Unboxing Ipsy Glam Bag, May 2017

Price: $10.00 USD (+$4.95 shipping to Canada) Number of items: 5 (+a cute bag).
Ipsy is a monthly subscription service that introduces customers to new hair and beauty products.20170521_101840

This bag is super cute! I love the clear plastic with ice cream and popsicle print. The bag is a bit larger than my usual bags but one thing I didn’t really like is that the zipper is not sewn on so cleanly, so this is a bit lop-sided.

**Prices in Canadian Dollars**

Manna Kadar Cosmetics Bronzer and Highlighter Duo
Full Size Price: $28.30 (unable to determine sample price)
This appears to be a really good duo for tan complexions. I haven’t tried it yet but in the pan it appears to be a bit dark. That’s alright though, I can give this to my sister if it doesn’t work for me. Plus I’ve received other highlighters and bronzers in my other boxes recently so I’m not rushing to open this up.

Pacifica Island Life Eyeshadow Palette
This is exclusive to Ipsy. I am unable to determine a sample price.
This little palette is exclusive to Ipsy and I can’t find a comparable palette to get pricing from. Pacifica Cosmetics is cruelty-free and vegan. This was made with natural minerals and coconut water. I think the colours are really beautiful for summer, especially if you wanted to do a sunset eye look which is really on trend.

Peek Beauty Metalimatte in A-Boo
Full Size: $29.64 (I can’t tell if this is full size or not)
Everywhere I look, even on the Peek website, this looks to be a full size product but it’s super tiny. It’s about as big as my thumb! This peachy-pink cream blush dries matte and powdery. I am so in love with the colour. I can’t wait to try it on.

Mellow Cosmetics Creamy Matte Lipstick in Posh
Full Size: $17.52, this is full size
Unboxing Ipsy

I have a few too many nudes that I didn’t open this guy up. The description is that this is a light nude and is supposed to be super moisturizing. It is infused with Vitamin E to prevent the lips from getting dry which I can appreciate.

Royal & Langnickle Precision Angled Brush
Full Size: $5.38, this is full size

I feel like Ipsy has got it out for me! Yes, I love Royal & Langnickle brushes but I would LOVE one from another brand. I usually see Luxie brushes on the glam bag page and in other bloggers bags but I have yet to get any of them in my bag! Again, I don’t hate Royal & Langnickle brushes, they are some of my favourite ones right now. I think I would use this brush for under eye concealing.

My Thoughts
This bag is perfect for summer! The products and colours are giving me hot days drinking lemonade on a beautiful patio vibe. I am excited for the eyeshadow palette and blush for sure! I didn’t want to give a total value this month because I’m not sure about the sample size of most of the items. Either way, it’s a great value to me!

Did you get Ipsy this month? What was in your bag?

Lots of Love,

Unboxing Ipsy Glam Bag, April 2017

Price: $10.00 USD (+$4.95 shipping to Canada) Number of items: 5 (+a cute bag).

Ipsy is a monthly subscription service that introduces customers to new hair and beauty products.

Ipsy_April_2017_LBL2This month’s theme is sideshow and it’s all about being bold. The bag is meant to represent your ticket to Ipsy’s sideshow. I think the theme and the bag are super adorable.

All prices are converted to Canadian Dollars.

Glamour Dollz x Lisa Frank Angle Blush Brush
Full Size: $6.66 (this is full size)

This gives me serious elementary school vibes! The brush is design by Lisa Frank in collaboration with Glamour Dollz. You might recognize her work creating colourful and whimsical school supplies. I think I used to own the unicorn sticker sheets (I was obsessed with unicorns).

Lisa Frank AmazonThe brush is vegan-friendly and really soft although I wish the brush was just a touch denser. I use angled brushes pretty often for blush and bronzer. I was looking at the Glamour Dollz website and so much of their makeup is affordable! I wonder if anyone has tried any of their items – I’d be interested to know if you have. The unicorn print on this brush is super cute.

Jessie’s Girl Liquid Eye Liner in Black
Full Size: $9.32 (this is full size)

Ipsy_April_2017_LBL5You can’t go wrong with liquid eyeliner and this one is bold and a true black. I did a swatch on my hand that dried pretty matte. I’m happy to have this in my bag.

