One Look, One Week Reviews; The Roundup!

This week was so much fun reviewing all the items I used to create my Fall go-to look. It was a perfect way for me to share my thoughts on some of the items that I have purchased over the last few months.

Once again, this is the look that I created for Fall;


And here are all the items I used;

  • Eyeshadow – NYX Perfect Filter Palette in Olive you – review here
  • Mascara – Revlon Mega Multiplier – review here
  • Eye Brushes – Inglot 10S, 4SS & 26P, Artdeco Blending Brush – review here
  • Foundation – Tarte’s Rainforest of Sea Water Foundation – review here
  • Concealer – Tarte’s Shape Tape Contour Concealer – review here
  • Blush – Tarte’s Sheer Passion Maracuja Hydrating Cheek Tint – review here
  • Lipstick – Tarte’s Color Splash Hydrating Lipstick – review here

Lots of Love,

Favourites From the Boxes, September 2016

I’ve been meaning to write an update on the products I’ve been using from my boxes. There have been some really great surprises!

TOLAN Skincare Age Defense Cream, Topbox March 2016faves from boxes_Sept 2016 (4)faves from boxes_Sept 2016 (5)I’ve used this everyday since receiving it in my Topbox. I put this on  after I wash my face and feel that it gives me instant hydration. One pump is enough for my whole face so I only use about 2 pumps a day and I’m still only half-way through the bottle! It absorbs into my skin quickly which I like because I can put makeup on immediately afterwards. This has been my everyday go-to skincare cream before adding serum and eye creams and I’ve really been enjoying it. My skin feels more radiant with this product.

Arrow REVIVE Cooling Cheek Tint, Birchbox February 2016faves from boxes_Sept 2016 (2)faves from boxes_Sept 2016 (1)I received this before Birchbox stopped distributing in Canada and I only recently started using this. I did say that I would probably use this tint in the summer and I did! I’ve been wearing very minimal make-up in the summer (concealer, blush, mascara, lip gloss) so this goes really nicely with that look.
It’s not super bright and I like that it gives my cheeks a nice flush of colour, it’s very natural looking. It claims to cool the cheeks but I haven’t noticed that which I like, because I’m sure if it did that would annoy me.

Benefit Cosmetics Air Patrol, Topbox November 2015faves from boxes_Sept 2016 (6)faves from boxes_Sept 2016 (7)I wasn’t the biggest fan of this when I first received it but somehow I started using this in the summer. I ended up really liking this formula when prepping for the weddings I attended in August.I like that how this BB Cream Primer canceled out the the colour in my eyelids so that my eyeshadow stood out more. I also think I appreciated the SPF 20 in the summer more. My eyeshadow pretty long with this primer and even in the humidty. I’m definitely picking up the full size.

Have you been loving any products sent from your beauty boxes?

Lots of Love,



Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation Review

I haven’t worn full coverage foundation in a long time and it wasn’t until wedding season that I thought I should probably pick one up. I had three weddings to attend to in August and my bb creFotor_147260941035577ams weren’t going to cut it. While shopping at Shopper’s Drug Mart I saw Urban Decay’s All Nighter Foundation and wanted to try it because it claimed to be full coverage (and looked oh-so cool!).

Price: $49.00 (CAD) per 1 oz. at Shopper’s Drug Mart


What it Claims: A full-coverage, matte-finish, waterproof foundation that lasts all night.


Packaging: Really cool chrome tube. I like the design of bottle, with the geometric design to allow you to see into the product. I also love that this has a pump!

Shade: I  think it’s really important to mention the shade of this foundation. There are a lot of comments online that this oxidizes pretty badly, and I am here to say that YES IT DOES! I have shade 3.5 which is light with pink undertones and when I first swatched it in store it was a nice match for me, a small swatch was not enough to give me a good impression of how it would look all over my face. For me, this oxidizes to about 1.5 shades darker, which still works on me for the summer but for the winter I’ll need to add a lighter shade to balance it out. I would definitely suggest getting a sample in a few shades ranges to ensure you pick up the correct one. Fotor_147260965965111Application: I tried this with both a beauty blender and a foundation brush and preferred the brush (I use Sephora Pro 66 brush with my foundations).

