Let’s Glow! Wet N’ Wild Megaglo Highlighting Powder Review

When it comes to highlight, I’m really into a natural, lit from within type of look. I always find that bold highlights don’t really work for my style. When I got this in my Topbox back in March I was really happy to see they sent me a shade I’d wear.

What It Is

Infused with ultra-reflective and micro-fine pearl pigments, this baked powder is everything you need to shine radiantly from the inside out. (Wetnwild.com)

WetnWildHightlighter (4)


$6.99 CAD. Surprisingly, Amazon & Walmart Canada has these listed for $12.00-$13.00.  I found them on Well.ca for $6.99 so that’s the price I’m using here.


This is a pearl/rose shade that is really light and shimmery. My cheeks are pretty rosy and I enjoy wearing a pink or peach blush so I find a highlighter that works with my blush is what I gravitate too.

WetnWildHightlighter (5)


The packing is very simple but I do like it. It is square with a clear cover so you can see the colour inside. I love the little flower imprint on the powder itself, it’s a nice touch.

WetnWildHightlighter (3)

Application & Wear

First looking at this highlighter I thought it might be grainy and make my skin look like it had a lot of texture but it looks super smooth on the skin and it feels really creamy. I really enjoy this highlight for everyday because it’s not super intense on initial application. You can layer it if you wanted it to be bolder, but for me I like keeping it on the light side. One time I even put this on top of my lips to add some shine to my lipstick and I thought it looked really pretty like that.

WetnWildHightlighter (2)

This does fade a little by the end of the day, there is still a little glow. I’m sure if I layered this more it would last longer, but since I’d rather keep it natural I’m good with it fading a little after 4 or 5 hours.

All in all, this is a great highlighter and the price is even better. It works as well as any of the high end highlighters I reviewed on my blog (see that post here). I would definitely recommend giving it a try.

Can’t Deny the Glow! Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops

I want to start off by saying thank-you to everyone who listened to the podcast hosted by Cat at Mylipaddiction.com and for commenting on twitter, our blogs, google + and so on! You are all super supportive and I’m really happy you enjoyed it! If you haven’t heard it yet click here.

As a treat to myself for doing the podcast I got Cover FX’s new Custom Enhancer Drops. Cat and I actually went to Sephora to swatch them but they had not been released in store at that time. I was impatient and decided to order it online.

I’ve only tried this once so below are my first impressions. As of right now I’m in love, love, love, love….yes, I like it that much!!!Fotor_146810233190463What it Does: “Easily add a highlighting, strobing, or bronzing effect to any liquid cosmetic or skincare product”

Cost: $52.00 CAD! OMG! Super expensive! However, one drop was enough to highlight both cheekbones. It’s a highly concentrated .5 oz bottle so I can imagine it lasting a long time.

This comes in six shades, 4 highlighters and 2 bronzers to compliment a variety of skin tones. I have the highlight shade moonlight which is a pretty shimmery beige.

Packaging: I’m not the biggest fan of the eye dropper. I wish it was a pump because I always accidentally touch the dropper part and then get it everywhere. Fotor_146810243781630Formula and Application: This feels very silky. The fluid is really light and blends easily on the skin without streaking. I used my fingers to dab and then blend this onto my cheekbones. It’s also waterproof! I needed to use a few pumps of soap to get it off the back of my hand! Good to know that my highlight will stay in place.

My camera does this no justice, it’s gorgeous in person.
My Thoughts: This highlight is very intense so if you like a strong highlight this is definitely for you! I will be reaching for this on special occasions but I don’t think I could pull it off for everyday. I like the colour and how bright my face looks. Whenever I catch myself in the mirror I am so impressed with how nice it looks. It’s been about 7 hours since I put this on and it’s still going strong. It’s also budge-proof, I’ve rubbed my face a few times and it hasn’t transferred to my hands and I don’t see specks of shimmer anywhere but where I put the product. I’m a bit intimidated to mix this with my foundation just yet because I’m afraid I’ll just look too shiny but as I get more comfortable using it, I may give it a try.I’m interested in trying the bronzer shades (I’m eyeing sunkissed as I type this).

I want to know what you think of these new custom drops? Do you have a favourite? Would you get one?

Lots of love,

Review: BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector


In July I purchased the BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone to add a bit of glow to my makeup routine. Contouring and more recently strobing are pretty popular techniques in the world of makeup application and I’ve begun incorporating them into my own makeup routine. Back in June I even wrote up a post on my first time trying to contour. Lately, I tend not to contour as much but I still like adding highlight. I wanted to try something new from my go-to Benefit Highbeam and after watching a few youtube videos, I thought I’d give BECCA’s Shimmering Skin Perfector a try. Below are my thoughts:


I opted to get the liquid opposed to the pressed powder. This 20mL tube cost me about $23.00 CAD. Not too bad in comparison to other luminizers at Sephora.



I really like this colour. I feel like Moonstone works really well with my skin tone. It has just the slightest hint of pink and gold so it looks nice sitting at the tops of my cheek. I also really like it as an eye highlight and find it looks really cute just over the cupid’s bow on the lips.