Avene Rich Compensating Cream
Full Size: $48.99 (50mL), Sample Size: $4.89 (5mL)

Ipsy_April_2017_LBL3This is a daily moisturizing creme made for dry, sensitive skin. I received a different moisturizing creme from Avene before that I was excited to try. I like little samples like this because I can pop them into an overnight bag.

Adesse Cupuacu Butter Lip Balm
Full Size: $31.99 (this is full size)

Ipsy_April_2017_LBL6This butter balm is up my alley! Here’s the description off the Adesse website: Luxurious treatment that soothes, moisturizes and hydrates dry lips. The center core is infused with cold pressed Cupuaçu Butter; derived from the Rain Forest and prized for its rich content of phytosterols that heal, hydrate and combat free radicals (adesseny.com). I’m really into the extra blast of hydration in the centre, plus it makes this look super cool! I haven’t swathced this to see if the pink outter layer is visible colour.

Cite London Bamboo Bronzer in Palm Island
Full Size: $37.32 (10g), Sample Size: $8.21 (2.2g)

Ipsy_April_2017_LBL7This is a pretty bronzer. Ciate is known for their nail polish but I am super impressed with the liquid eyeliner I received in my October Ipsy bag so I’m looking forward to this bronzer being a success too. It’s matte and has oil-controlling properties. I’m excited to give this a try.

My Thoughts
The majority of the items I received this month were full size items! That’s always really nice in Ipsy. I’m excited about all the items in this month’s bag! Total Value of my bag: $61.07

Did you receive Ipsy this month? Anything you’ve been loving in your bag?

Lots of Love,

Unboxing Ipsy Glam Bag, March 2017

Price: $10.00 USD (+$4.95 shipping to Canada) Number of items: 5 (+a cute bag).

Ipsy is a monthly subscription service that introduces customers to new hair and beauty products.lbl_ipsy march 20179This month’s theme is très jolie, the understated french makeup look I guess… sometimes Ipsy’s themes aren’t so clear to me. I do love the bag, it has a velvety texture and I love the black honeycomb-like pattern against the peach (the pattern is only on one side). Unlike most bags, this one is square and you can fold it over to carry around like a clutch. I personally prefer these bags over the rectangular ones because they fit more items when travelling.

All prices below are converted to Canadian Dullars. This month I decided not to swatch the items I received. I didn’t want to open any more makeup until I started using what I have, sorry!

Tarte Cosmetics tarteist™ quick dry matte lip paint in vibin
Full Size: $24.00 (.20 oz), Sample Size: $4.08 (.034 oz)
lbl_ipsy march 20173
It’s always nice to receive products from a brand that I love. I’m quite obsessed with Tarte. They are vegan and cruelty-free and their Amazonian Collection has some of my favourite products.

Image Source: ipsy.com

I wish I had received the nude colours instead of this deep red only because I received a similar colour in my Boxycharm this month.

Air Repair Skincare Complexion-Boosting Moisturizer
Full Size: $28.07 (59 mL), Sample Size: $4.76 (10 mL)
lbl_ipsy march 20172What’s cute about this brand is that it targets the skincare needs of those who frequently fly, hence the name Air Repair. Not that I fly often, but sometimes being trapped in an office tower all day at work can feel reminiscent of the stale, recycled air that passengers experience on an airplane. Plus, I have dry skin so I love any type of moisturizer. This is designed for all skin types and has hyaluronic acid.

Beau Gâchis Tapered Blending Brush
Full Size: $16.04, this is full size
lbl_ipsy march 20174
I received the Beau Gâchis shadow brush in my Ipsy Glambag in March 2016 and I’ve been using it to apply my eyeshadow ever since. I like this blending brush because it’s very soft and will be useful to blend in the crease.

ModelCo Eye Define Retractable Crayon Liner in Black
Full Size: $14.39, this is full size
lbl_ipsy march 20175
Black and brown liners are everyday staples for me. I have really large round eyes and wearing liner helps define them. I wear pencil liner-type products in my waterline and that’s what I’ll use this for. On the Ipsy website this is described as a long-wearing, water-resistant formula (that) didn’t smudge, budge, or transfer. 