This is full coverage! About one pump covers all over my face to my liking. It’s really light weight too so I didn’t feel like I had too much foundation on. The finish is very matte, just like they claim, and it does not accentuate my dry skin or dry patches. I do always apply moisturize and primer beforehand so that likely helps. One thing I noticed about this foundation is the way elevated whatever makeup I put on top (blush, bronzer, highlighter) it all blended much easier on top of this foundation and looked really good.

The formula is not patchy but it does dry pretty quickly. What I did was apply a few small dots of foundation to one area on my face and blended it in before moving on to another part.

Longevity: As I mentioned before, I wore this to three weddings so I’ve was able to test out how well this held up. Two of the weddings were in the evening indoors, and one in the late afternoon outdoors. All days were hot and humid. I wore this for 7 hours + and my makeup held up quite nicely. It didn’t patch up and continued to give me great coverage throughout the night.  Fotor_147260946660823My Thoughts: I really love the finish of this foundation. It may be because most my other foundations have a dewy finish that I really wanted something matte. It was really long wearing on me, which makes it my go-to for events, even in the humidity outdoors! My obvious drawback is that the shade oxidizes which is a bit annoying, but next time I’ll pick up one shade lighter and hopefully that helps.

Have you tried Urban Decay’s All Nighter Foundation? What’s your favourite full coverage foundation?

Lots of Love,


Unboxing: Topbox August 2016

Price: $12.00 CAD (plus tax, free shipping) 4 items
Topbox is a Canadian monthly subscription service that introduces customers to beauty items. Each month you have the option of getting a surprise box or to swap it for a prive box in which all the products are from one brand and you know what they are.

This month I opted for the Bioderma prive box. I’ve really been lucky that I’ve received the prive boxes I’ve requested lately, it really makes this subscription more valuable to me.

I’m sure Bioderma needs no introduction but I know that my personal experience with the brand, specifically the Sensible H20 micelle wasn’t so positive in the beginning. Now, I’m a huge fan of the Micellar water and have wanted to try new items from this line. See my Re-Review of it here.  Seeing that Topbox was offering this as a Prive, this was a perfect opportunity to try a new item as well as get something I knew I already enjoyed. Fotor_147180813617474Bioderma Sensibio H20 Micelle Solution

This is a favourite of many to remove makeup. I prefer just using my fingers to work the product over my skin, but the directed use is to soak a cotton pad with it. Although I would have loved a bigger size, I’m really happy with this travel size. Fotor_147180820393546Bioderma Sebium AKN Anti-Aging

This is a resurfacing,  purifying and anti-aging treatment that reduces the appearance of blemishes and wrinkles. This is designed for combination to oily skin. Although I have dry skin, I did try a little bit  it felt mattifying and not overly drying which is great. I can definitely use this while the weather is still warm as I’m finding that my skin is breaking out a bit (especially when I spend a whole day in the warm sun). It may be best for me in combination with a hydrating moisturizer. The only thing that I don’t love about this product is the scent. It sort of smells like Nair, which isn’t the most pleasant. Fotor_147180805246624_resizedBONUS: Free Brow Waxing and Design from Caryl Baker Visage

This is a really sweet bonus that Topbox included this month. There is a Caryl Baker Visage near my work and I’ve heard that they are great for eyebrow waxing so this a nice way to try them out. They are located in Ontario and Calgary so I’d be curious if Topboxer’s in other areas received this or a different bonus.

My Thoughts

I’m really happy with this Topbox. As I said above, the prive Topboxes have really made this subscription worth it to me over the last few months. Total Value of this box: $51.28. (I included the bonus item here because I know I’ll use it.)

What did you receive in your Topbox?

Lots of Love,

L’Occitane Almond Collection

I have an obsession with body wash. I find myself gravitating towards them in stores and have a huge collection of un-opened bottles. AND don’t get me started on the damage I do to my wallet during Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale!! Naturally for me, I always pick up a new one to try.

