Shopping Haul: Tarte Cosmetics 2017 Boxing Day Sale

I dread the sales that start after Christmas. Not that sales are bad, but they are so tempting and the last thing I need after Christmas is to do more shopping! I tried so hard not to buy anything but I did end up online shopping for Boxing Day at a few stores. I mostly bought clothing but of course, ended up making a beauty purchase too!

Tarte Cosmetics was offering 25% off everything site-wide (some products excepted, AKA the shape tape) this included their sale items which is where I got my items below.

Tarte Boxing Day Haul_LBL (2)

All prices are in Canadian Dollars

All of the items are from Tarte’s Holiday collection. Unfortunately, the blush palette and glitter liner trio are not available on the Tarte website as of this post.

Artful Accessories Brush Set
Original Price: $57.00, Boxing Day Sale Price: $21.84
Tarte Boxing Day Haul_LBL (3)

These are crazy soft brushes! My sister has a set of brushes from Tarte that she absolutely loves so when I saw that these were on sale I knew I didn’t want to pass up on them. They are vegan, cruelty-free brushes.

They feel comfortable in my hands and I like the density of each brush.

Tarte Boxing Day Haul_LBL (4)

The set includes a powder, foundation, blush, crease and shader brush. It also came with a plastic brush holder which I won’t use because I keep my brushes in a brush roller.

I’ve used the blush brush so far and I like it. I wouldn’t normally use a brush this small but it works perfectly for blush.

Blush Bazaar Palette
Original Price: $57.00,  Boxing Day Sale Price: $19.58
Tarte Boxing Day Haul_LBL (5)

I wanted this palette the moment I saw it release. This has 8 blushes and 2 highlighters. The pan size is equivalent to the deluxe size which is perfect for me.

Tarte Boxing Day Haul_LBL (6)

I don’t own too many blushes so this palette is a great way for me to grow that collection without purchasing them individually.

Metallic Treats Glitter Liner Set
Original Price: $38.00,  Boxing Day Sale Price: $16.57
Tarte Boxing Day Haul_LBL (9)

I had wanted glitters this year for the holidays. It’s too late to wear at Christmas but I just wanted this set so badly!!  These also look to be deluxe sizes which is great because I would probably use them for special occasions anyway.

One end of this has a liquid metallic liner and the other end is a glitter liner.  The colours include gold, rose gold and silver.

Tarte Boxing Day Haul_LBL (10)
I have a few weddings/showers/events coming up this year so I am looking forward to using these metallic liners then!

Tarte Boxing Day Haul_LBL (11)

Side Note
I realize that during the Boxing Day Sale, all of these items were discounted more than they are right now (for example, the Artful Accessories Brush set is on sale for $41.00, on Boxing Day it was $29.00) I guess my advice to anyone shopping on Tarte is to be aware of their price fluctuation. I would maybe try shopping during a friends and family sale and definitely boxing day when they are offering better discounts.

Also, Tarte now charges $1.00 for samples. I wasn’t paying attention and actually ended up adding this tiny packet for their maracuja eye treatment to my cart. (funny enough the sample was also 25% off, so I technically got this for $0.75 )

Tarte Boxing Day Haul_LBL (12)

I think I can get two uses from this but it’s very lame that Tarte is charging for samples that I would usually get for free at a beauty store. It doesn’t make sense especially if I’m buying directly from their site. Lesson learned, don’t add any samples from Tarte.

Anyways, that’s what I got! Let me know if you did any Boxing Day shopping and what you got!

Lots of Love,

September Shopping, Inglot Haul

Last week I shared my haul of NYX Cosmetics items I purchased over the Labour Day long weekend. Well, that wasn’t the only store I shopped at! Inglot was offering a pretty good deal on their website at the time.
Inglot Haul_LBL (2)If you spent $69 you got a $25 online gift card and if you spent $100 you got $50 online gift card. I used this opportunity to shop for some brushes.

10S Small Blending Brush
Inglot Haul_LBL (4)

I really wanted a small blending brush and this is exactly what I was looking for. I’ve used it a few times and think it’s great for detail work in the outer crease.

4SS Large Blending Brush
Inglot Haul_LBL (5)

I thought this brush was going to be a bit smaller than it actually is. I haven’t used it yet, but I think it will be great for blending colour out around the eyes. It could also be used as a highlighting brush

26P Eye shadow Brush
Inglot Haul_LBL (7)

I love little shadow brushes to pack colour over the lid. I think it’s useful  if you want to create a sharp line on the lid for cut crease looks. I have the 20P and this is very similar to that. I didn’t realize that the handle would be so tiny but It actually makes it easier to hold and be more precise.

45S Eye shadow Glitter Brush
Inglot Haul_LBL (6)

This brush was actually sent to me by accident instead of the 4SS in my original order. I think because the names are similar they may have shipped it by accident. Their customer service did replace it and I go in depth with the service below. This is meant to pick up glitter/shimmer shadows to place on the eyes. I guess you’d use this instead of your fingers if you were working on clients or if you just preferred to use a brush. I think it’s a neat brush, but I wouldn’t have picked it up myself.

Milk and Tonic Makeup Remover Wipes
Inglot Haul_LBL (8)

I needed a small item to make the $69 minimum to get the gift card so I picked this up. It’s actually about the same cost as many drugstore wipes which I’m impressed with. I hope it works well, but I love keeping makeup remover wipes on hand after taking photos for swatches and if it’s really good I will use it on my face. I’ll give it a try and report back what I think.
Inglot Haul_LBL (3)
Customer Service Experience
Unlike what I first thought, the Inglot online store and physical stores are separate retailers. If you buy something online, you can’t return it in store, you’d have to return it to the online store and vice versa. I had a mix up in the brush they sent to me (45S vs 4SS) and I first I thought I could easily go in-store to exchange it but that wasn’t the case. I was worried at first that it would be difficult to resolve the mix up because they don’t have a number to reach them directly, only an email address. I reached out to their online customer care and they were super quick to respond to my email. After confirming they had indeed sent the wrong brush they were extremely apologetic and sent me the correct brush immediately. They responded within a 24hr time frame and 3 days later I had the correct brush in my hand. As an apology for their mix-up they asked I keep the 45S and try it out regardless, they also included a few sample shadows in the package they sent with the 4SS brush! I wouldn’t expect terrible service but I was really happy by how quickly they worked to resolve my mix up. This makes me confident in shopping from their online store again in the future.

That’s what I got! I’m honestly a big fan of Inglot and have a few of their brushes and eye shadows.

Have you tied Inglot? What do you think of their items?

Lots of Love,