Doucce Freematic Eyeshadow in Marisa
Full Size: $13.37, I think this is full size
lbl_ipsy march 201710
This shadow colour is described as a shimmery rose. I think this colour is super pretty in the pan and it’s a good eyeshadow size. I think the packaging is a bit bulky, but I’m just being picky. I also love that this has magnets at the bottom, making it easy to pop into my custom palette when I’m ready to use it.

My Thoughts
This is a nice bag mixed of some skincare and makeup. I’m really happy with the the Beau Gâchis blending brush and Modelco black liner. I’m also looking forward to trying the Doucce eyeshadow and the Air Repair Complexion booster. Most of these are products I’ve never tried before so I’m looking forward to giving them a go. Total Value of my bag; $52.64.

Did you get Ipsy this month? What was in your bag?

Lots of Love,

Unboxing Ipsy Glam Bag, February 2017

Price: $10.00 USD (+$4.95 shipping to Canada) Number of items: 5 (+a cute bag).

Ipsy is a monthly subscription service that introduces customers to new hair and beauty products.
ipsy_feb-2017_2This month’s theme is Much Love, spreading that warm fuzzy feeling all around. I thought the bag was super cute with the neon orange detailing and the jean material.

All prices are converted to Canadian Dollars

Briogeo Rosarco Blow Dry Perfection & Heat Protectant Creme
Full Size: $31.42 (118mL), Sample Size: $5.85 (22mL)
I have not opened this yet but it is described as a hair oil on Ipsy’s website. It has rosehip oil to protect from UV damage, coconut oil to seal in moisture and argan oil to condition. It can protect hair up to 425 degrees, I don’t use temperatures that high but it’s good to know that it can withhold a lot of heat. I was on the Briogeo website and it looks like this is made for most hair types and had really awesome reviews!

Royal & Langnickel MODA Fan Brush
Full Size: $19.64, this is full size
ipsy_feb-2017_4I LOVE receiving brushes in my bags and I’ve come to really appreciate this brand for its quality and price. The bristles are super soft and synthetic which will be perfect to for highlighter.

Seraphine Botanicals Luminude in Primrose
Full Size: $31.42 (10mL), this is full size
ipsy_feb-2017_5This is designed to be a highlighter on darker complexions because of it’s soft gold colour. Although I won’t be able to wear it as highlighter I still think it makes a beautiful all over lid shade or an inner corner highlight when I want to do something more brown on my eyes. On the Ipsy website it states that the primerose oil is great for helping acne, wrinkles, and eczema so I’m happy about that. Other things to note is that this is 94% natural, vegan, and hypoallergenic!

NYX Butter Lipstick in Lifeguard
Full Size: $9.00, this is full size!
ipsy_feb-2017_6This has a satin finish and I like the semi-sheer berry red colour of this lip butter. I really love how NYX has formulated these, they feel light and hydrating like a balm but have nice pigmentation to add colour to the lip. Lifeguard is described as a deep magenta, bold but wearable.

Hikari Cosmetics Cream Pigment Eyeshadow in Latte.
Full Size: $17.00 (.14oz), Sample Size: $4.25 (0.035oz)
ipsy_feb-2017_7Oh Hikari, fancy seeing you in yet another Ipsy bag! haha! I don’t have any cream eyeshadows lately so it’s really nice to see one in my bag. This feels really smooth and creamy and when I swatched it and I was really impressed with the coppery colour (which is also a bit strange that they named this Latte). You can sweep this over the lid for an instant golden eyelid. For me this feels like a repeat product since I will be using the Seraphine Botanicals the same way. Also, it’s a bit of a bummer that Hikari doesn’t ship to outside the US.

Below are the swatches of the different makeup items I received. Note that the NYX lipstick is in Lifeguard as I mentioned above NOT Ripe Berry that I mislabeled below.
My Thoughts
Ipsy was great this month! I’ve received products that I know I will use and some that are different from what I currently own! I’m most excited to try the Briogeo hair protector. Total value of my bag: $82.89! wow!

