushes I don’t like for crafts.

Foxpic Professional Cosmetic Liquid Foundation Brush ($3.55 +Free shipping, see here)amazon_brushes_lbl3I really like using this dense brush for liquid foundation. More so than the dense brush I tried some time back from amazon that looked like a toothbrush, see here. It’s about 1.5 inches in diameter which is a good size to spread my foundation quickly over my face. The handle is only about 4 inches long which makes it easy to hold. amazon_brushes_lbl4The issues I have with this brush is that some of the bristles stick out but it’s glued in so well that I can’t pull them out. It’s also bent. I guess it’s what you would expect from a cheap brush. You need to use light pressure when using this brush to ensure you spread it around easily, but overall I’m not mad it. I do think this is worth picking up if you’re looking for a dense brush for liquid foundation.

Have you made any purchases from Amazon that are big hits or misses?

Lots of Luv,

I’m not affiliated with Amazon in any way. I purchased these with my own monies and my review is 100% honest.

Does this thing work? Trying out the Milani Eye Tech Perfection Liquid Liner

I was really excited when I saw the full Milani Cosmetics line in my local Rexall Drug Store. I picked up a few items to try and one of them was the Milani Eye Tech Perfection Liquid Liner.

I wear liquid liner almost everyday so I’m not a novice but I thought if this could make applying liquid liner that much quicker and easier than why not give it a shot. milani-review_lbl_-2The ergonomic design allows for easy handling and more stability when applying liquid liner. The top of the liner has a dip that I was able to rest my index finger on and extend my thumb to stabilize application closer to the felt tip.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find this very comfortable. Maybe my hands are a bit small but holding this was uncomfortable and I had to constantly change the positioning of my fingers to try to get a better grip. I ended up just wrapping my hand around the tip of this (similar to what I do to my standard pen-style liners) to apply it on. I wasn’t able to get a perfect line. milani-review_lbl_-4One thing I’ll note is that I’m right-handed but this made applying eyeliner on my left eye much easier than most other liners.  Also, I really love the deepness of this black, it dries matte and doesn’t smudge. I also love that the felt tip is long and has a precise point which makes creating thick or thin lines easy.  milani-review_lbl_-3I think with any new product you need to practice a bit to get the hang of it. I’m sure that someone new to eyeliner will find the learning curve with this shorter than a standard liner, but for me I think I’ll just stick to what I know.

Have you tried this liner? How well does it work for you? What’s your favourite eye liner?

Lots of Luv,


Favourites From the Boxes, October 2016

I keep a box of samples that I have received from my monthly subscriptions services because as much as I would like to use them I sometimes can’t keep up (I share a lot of items with my family and friends or donate them). From the items I do use I have some hits and some misses. I’ll just include hits this time because I really want to give the misses another chance!

Keratin Protein Mask, Birchbox December 2015faves-from-the-box-1I received a lot of hair masks during the winter of 2015/2016 and so far I’ve used up this one. I actually finished this off about 2 months ago but was holding on to this until I had more items to include in this post. I was able to use this 3 times as a pre-wash mask and each time it left my hair feeling a bit fuller than just using shampoo and conditioner alone. Unlike other creamy masks, this had a gel-like consistency and smelled a bit like VapoRub. Regardless, it helped keep my ends healthy until I decided to chop them off.

Bliss Triple Oxygen Radiant Protection Energizing Serum, Topbox June 2016faves-from-the-box-3This came in my Bliss Prive box that I was really excited about because I love this brand. There were many great products here but I thought I would mention the Radiant Protection Energizing Serum here. This golden serum is my go to recently before I moisturize. I like to concentrate this mostly around my eyes and my forehead. I have noticed the skin under my eyes to appear a bit brighter and tighter. Surprisingly, I’ve gotten a lot of use out of this and it’s still about 1/4 full.

The Face Shop Collagen Pomegranate Pack, Topbox May 2016faves-from-the-box-2This is a night cream but I do use it in the morning sometimes too because it’s super hydrating. The formula is thin so it easily spreads over my face. Sometimes I find that with moisturizers I have to apply more than one layer because my skin might still feel dry but I haven’t needed to with this which is awesome! Plus it claims to help improve skin elasticity which I am all for!

Have you tried any of these products? Any subscription box favourites you have?

Lots of Love,


Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette: Palette Collection Review Series

It’s really helpful to me to read reviews and see swatches of palettes before I buy. Since I have a few (some newer releases, some classics) I thought I’d review them here and hope it helps you should you be looking for a new palette. Recently, I reviewed Urban Decay Moondust Palette.

Today’s Post will focus on the ever popular Modern Renaissance Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills. This palette is on fire! It’s been going in and out of stock since it landed in Sephora back in the summer.

What This Does

An essential eyeshadow collection with fourteen neutral and berry shades.


$55.00 CAD (14 shadows x .02 oz) . I purchased mine from Sephora.cafotor_14765736217151Packaging

I’m not in love with this packaging at all. The crushed velvet casing in light mauve gets dirty easily so my palette looks older than it actually is.