L’Occitane En Provence is an overall great brand for body, skincare and even home items and I was originally a big fan of their hand creams (another product I seem to have way too much of). The first time I tried this Almond Body Line was in a gift set that I received at Christmas, I liked it so much I went out and bought another set after it finished. Almond Oil helps moisturize, firm and smooth the skin and I’m all about it. I’ve been using the Almond Shower Oil & Almond Supple Skin Oil for a few months now and wanted to share my review.Fotor_147147067706672Almond Shower Oil

First off, this smells incredible. I didn’t know Almond Oil could smell so delicious. It’s not an overwhelming scent for me, but it is sweet so it may not be to everyone’s liking. When in contact with water, the oil produces a slight foam to cleanse the body. It leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft and hydrated. You can also use this as a shaving base which I’ve done instead of grabbing a shaving cream. What I really love about this is that my skin does not feel greasy afterwards, just really clean and more moisturized.

I’ve mentioned before that I have really dry skin, especially my legs, sometimes they get really itchy and irritating so having a product like this really calms my skin and leaves it feeling hydrated. With daily use, I’ve noticed an improvement in my skins texture. It looks and feels a lot less dry.Fotor_147147058191382Almond Supple Skin Oil

Again, this smells so wonderful to me. I wanted to pick up this oil because I thought it would be really similar to my Neutrogena Sesame Body Oil (which is amazing BTW – review coming soon!). It feels good on the skin but there were some things I did not like about this product.

Let’s start off with the spray nozzle. I thought that this would mist onto my skin but instead it just squirted out. Afterwards I massaged it into my skin, but I needed some time for it to absorb before I put on clothes so that I didn’t stain them with oil. It felt a bit thicker than what I would have liked so you need to be careful with how much you use because a little goes a long way, and too much makes you a greasy mess. My first time using this I did about 3 sprays on each leg and 2 on each arm and blended it in. I found that left me feeling a bit over oiled so the next time I sprayed onto my hand and massaged it in, adding more oil as I needed and it was much better.

There are some really amazing things about this oil. For one, my skin feels really, really hydrated and smooth for a few days after using this which is really nice. Most times I add a moisturizer and within a few hours my skin is super dry. This is awesome post-shave in combination with my Almond Body Oil. I also like adding a few drops of this in my bath when I feel like having an at-home spa. I’ve also started using this directly on my cuticles to moisturize them. So I’ve found some multi-purpose uses for this which is great!


I really enjoy this line. If you have really dry skin, I’d suggest giving the Almond Shower Oil a try. The Almond Supple Skin Oil is good but maybe next time I’ll try the body milk and see how well it works for me. There is also a hand cream in the Almond scent that I am picking up for sure.

Have you tried this? What are your favourite products from L’Occitane?

Lots of Love,


Unboxing: Ipsy Glam Bag August 2016

Price: $10.00 USD (plus $4.95 shipping to Canada) Number of items: 4-5 (+ a cute bag).

Ipsy is a monthly subscription service that introduces customers to new hair and beauty products. This month’s theme is Sugar Highness to inspire the dreamer in all of us. The beautiful illustrations were actually drawn by Michelle Phan! Is there anything this women can’t do! I love the design of this month’s bag. Fotor_14713035069330_resized

Now on to what I received;

Note: All prices have been converted to Canadian Dollars

Marc Anthony Nourishing Argan Oil of Morocco Deep Hydrating Treatment

Full Size: $10.99 (250mL) Sample Size: $2.20 (50 mL)
Ipsy read my mind with this one! I’m in need of a deep conditioner and now I have it! This is sulfate-free and safe for colour-treated hair. Hurray!!

Pacifica Sundreams Lotus Infused Bronzer in Sunkissed

Full Size: unclear
I guess it’s all about squeezing the last bits of summer we can! I know we still get warm months in September and sometimes even October but it’s really sad when the “summer months” are about to end…and don’t get me started on those back-to-school commercials. This is a pretty gold that you can build up. The shade is universal and I can see it complimFotor_147130414253092enting a variety of skin-types whether as bronzer or a highlight (on the web it looks like a duo coloured powder so I can see how it might work universally).
Also! This packaging is adorable! I loved unicorns growing up and this totally brings me back to those times!