Did you get Ipsy this month? What have you been enjoying?

Lots of Love,

Unboxing Ipsy Glam Bag, January 2017

Price: $10.00 USD (plus $4.95 shipping to Canada) Number of items: 5 (+ a cute bag). unboxing_ipsy_january_2017_lblIpsy is a monthly subscription service that introduces customers to new hair and beauty products. This month’s theme is Metropolis, all about urban chic! I like the bag this month, it feels almost sporty to me.

Pacifica BLUSHIOUS in Wildrose
$15.76 for 3 g, this is 3g (I think it’s full size)
I love this packaging! I received a bronzer from Pacifica a few months ago and I fell in love with the unicorn print on the front. Yes! The packaging got me! I love that Pacifica is also vegan, gluten-and cruelty-free. I have a few blushes to play with this month so I’ll hold off on opening just yet.

Rimmel London Lip Conditioning Balm by Kate Moss
Full Size $6.98 for 0.13 oz, this is full size
When I first received this I was actually excited that I got a lipstick but then I opened it and thought “well that’s a sheer colour” I only realized afterwards that this was a balm. I already have a few balms that I like using but I’m am always up to try something new.

Pur-lisse Blue Lotus Seed 5 in 1 Mud Mask & Exfoliant
Full Size $68.00 (70 mL), Sample Size $14.57 (15 mL)
This product claims to brighten, detoxify, tighten, and soothe, while gently exfoliating the skin. Since my skin has been dry, thank you winter, I have been avoiding doing any harsh facial masks. However, this actually sounds like it will be nice and gentle on the skin so I will probably give it a try soon! Some ingredients include; blue lotus seeds, bamboo, white clay, ginger, and mushroom.

The Balm Cosmetics Bahama Mama Bronzer
Full Size $26.19 (0.25 oz), Sample Size $2.09 (.02 oz)
I love getting The Balm items in my bags! This is such a great bronzer colour for my skin tone I’m just kinda bummed that it’s so small! How am I supposed to get my big brush in there. I ended up de-potting this and  putting it in my magnetic palette to use as an eyeshadow. I actually LOVE this as my crease colour.

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Illumination in Medium
Full Size $31.43 (8 mL), Sample Size $5.89 (1.5 mL)
I’ve heard really good things about the ByeBye Under Eye so I’m excited to see this in my bag! This is not the original but the illumination formula that is meant to brighten the skin as well as cover dark circles and imperfections.

My Thoughts

I’m super happy with Ipsy this month! I’m really excited to try each product and really feel that a lot of the items are geared for my needs. Total Value: $45.29

Did you get Ipsy this month? Any products you’ve been loving?

Lots of luv,

Unboxing, Ipsy Glam Bag December 2016

Happy Boxing Day to my fellow Canadians! I hope that you all had a fantastic holiday with your family and friends! What did you get?! What did you get?! I may do a separate post of items I received at Christmas, we will see…

Anyways, on to Ipsy!

Price: $10.00 USD (plus $4.95 shipping to Canada) Number of items: 5 (+ a cute bag).

Ipsy is a monthly subscription service that introduces customers to new hair and beauty products. This month’s theme is Carpe P.M., it centres around living in the moment. I like the red bag but not really into the fuzzy texture.ipsy_lbl_dec20161I received my bag in the middle of December but was super busy with the holiday season that I held on to putting up a post, I figured I might as well do this post now before I totally miss the month.

Smashbox Insta-Matte Lipstick Transformer

Full Size: $26.00 (10mL), Sample Size: $13.00 (5mL)

This instantly gives any lip shade a smooth matte finish. It got a lot of hype when it first came out but that has since died down. I’m intrigued to give it a try!


Royal & Langnickel MODA Angle Shader Brush

Full Size: $8.12, this is full size

I love using angled brushes in the crease and this one looks really nice. It’s made with vegan friendly synthetic fibres which are soft to the touch. I also like the barrel because it has a rubber grip texture that makes it easy to hold. I was checking out other brushes online and I’m really impressed with how cheap these brushes are, I have two of them so far far from Ipsy and I’m super impressed with them.


