Need to Define those Brows! Review Of Benefit Cosmetics Soft & Natural Brow Kit

I recently purchased Benefit’s most recent Brow kit in the style Soft & Natural Brow. Benefit released a few different brow kits to help you achieve the perfect brow (you can see the different kits on Benefit’s website).fotor_147353099281868What’s in the Kit?

  • Goof proof brow pencil (full size)
  • Ready, set, BROW! 24-hour setting gel (mini size)
  • High brow highlight & lift pencil (full size)
  • Shaping stencils & holder
  • Tips & Tricks booklet
  • Tin box


$44.00 CAD.

This is a great deal since you get full size of the Goof Proof Brow Pencil & High Brow Highlight Pencil that retail at $30.00 each plus a mini size Ready Set Brow gel that retails at $14.00.

I naturally have thick, dark brown brows but always like filling them in for more definition.


Although cute, these products are a bit chunky. I’m in love with the tin box because of its cute design and that it’s reusable.fotor_14735404947612Stencils

The stencils are a bonus in the box but I do think they are useless. Most brow stencils are cut out so that you can easily place them on top of your brows and draw out your desired shape. The ones in this kit are not and so you only use this to shape out the bottom of the brow. I had a hard time using it and ended up over drawing my brows.fotor_147353114236477

Goof Proof Brow Pencil (full size)

I picked out the colour O3 Medium. The kits only come with 3 shade options; light, medium and dark and this was the closest to my eyebrow colour. Luckily it’s my shade and blends perfectly on me. I love the diamond shape shape of this pencil and how it’s a bit thicker because it fills in my brows really quick. The formula is soft and creamy so it glides on the brows and in-between the hairs. Even though it’s creamy, it still lasted 8 hours on me. This has become my new go-to brow pencil!

High Brow Highlight

After drawing in my brows, I used this under the brows to define them even more. I’ve never used a brow highlight before and really liked the way this shaped out my brows. I even used this in the inner corners of my eyes to give them a bit of brightness. This is in a universal pink shade that I can imagine flattering a range of skin tones. The formula is creamy that does wear away after a few hours but I was able to get a solid 6 hours out of it.

Ready Set Brow

This locked my brows in place without making them feel too stiff. One thing I didn’t like was that after about 3 hours this started flaking on my brows and looked really horrible. I wonder if it’s because I put the the definer on first so it adhered to the product and not the brows themselves because reading other reviews I didn’t notice anyone else having this issue. Next time I’ll try putting the brow gel on first.1473537853643My Thoughts

To sum up, this is a good set. Two products really stand out, the Goof Proof Brow Definer and High Brow Highlight and I’ve saved by buying them in this kit than to purchase each separately. I also have a thing for the tin box! The stencils and Ready Set Brow were not my favourite but even without them the box is still a good value. If you were curious about trying Benefit’s eyebrow products, I would suggest getting the kits because then you can try out a few items from their new range.

Have you tried any of Benefit’s new brow products? What’s your fave?

Lots of Love,


First Impressions: Benefit’s They’re Real Tinted Primer

mainI received the new Benefit They’re Real Tinted Primer in my December Topbox along with other cute Benefit items that I was excited to try.

Before I begin, I want to say, Roller Lash, total game changer here for me! I love it!

This recently was released in Canada in Sephora and Shopper’s Drug Mart.




One thing I don’t understand is why this primer is the same price as the mascara. I know you can wear it on it’s own but it is designed to be a primer. Wouldn’t it have made sense to sell this a bit cheaper, if not to get people to try it. The price of the full size is $31.00 CAD.


I love that this is in a dark brown. I am not the biggest fan of white primers because I really need to coat my eyes in mascara in order to cover it all up. The brown appears to be something that would flatter many different eyelashes and does provide a nice intense look on its own.


I have the sample size but I’m sure that like other Benefit mascaras the application wand is the same as the full size. I did a side by side to the They’re Real Mascara to give you an idea of the similarities and differences in the bristles.

The tinted primer has shorter bristles and the wand itself is thinner compared to the mascara. I like the design of this because it allowed the product to come on really nicely on my lashes. I like the way that the brush really coats each lash and fans it out. I think it also gave them a slight curl.

Now for the photo below I used the Roller Lash mascara because I found the pair to work really nicely together (compared to They’re Real mascara). The Primer gives just a bit more length and definition to the lashes while the Roller Lash gave a really great curl. I think the two together is quite awesome.

One thing I was expecting with this primer is fiber in the formula because I’m used to it in other primers. This I found to be a big draw back for me. Primers are supposed to offer something extra, and for me that’s thickness and length. Even if they had a few fibers that would be better than none, why wouldn’t I just put two coats of mascara, it achieves the same effect.

My Thoughts

When it comes to using this on it’s own I really like it, I love that it’s a nice dark brown and that the wand allows each lash to be coated evenly for a pretty fluttery look. I don’t know if that’s enough for me to justify me buying it for myself, if I received it as a gift I guess I wouldn’t mind. I think that it really doesn’t make the mascara I wear any more enhanced, I feel like both Roller Lash mascara and They’re Real do quite well on their own.



Unboxing: Topbox, December 2015


$12.00 CAD (plus tax, free shipping), 4-5 items

As I was unboxing this month’s boxes it really hit me that this year is almost over! Whoa has 2015 gone by super quick! Does anyone else feel the same?

Topbox is a Canadian monthly subscription that introduces customers to beauty items, and each month you have the option to get a surprise box or to swap it for a prive box in which all the products are from one brand and you know what you are getting. This month I opted for the Benefit Prive box. Check out Topbox for more info.