Winky Lux Diamond Complexion Powder in Medium

Full Size: $25.86 – amount unknown
This is an all over powder that is infused with crushed-diamonds (ohh, how fancy). It’s really lightweight and soft. I think medium may work for my skin tone because it seemed to look OK when I swatched it.

IT Cosmetics No-Tug Waterproof Gel Eyeliner Mini in Black

Full Size: $28.43 (.5 g) Sample Size: $19.90 (.35 g)
Swatching this on my hand was a dream. It just glides on so easily and effortlessly. It also has ingredients like collagen and silk proteins. Now when they say waterproof, they really mean it. It wasn’t easy to remove the swatch with only soap, I needed both eye makeup remover and micellar water to get it off.

Ciate Paint Pot in Spinning Teacups

Full Size: $19.38 (13.5mL), this is a full size item
I don’t get the most excited about nail polish because I don’t wear them. I do like this colour and I’m sure I could give it to someone else.


Left to Right: IT Cosmetics Liner, Wynky Lux Powder, Pacifica Bronzer, Ciate Nail Polish

My Thoughts

Except for the nail polish I’m really happy with this bag. Another set of products that I needed and can see myself using. I’m unable to give a fair total value this month since it was hard to find the amounts or prices for the full sizes for the Winky Lux Powder and Pacifica Bronzer.

What did you receive in your Ipsy this month? Any product you’re loving or disappointed with?

Lots of Luv,



Amazon Buy and Try: Peel-Off Makeup

It’s been really fun trying new products from Amazon. Recently I’ve been playing with two peel-off makeup items and wanted to share my thoughts here. You may have seen these, it’s a stain that you apply to the directed area, leave on for a few minutes and then peel off, you’re then left with a semi-permanent stain that is meant to last all day. I purchased a brow tint and lip tint to test.

Let’s start with brows, shall we…Fotor_147006908434916_resizedEtude House, Tint My Brows Gel #1 Brown ($9.50, see here)

This product had decent reviews on Amazon so I thought I’d pick it up. At first I was nervous I had picked too dark of a colour but after using I thought it ended up matching me just fine. I applied this liberally all over my eyebrows, working the product the best I could on to my skin so the stain would get there as well. It also had a pleasant smell, I was expecting it to smell like rubber so I was happy that it was perfumed.Fotor_147006993304564

This was pretty gooey so you really need to move fast and apply it while its still a bit wet. I waited about 20 minutes for this to completely dry. The consistancy reminds me of Elmer glue, if you’ve ever peeled dried glue off your skin it looks and feels like that. I found that once it was completely dry it was really easy to remove and peeled off easily. Any bit that was left over was easily brushed off with a brow brush.

Fotor_147007109890614The Result? I was actually impressed with how this ended up looking on my brows, it wasn’t crazy bold but enough colour that I didn’t need to go back in with a pencil afterwards. The tint wasn’t crazy long lasting, but I’d say it did hold on me for 3 days just getting a bit fainter as colour washed away when I washed my face. I really liked this, and will use it again for sure!



Now for the Lips Fotor_147006957054549Romantic Bear Peel Away Lip Gloss in Cherry Red ($2.49, see here)

This one was really interesting. The consistency was also really gel-like, similar to the brow gel, but it reminded me of the fake blood tubes you get at Halloween. The ingredients in this didn’t seem too bad, it had vitamin E, Rose Hip Oil, and natural fruit essence. I’ll be honest, I was expecting all man-made and harsh ingredients.

Fotor_147006970407936When applying to my lips I was super careful not to get this in my mouth because it was really gross. It was really difficult getting this to apply evenly so I just ended up packing as much on as I could and letting it dry. I had to keep my mouth open while this dried for 15 mins because whenever my lips touched it would stick together and feel really strange. When this had dried I was able to peel it away, again it had that similar dried glue feeling.

Fotor_147007063645791The Result? Immediately after I peeled this the stain was really strong and beautiful but it only lasted 2 hours before the colour completely disappeared! I was really disappointed with that. It also appeared really uneven on my lips even though I tried hard to get it even. I think you’re much better off with just wearing a lip gloss and then re-applying it as needed.