Symphony Beauty Snow Cream Moisturizer

Full Size: $19.99 (100mL), Sample Size: $2.71 (10mL)

This gel-like moisturizer has vitamin E to nourish and brighten the skin. I really like the texture of this because it’s really light and airy and melts right into the skin.


Hakari Liner in Iris

Full Size: $20.32, this is a full size item

This is a deep purple eyeliner which is pretty awesome because I’ve gotten tired of receiving black. This is will look really nice with a gold or brown lid colour for a little extra something. This has a stiff upper tip that doesn’t bend to create a precise lines.


NYX Professional Makeup Prismatic Shadow in Firebolt

Full Size: $7.99, this is a full size item

This is a pretty reddish-rose shade which looks to be pretty sparkly. I look forward to using this all over the lid.


My Thoughts

I do like the items received in this bag. They are really fun colours I can use to create pretty eye looks with. Total Value of the bag; $52.14.

What did you get in Ipsy this month?

Lots of Luv,


Unboxing Ipsy Glam Bag November 2016

Price: $10.00 USD (plus $4.95 shipping to Canada) Number of items: 4-5 (+ a cute bag).

Ipsy is a monthly subscription service that introduces customers to new hair and beauty products. november-2016-ipsy-6This month’s theme is “Rock Starlet”. I think the design of the bag is really cute with the makeup and stars all over it.

Prices have been converted to Canadian Dollars

The Balm Mad Lash Mascara in Blacknovember-2016-ipsy-5

Full Size: $24.32 (8mL), Sample Size: $7.60 (2.5mL)

I like the Balm’s packing for their samples but this one down right sucks! It’s not a twist to open but instead you have to pull the mascara wand out. This is probably the most annoying packaging because when I first opened it the mascara went everywhere! I like the curved wand and it reminds me of Benefit’s Roller lash which is a fave of mine. I however don’t want to struggle whenever I open my mascara so I’m probably not going to use this.

Tarte Cosmetics Maracuja Oilnovember-2016-ipsy-3

Full Size: $19.00 (15mL), Sample Size: $8.87 (7mL)

I actually have this oil and I really love putting it on before I apply foundation, almost like a primer. You can also apply this to you hair to fight frizz or around your cuticles etc. It’s a nice all-purpose hydrating oil with vitamin C.

Doucee Freematic Blush in Zen Orangenovember-2016-ipsy-7

Full Size: $37.82 (8g), Sample Size: $16.07 (3.4g)

The packaging for this guy is huge so I actually thought I was getting more product but when I opened this I was a bit disappointed by the size. I do like the colour, it’s a nice coral shade that looks light and nice for everyday. I do like that it does come magnetized so you can pop it into a magnetic palette.

Pur-Lisse Blue Lotus Balancing Moisturizernovember-2016-ipsy-4

Full Size: $74.29 (50mL), Sample Size: $22.29 (15mL)

Ok, maybe it’s just me, but I’m always seeing this in my Ipsy bags. This moisturizer has white tea and vitamin E to reduce fine lines. I’m just a bit over this brand so I’m not really excited about this.

ModelCo Contour Sticknovember-2016-ipsy-2

Mini Size: $8.92 (2.1g), this is the mini size

I don’t really contour so I am probably not going to use this. I do like that this is an easy to use stick that would probably be awesome for those who like cream contours.

My Thoughts

I’m not really excited about this month at all. I think it may have all started with the horrible Mascara packaging that got all over my phone and my backdrop. I do really love the Maracuja oil so I’m happy to see that in my bag but otherwise everything was just OK. Total Value of my bag; $63.75

What did you think of Ipsy this month? What did you get in your bag?

Lots of Luv,

Unboxing Ipsy Glam Bag, October 2016

Price: $10.00 USD (plus $4.95 shipping to Canada) Number of items: 4-5 (+ a cute bag).

Ipsy is a monthly subscription service that introduces customers to new hair and beauty products. fotor_147657425411781This month’s theme is “Black Magic” for Halloween and the bag is super adorable. I love all the cartoon characters on it.