What I Received

1.They’re Real Tinted Primer (sneak peak item)

Full Size: $31.00 (8.5g), Sample Size: $10.94 (3g)

This is a pretty exciting item to have received inside my box because it doesn’t officially release in Sephora and Shoppers Drug Mart until December 26! This is in a brown shade that can be worn on it’s own for a feathery, natural look or as a primer with your favourite mascara to boost length and separation. I’m super excited to try this out and see how it works on me.

2.They’re Real Mascara

Full Size: $31.00 (8.5g), Sample Size: $10.94 (3g)

It only makes sense that Benefit would include mascaras in this box only because it helps to showcase the tinted primer. I love, love, love They’re Real and I can never have too many sample or full size ones. I love that although this is a sample size, Benefit still includes a full size applicator brush just shortened to fit the small tube, I think it really gives first time users a proper indicator of how well the mascara works.

3.Roller Lash

Full Size $31.00 (8.5g), Sample Size $10.94 (3g)

Another very popular mascara from Benefit, I actually have never tried this one but have heard some positive things about it. I was also looking forward to this in my box just so I could try it out.

4.They’re Real Remover

Full Size: $23.00 (50mL), Sample Size:???

This sample is pretty tiny! I was disappointed at the size because I have received a larger sample of They’re Real Remover in Topbox before. I do think this is one of the best makeup removers, especially for Benefit products, so that you don’t damage your lashes or tug at your eyes in the process, it just melts everything off.

5.Gimme Brow in Medium/Deep

Full Size: $30.00 (3g), Sample Size: $10.00 (1g)

Again, another product from Benefit that I have heard great things about but have never tried. I recently thinned my eyebrows out too much (hate when that happens) so I’m glad that I got this guy. The fiber gel will help give me a fuller looking brow.

My thoughts

As a lover of Benefit Cosmetics, I am thrilled to have received a box that was focused on this brand, especially for eyebrow and eyelash products. I also love that they included a sneak peak at their newest product, which makes getting this feel more exclusive. Total value of my box is $42.82

What are your thoughts on Benefit’s eye products?

Unboxing: Birchbox Canada, July 2015


Price: $10.00/month ($4.95 shipping),  Number of Items: 5

Oh how nice to open the mail and find a little surprise waiting for you!

Birchbox is a monthly subscribtion box that introduces customers to different makeup, skin care and hair care lines. You also collect a point for each dollar spent on the site, and every 100 points gets you $10 to use towards products. If you are interested to learn more click here, if you want to subscribe please click here as a referral.

This month Birchbox teamed up with Best Health to create boxes centered around having a healthy summer.

What I Received:

1. Bain De Terre Hair Oil


This tiny sample has argan oil and passion flower in the formula designed to aid coloured hair in styling. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve gone more blonde this summer so I love that this will help protect my hair as I put it through the torture of curling, straightening and direct sun exposure. Full Size Price $14.65 (1.7oz), Sample Price $2.15 (0.25oz)

2. Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real Mascara


OMG! I love this mascara, I own the large size as well as have about 3 samples! I can never get enough of this. I’m sure many of you have tried it and already know how you feel about it. I’m glad to get another sample because I really like this formula and like that I can carry this around when I travel or as a back up whenever my large size runs out. Full Size Price $29.00 (0.3oz), Sample Price $9.67 (0.1oz)

3. Fekkai Technician Color Care Shampoo


So again I receive a shampoo without the matching conditioner, which is a bummer. BUT! I am really excited to try this because it will help protect my coloured hair. It smells a like herbal essences shampoo. Full Size Price $28.00 (16oz), Sample Price $3.50 (2oz)

4. Gillchrist & Soames Spa Therapy Body Lotion


This lotion is full of marine extracts, I like that it dried really quickly and made my skin feel smooth and moisturized afterwards. It smells almost like a green tea, I can’t put my finger on it exactly but the smell is pretty faint. Full Size Price $18.00 (8oz), Sample Price $3.04 (1.35oz)

5. Vasanti Cosmetics BrightenUp Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator


I received this exact sample in Ipsy this month, which isn’t so terrible. This has little crystals that mimic microdermabrasion to give a deep clean. I’m really excited to try it. Full Size Price $34.00 (120 g), Sample Price $5.67 (20 g)

My Thoughts

This box is in-line with the theme of having a healthy summer because all the products are geared towards conditioning your skin and hair. Total Value of my samples; $45.24.

My New Favourite Beauty Technique: Highlighting 

Until about a month ago I was never one of those people who added highlighting to their beauty regime. It always felt it was an unessessary step and that essentially all it accomplished was adding sparkles to my cheek.

During Christmas 2014, my best friend, knowing my love for Benefit products, gifted me the Benefit sample box which was full of some of my favourite products as well as some I had never tried. One of the products was the high beam highlighter cream. At first I only used it to highlight under my brow bone which looked nice enough but one day before going out I decided I’d slide it across the top of my cheek and boy did it make a diffference to my look! It surprisingly made me look awake and so much more illuminated. That night, it reflected the light off my face nicely when taking pictures. I have dark circles so it was nice to have something light the top of my cheek to offset that.

The creamy consistency worked well on my face, I have dry skin so anything that is a powdery just looks like dust on my face. I really liked that it had a slight pink tint to it as well, as it blended well with my blush. Ever since that night I’ve worn highlighter all the time. I even have Benefits’ sun beam that would nice during the summer to add to my bronzer.

I really wish I tried using highlighter sooner, but it’s nice that I’ve added something new to enhance my routine. It’s really an easy way to just give you that beautiful glow. I am interested in trying other highlighters now. What are some of your favourites? What new technique have you recently learned?