What do you think of these products? Have you tried any peel-off make-up?

Lots of Luv,


I’m not affiliated with Amazon in anyway. I purchased these with my own monies and my review is 100% honest.

Unboxing: Topbox July 2016

Price: $12.00 CAD (plus tax, free shipping) 4 items
Topbox is a Canadian monthly subscription service that introduces customers to beauty items. Each month you have the option of getting a surprise box or to swap it for a prive box in which all the products are from one brand and you know what they are. This month I opted for the Curl Keeper Prive Box.Fotor_146910204249622_resizedI wanted a change from my usual bags of makeup and skincare so when I saw this specifically for hair I wanted to get it.

What I Received;

1.Leave-In Conditioner

2 x 20 mL: $15.00

After shampooing you add this to your hair and get out of the shower, you don’t need to rinse. It is for very frizzy hair (check!) or high humidity (check!). I actually tried this after my shower and thought it was OK. Maybe it works best with the shampoo but I found that it made my hair feel drier. I’m going to give this another try and see if using it after my conditioner works better.

2.Styling Cream

Full Size: $11.99 (100 mL): $7.19 (2 x30 mL)

This is tames textured hair and create well defined curls. I must admit, I’M IN LOVE WITH THIS!! Finally something that I can wear in my hair that defines my curly/wavey hair without feeling crunchy or stiff! I put this on when my hair was dry and it immediately defined my curls and made my hair super shiny! I’m so happy I received two of these to use.

3. Gel

Full Size: $9.99 (100 mL): $3.00 (30 mL)

This has panthenol (moisturizing provitamin) to give the ultimate hold w/out flakiness or crispness. If this is anywhere as good as the styling cream I know I will love it!

4. Belle Pierre Gel Lip Liner

Full Size: $18.00, this is a full size item

This actually came in as a bonus in the bag. The is made with 100% minerals and botanical extracts. It’s a really nice cinnamon colour that would look good under a lot of my nude lipsticks. I really like how this glides on and is super pigmented.

My Thoughts

I’m pretty happy with the items in this month’s bag mostly because I chose this prive box. Lately I’ve liked getting the Prive boxes as opposed to the surprises because it’ll feature brands I’m really excited to try. The value of bag is pretty low, but for items I’ll actually use I think it’s still OK.

Total Value: $43.19 (including the bonus item)

What are your thoughts on Topbox this month?

Lots of Luv,


Unboxing, Ipsy Glam Bag July 2016

Price: $10.00 USD (plus $4.95 shipping to Canada) Number of items: 4-5 (+ a cute bag).

Ipsy is a monthly subscription service that introduces customers to new hair and beauty products. This month’s theme is hot summer nights and I really like the bag with the cute beach umbrellas.Fotor_146910085155637_resized

All prices are converted to Canadian Dollars

Meet Matt(e) Trimony in Matt Kumar

Full Size: $53.95 (NT WT 0.756 oz), Sample Size: $12.85 (NT WT 0.018 oz) 

I have heard really great things about this palette. This cranberry shade is different from any I currently own so it’ll be a nice addition to my collection. The formula is soft and creamy.

Visanti Eye Contour Brush


The size of this is pretty small so I can imagine using this to define a crease or add shadow to the inner corner of the eyes. It has a dome shape and is really soft. I’ve been saying this a lot lately, but I’m really happy that Ipsy is sending brushes! I love adding new ones to my collection and find that I use the ones sent by Ipsy quite a bit.

BellaPierre Banana Setting Powder

Full Size: $45.85 (4g), this is a full size item

The yellow tone in this powder is meant to cancel under eye dark circles but will appear translucent when applied. I have major issues with dark under eyes so I really hope that this will make them appear brighter.

Two Faced Hangover Primer

Full Size: $40.00 (38g), Sample Size: $5.26 (5g)

This is a replenishing primer with coconut water, probiotic-based ingredients and shine revivers. I’m all about a new hydrating primer.

Delectable by Cake Beauty Hand Cream

Full Size: $12.00 (118 mL), Sample Size: $6.10 (60 mL)

This is in the scent lemon and cream and is described as a lemon meringue pie. I have so many of these hand creams from Delectable that I’m not sure what to do with! I love hand creams but I need to get through what I have. I wish they would send out the everything balm by Cake Beauty- now that’s a product I’m into.