Prices have been converted to Canadian Dollars

Ciate Fierce Flicks Eyeliner

I just ran out of eyeliner so this will definitely be replacing that one. The formula is said to be budge proof and I will definitely be testing that out. I know Ciate is well known for their nail lacquers but I’ve also read great reviews on some of their makeup products so I’m excited to try this out.

Full Size: $23.97 (.05 oz), Sample Size: $14.38 (.03 oz)

The Balm Cabanaboy Blush/Eyeshadow

I love receiving these little samples from the Balm because the packaging is so cute. This is rusty rose with plum undertones, it also has some shimmer. This feels really nice and is decently pigmented. It would make a nice blush for the winter.

Full Size: $27.60 (.3 oz), Sample Size: $1.84 (0.02 oz)

Adesse New York, Organic Infused Nail Polish

This is a quick drying nail polish infused with minerals that make it long lasting. Well, I don’t know about that because the nail I did for this post chipped away the next day! It just peeled off with little to no effort on my part. It has a chrome finish that gives off the purple/blue shimmer which I’m not in love with. If I do wear a nail polish I tend towards pastel colours.

Full Size: $26.29  (this is a full size item)

Cosmohlic Liquid Lipstick in Mysterious Mocha

This is a super glossy liquid lipstick that does feel a bit sticky. I love the colour though, it reminds of Too Faced Melted Lipstick in Chicauaua.

Full Size: $32.84 (volume undetermined)

INDI Beauty Buttercream Antioxidant Lip Scrub

I really love using lip scrubs and will be putting this to good use. I find that exfoliating the lips before I moisturize helps prevent them from cracking in the winter. I like that this has shea butter, sweet almond oil, avocado & Vitamin E. It also smells delicious! I’m really excited about this product!

Full Size: $28.90 (10 mL), Sample Size: $14.45 (5 mL)

My Thoughts

Overall, I think this month was OK. There are some really great items that I will be able to use right away like the eyeliner and lip scrub. As always, I won’t be using the nail polish so that’s a bummer that I keep getting them. The eyeshadow and liquid lipstick will probably get used too. Total value of my bag; $56.96 (minus the liquid lipstick because I could not determine the sample size price)

What did you think of Ipsy this month?

Lots of Love,


Unboxing Ipsy Glam Bay, September 2016

Price: $10.00 USD (plus $4.95 shipping to Canada) Number of items: 4-5 (+ a cute bag).

Ipsy is a monthly subscription service that introduces customers to new hair and beauty products. This month’s theme is “Glamazon” and is all about bringing back full glamour. This isn’t my favourite bag because I like more bright designs.

Prices have been converted to Canadian Dollars

What I Received:

Full Size: $19.77 (15mL), this is a full size item

Trust Fund Beauty Nail Lacquer in Champagne Socialite

I’ve received a nail polish from Trust Fund Beauty before that was a beautiful colour but I never used it because I don’t wear nail polish! I’m getting really tired of nail lacquers in all my boxes, I get them every month. This delivers an opaque colour in a single swipe. On the website this looks to be a beautiful shimmery champagne colour.

Full Size: $39.00 (.14 oz), Sample Size: $17.00 (.05 oz)

Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme

I’m really into lip plumpers (my fave is Soap and Glory’s Sexy Mother Pucker) so I’m excited to try this one from Too Faced. I haven’t tried this yet so I can’t say whether or not it has a tingling sensation or not. It’s supposed to give you visible fullness in seconds and has avocado and jojoba oil to condition the lips and give you a smooth finish. I love the packaging. Even the wand on this deluxe sample is gold with cute ribbon detailing on it.

Full Size: $47.99 (30 mL), Sample Size: $7.99 (5 mL)

Eau Thermal Avene – Hydrance Optimale Hydrating Serum

I’ve received some samples from Avene before and I’m always interested in trying more. This will be a nice cream to use over the face. The heart of this brand is their Avene Thermale Water which is sourced from the south of France. The water is naturally full of many minerals. Their history is quite interesting off their website. Their line is designed specifically for sensitive skin which I can appreciate because it likely will work with my dry skin.