I simply apply this with the tips of my fingers. Since my usually use Benefit’s Higbeam, which is a liquid luminizer, I figured the liquid would be a better way to go. I wanted to wear it over my foundation since I don’t always were powder. Unlike Highbeam I found this to be a lot more tricky to apply.


The opening of this tube is pretty wide and flat so there was always more product coming out of the tube than I needed. This also made using this product super messy because too much would come out of the tube and I would need to wash my hands to remove the extra product. A little goes a long way with this product, so washing more than half of it down the drain made me pretty upset every time. I wasn’t squeezing to hard either, sometimes I would just remove the lid and part of the product would come out on it’s own.

I also feel that this product doesn’t blend as well as I want on my face, it really just sits on top of all my makeup and makes everything look streaky. I did, however, think it worked really well over eyelids.


I felt that because this didn’t sit well on my face, it didn’t last long. Towards the end of the day it felt like the product would wear away, which on top of being really tired, made me look even more tired.

My Verdict:

I would definitely not repurchase this particular product. However, I did love this colour and found that, after testing it at Sephora, that the pressed powder came on a lot better for my skin. Maybe I’ll try the powder next time, but for now I think I’ll be going back to Benefit.

Have you tried BECCA’s Shimmering Perfector? Do you like it in the liquid form or pressed powder? Any other highlighters worth a try?

First Impressions: Face Contouring

Lately I’ve been watching a lot of face contouring videos on youtube and I really wanted to try it out on myself. I really wanted to learn how to put this together for when I’m at a special event that requires just the extra little something so that I look good in photographs (sometimes I’ll leave my home thinking I’ve got a good amount of coverage only to find that I really look like I have nothing on under a photographer’s professional camera)

On a lazy Sunday morning I decided I would try doing this contour/highlight technique and test how well it works on me. This is my first time, so join me on this journey below.

There are amazing videos on how to do this on youtube, I’d suggest you search there for an exact technique, this post will simply be whether or not the look is easy enough to pull off by someone doing it for the first time.

The Process

I primed and added foundation using my fingers all over my face to start using Yves Rocher’s Pure Light in Rose 200 Light.

For Highlight I used Covergirl’s Ready Set Gorgeous in Light adding it where the light would naturally hit my face so under my eyes in an inverted triangle shape, bridge of my nose, either side of my nose, my forehead, and also a bit on my cheeks.

Next I added the contour shade, I mixed a bit of Yves Rocher’s Sunkissed Effect Fluid Foundation with Yves Rocher’s Pure Light Foundation in Rose 200 Medium. It’s suggested you use a colour that is about 3 shades darker than your skin tone (looking at the photos now, I don’t think I needed to add bronzer, the foundation on it’s own was enough). I added it just below my cheeck bone, around my chin, my hairline, and around the highlight line on bridge of my nose.  Below is my masterpiece, haha!

I then used a blending sponge to blend first the highlight then the contour, it started to come together at this point.

Highlight and Contour

To set my makeup I used Kat Von Dee’s Shadow and Light Contour kit. I used one brush for highlight, one for contour, and a small brush for around my nose and eyes. I started by applying the highlight and then the contour.

For fun I added eye makeup, blush and lipgloss to see what this would look like all done. Voila! Below is the final product

My thoughts

At first I was not sure how this would look on my face because I am fair so I didn’t want to look like I had put on the wrong shade of makeup. For a first try, its not perfect, but it’s not something I couldn’t perfect as I practiced, using more or less of the colours to parts of my face that need it. My lovely sister took photos using her DSLR and I feel like the makeup looked pretty nice and natural on camera.

Would I actually do this look should I go out?? Probably, but only for a special occassion because it is quite a lot of makeup for me to wear everyday.

How do you feel about hightlighting and contouring? Any tips on how I can improve for next time?

My New Favourite Beauty Technique: Highlighting 

Until about a month ago I was never one of those people who added highlighting to their beauty regime. It always felt it was an unessessary step and that essentially all it accomplished was adding sparkles to my cheek.

During Christmas 2014, my best friend, knowing my love for Benefit products, gifted me the Benefit sample box which was full of some of my favourite products as well as some I had never tried. One of the products was the high beam highlighter cream. At first I only used it to highlight under my brow bone which looked nice enough but one day before going out I decided I’d slide it across the top of my cheek and boy did it make a diffference to my look! It surprisingly made me look awake and so much more illuminated. That night, it reflected the light off my face nicely when taking pictures. I have dark circles so it was nice to have something light the top of my cheek to offset that.

The creamy consistency worked well on my face, I have dry skin so anything that is a powdery just looks like dust on my face. I really liked that it had a slight pink tint to it as well, as it blended well with my blush. Ever since that night I’ve worn highlighter all the time. I even have Benefits’ sun beam that would nice during the summer to add to my bronzer.

I really wish I tried using highlighter sooner, but it’s nice that I’ve added something new to enhance my routine. It’s really an easy way to just give you that beautiful glow. I am interested in trying other highlighters now. What are some of your favourites? What new technique have you recently learned?