My Thoughts

I’m really excited for the items in this month’s bag. I received products from brands I like. This continues to be one of the better monthly subscription beauty services.

Total Value: $91.06!! Wow! That’s incredible!

What do you think of Ipsy this month?

Lots of Luv,

Unboxing: Babebox Summer Box

Info: $30.00 CAD (plus tax), 8 items, shipping included in price

Babebox is a Canadian seasonal box that introduces you to new items in beauty, fashion & entertainment.

I found them on twitter and was intrigued to try them out because I love monthly subscription boxes and they are based out of Toronto, Canada. Currently, they only ship within Canada.

I think they are relatively new subscription service since I can’t find too much information on their boxes outside of the website.

What I like about Babebox is that they have an active blog on their website that talks about the products sent out in the boxes, discuss trends and great finds.

If you’re interested in learning more, see their website

Now on to what I’ve received;

COLAB Dry Shampoo

Full Size: $12.65 (200mL), Sample Price: $3.16 (50mL)

I’ve recently signed up for a bootcamp so I find that I reach for dry shampoo when I’m home to spruce up my hair in-between washing it. These come in either a sheer or extreme volume formula and there are a range of different scents. Each scent is named after a city, I have New York which is a Fruity scent (I have not opened mine up though to describe the smell, sorry!!!

Pro:voke Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo

Full Size: $12.65 (150mL), Sample Size: $4.22 (50mL)

This is a nice purple shampoo for those with blonde, grey or white hair to brighten it up. I have light brown hair so I might be able to use it to get my highlights to pop this summer. It also has a really delicious berry-like scent that I’m really liking.

I love…Raspberry & Blackberry Bubble Bath

Full Size: $6.98 (500mL), Sample Size: $0.42 (30mL)

OOHHH! BUBBLE BATH!!!! Just makes me feel like a kid again! Nothing is more fun then having a nice bubble bath after a long hot day in the sun.

Essie Viva Antigua Summer 2016 Collection

Full Size: $10.00 (13.5mL), Sample Price: $3.70 (5mL) x4 =$14.81

These shades are super cute! I was eyeing the Viva Antigua collection when it came out so I’m happy I got these  4 minis! I have coconut cove (creamy white), berried treasures (candy red), viva antigua (turquoise green with tiny sparkles), loot the booty (royal blue with tiny sparkles). I immediately put viva antigua on my toes because this colour screams summer to me.

Lovestruck Vera Wang

Full Size: 41.51 (50mL), Sample Size: $3.32 (4mL)

This is such a pretty scent, the babe blog describes this best: “musky floral with your standard fruit bomb opening (tart guava jam and citrus)”. I do like this perfume, it’s too bad it’s discontinued which is a bit strange because I thought the box was supposed to bring you new items in beauty as their website claims, not products that are no longer available.

Montagne Jennesse Passion Peel Off Mask

Full Size: $2.00 (10mL), Sample Size: $1.20 (6mL)

This is a deep cleansing mask with pulped pomegrantate, passion flower, raspberry, grape, cranberry & vitamin E. I don’t really like using peel off masks for my whole face but I’m sure this would be good for spot treatments.

Zevia Zero Calorie Soda in Ginger Ale


$8.95 (6 pack), $1.49 (1 can)

SODA!!! What!!! I’ve actually never tried this brand before and after looking at the babe box website I understood why the sent this, on their blog they included a few cocktail mixes that you can make using this soda. I figure this is to play on the summer box theme and adds a little something different to any other box!

My Thoughts

I’m into the essie polishes, dry shampoo, bubble bath and intrigued by the zevia soda. The face mask and perfume I’m not super excited for. Am I going to get the Fall box? Not sure yet. I’m not overly excited by the products but willing to give them a try. I think that with time the items can only get better, but currently the value of this box is less than what it costs to receive. Total Value:$28.61

What do you think of BabeBox?

Lots of Luv,


*I received this box at a bloggers discount for reviewing purposes. As always, this is my honest opinion