Full Size: $31.63 (.14 oz), this is a full size item

Seraphine Botanicals Guava Butter

This is a 91% natural creamy lip & cheek stain with pure shea butter. The colour is a subtle rosy pink. This brand is really appealing to me, they use plant ingredients and all their products are made in small batches. It’s 100% cruelty-free, gluten-free, preservative-free and no harsh chemicals or dyes. All really great stuff! Most of all I’m really in love with house nice it glides on lips.

Full Size: $32.92 (3.25 oz), Sample Size: $9.12 (.9 oz)

Buff Her House of Exfoliation Vanilla Almond Crumbles

I was expecting this to have a strong scent of vanilla & almond but it’s actually really nice a subtle. This is an exfoliating cleanser starts off as dry grains that you add to water to lather up. The granules are made of sugar and rice. I really love these types of exfoliating cleansers because then I can just add a bit to my favourite cleanser for everyday exfoliating or use it without a cleanser for a full on, strong exfoliant.

My Thoughts

I wasn’t too excited about Ipsy this month. I also expecting more products to feel really glamorous but these were just meh for me.There are some things that I do like such as the Too Face Lip Injection and Buff Her House of Exfoliation. Total Value of this Bag; $85.51.

What did you think of Ipsy this month?

Lots of Love,


Unboxing: Ipsy Glam Bag August 2016

Price: $10.00 USD (plus $4.95 shipping to Canada) Number of items: 4-5 (+ a cute bag).

Ipsy is a monthly subscription service that introduces customers to new hair and beauty products. This month’s theme is Sugar Highness to inspire the dreamer in all of us. The beautiful illustrations were actually drawn by Michelle Phan! Is there anything this women can’t do! I love the design of this month’s bag. Fotor_14713035069330_resized

Now on to what I received;

Note: All prices have been converted to Canadian Dollars

Marc Anthony Nourishing Argan Oil of Morocco Deep Hydrating Treatment

Full Size: $10.99 (250mL) Sample Size: $2.20 (50 mL)
Ipsy read my mind with this one! I’m in need of a deep conditioner and now I have it! This is sulfate-free and safe for colour-treated hair. Hurray!!

Pacifica Sundreams Lotus Infused Bronzer in Sunkissed

Full Size: unclear
I guess it’s all about squeezing the last bits of summer we can! I know we still get warm months in September and sometimes even October but it’s really sad when the “summer months” are about to end…and don’t get me started on those back-to-school commercials. This is a pretty gold that you can build up. The shade is universal and I can see it complimFotor_147130414253092enting a variety of skin-types whether as bronzer or a highlight (on the web it looks like a duo coloured powder so I can see how it might work universally).
Also! This packaging is adorable! I loved unicorns growing up and this totally brings me back to those times!

Winky Lux Diamond Complexion Powder in Medium

Full Size: $25.86 – amount unknown
This is an all over powder that is infused with crushed-diamonds (ohh, how fancy). It’s really lightweight and soft. I think medium may work for my skin tone because it seemed to look OK when I swatched it.

IT Cosmetics No-Tug Waterproof Gel Eyeliner Mini in Black

Full Size: $28.43 (.5 g) Sample Size: $19.90 (.35 g)
Swatching this on my hand was a dream. It just glides on so easily and effortlessly. It also has ingredients like collagen and silk proteins. Now when they say waterproof, they really mean it. It wasn’t easy to remove the swatch with only soap, I needed both eye makeup remover and micellar water to get it off.

Ciate Paint Pot in Spinning Teacups

Full Size: $19.38 (13.5mL), this is a full size item
I don’t get the most excited about nail polish because I don’t wear them. I do like this colour and I’m sure I could give it to someone else.


Left to Right: IT Cosmetics Liner, Wynky Lux Powder, Pacifica Bronzer, Ciate Nail Polish

My Thoughts

Except for the nail polish I’m really happy with this bag. Another set of products that I needed and can see myself using. I’m unable to give a fair total value this month since it was hard to find the amounts or prices for the full sizes for the Winky Lux Powder and Pacifica Bronzer.

What did you receive in your Ipsy this month? Any product you’re loving or disappointed with?

Lots of Luv,