I do like the double ended brush and think it’s great for working colours in your crease.fotor_14765735701905

Colour Selection

It’s clear just looking at this palette that the colours are unique. The berries and reds are beautiful colours. The mattes are true mattes and the shimmers are not glittery but pearlescent. All the colours are perfect for the fall and winter. fotor_147657285719999I tend to use a lot of shadows on the left neutral side of this palette for every day and then incorporate the ones on the right when I want to intensify my look for the evening using the reds. Although the colours are nice and super pigmented, I wish it had a deep green or dark cool brown just to balance out all the pink and red tones in this palette.fotor_147657337297425Application

The shadows are easy to blend. If you’re a novice this is a great palette to practice with because you don’t need to put in too much effort for a look to come together. Also, because this palette is really popular you can look up so many different looks to recreate. The shadows apply intensely, however, because they are powdery you can blend them out if it feels too bold.

Wear & Longevity

With a primer (I used Too-Faced Shadow Insurance) my look lasted a solid 8 hours. It would have likely worn longer but I did end up washing it off. The shadow does not crease or separate as much some shadows I’ve owned. fotor_147657378629891I wore Tempura all over the lid, then worked the crease with Warm Taupe and added depth with Cyprus Umber. I put Venetian Red on the outer third of my lid and did Primavera in the inner half. (please don’t mind my eyebrows – they have a mind of their own)

The Breakdown


  • Good pigmentation
  • Unique colours
  • Easy to blend
  • Good mix of mattes and shimmers


  • Casing gets dirty easily
  • Needs a more colour variety (green or dark brown in my opinion)

My Thoughts

If you like taupes, reds, and oranges this is a great palette for you. The colours are nice for everyday fall and winter looks and there are some unique shades that if you already have a few palettes you’ll be able to create different looks using this. You won’t be disappointed with the formula and pigmentation with any of these shadows. If you’re looking for something with more pops of bright colours, like blues or yellows you won’t get it here.

Do I think it’s worth the hype? Although I wouldn’t say this is the one palette you’ll ever need in your collection, it is super impressive and worth all the positivity surrounding it. If you debating getting this, I would definitely suggest taking the plunge!

What do you think about the palette? Is it over-hyped? Is it really good? Would you get it?

Lots of Love,


Shiseido Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation Review

This purchase was inspired by  Stashy of She had written a few times about her love for Shiseido and their products that I knew I just needed them in my life! I thought I’d head to my nearest Bay counter and pick up a foundation. For some reason this year I’ve bought more foundations than I think I have in the whole time I’ve been wearing makeup. After talking to the associate and looking at the options I decided I’d pick up the Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation.


$58.00 CAD (the Bay). This is pricey but I think it’s worth it!fotor_147603258390258What it Claims

An intelligent, long-lasting foundation that seems like your skin’s natural state.

Shade, Coverage & Application

I got the shade Rose 2, which is a beautiful light pink shade. This shade is on the cool side and although I tend towards neutral shades I’m actually really happy with this because it does lean a bit neutral. This is probably my best shade match ever! Looking at all Shiseido’s shade ranges for this line, I’m actually quite impressed with how real-tone they look. They aren’t overly yellow or red like you see in a lot of other brands, they just look extremely real.

This has a medium coverage that is easy to build up without it looking cakey because the formula is thin and liquid. I really like this, it’s a high pigment concentration in what feels like a serum constancy. It blends in like a dream, I can even use my fingers and the finish looks flawless. There is something about this texture that feels so creamy and really well milled, really luxurious and silky.  You can feel the love and hard work that went into creating this foundation, there is something about the technology in it!!fotor_147603269748162Wear & Longevity

This got the work day and dinner out test and it lasted all day! Even when my pesky blush wore off I still looked alive and flawless because this foundation doesn’t budge. It looks really beautiful on throughout the whole day.

The Breakdown


  • Great Coverage
  • Semi-Matte Finish
  • Light formula
  • SPF 30


  • Price
  • You need to shake before using which I always forget

My Thoughts

Stashy knows her stuff! I’m so happy that I was introduced to this brand through her blog. This is one incredible foundation and I can’t imagine my collection without it. Perfect for everyday and really great for my dry skin. If you’re also interested in their other foundations, Stashy had recommended to me their Sheer and Perfect Foundation which I highly recommend you read her blog review on.

Other items I picked up from Shiseido (because there was no way I’d stop at foundation!)fotor_147603276983784Translucent Loose Powder ($43.00). This is really finely milled. It rivals my Laura Mercier setting powder because it doesn’t leave me feeling dry. I love using it to set my under eye concealer, especially on days I’m wearing a lot of makeup. It does not settle into any fine lines making everything look air brushed. Plus I love the puff! fotor_147603302999051Gift with Purchase which included the Ultimate Power Infusing Concentrate, Benefiance Extra Creamy Cleansing Foam, Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Retinol Express Smoothing Eye Mask, Benefiance LiftDynamic Eye Treatment and Rouge Rouge Lipstick. So far I’ve tried the Ultimate serum which is really awesome as a primer under foundation or as a face serum on it’s own for hydration. This is magic on the skin. Also, the Rouge Lipstick is the most beautiful red! I really love this because I can try other products from this brand.

Have you tried anything from Shiseido? What do you love from this brand?

Lots of Love,