Review, L’Oreal Blend Artist Infallible Foundation Blender Sponge

For the most part, I don’t stray away from using my Beauty Blender to apply foundation. I do at times use a foundation brush, which I will share soon but I gravitate more towards my sponge. What I like to do is pump foundation on to the back of my hand, then dot it over my face with my fingers. I then use a sponge to blend out the foundation.

I have tried a few other makeup sponges in the past that I have enjoyed including the Real Techniques Makeup Sponges and Sephora’s Makeup Sponges but I always go back to the Beauty Blender. I am always interested in trying new sponges because I don’t like spending close to $30 every time I need a new Beauty Blender.

L'Oreal Blender Sponge (1)

I was shopping in Walmart when I saw the L’Oreal Blend Artist Infallible Foundation Blender Sponge and I figured I would try it out. I put my Beauty Blender to the side and tested out the L’Oreal sponge exclusively for the last three weeks

What it is

A non- disposable, makeup sponge applicator with an exclusive plush material. Designed to be used for liquid and cream foundations it has an easy to grip shape and rounded edges for guaranteed effortless blending (


This is on for $13.99 but I’m sure when I got it from Walmart it was about $10.00-11.00 CAD. This is about half of the cost of a Beauty Blender and I’m all about that!

L'Oreal Blender Sponge (2)


If I compare the texture of this sponge to ones I’ve tried, I’d say it’s very close to the Beauty Blender. It’s very plush-like and porous which makes application of foundation very even. But unlike the Beauty Blender, it doesn’t appear to absorb too much of my liquid foundation and I get more mileage from one pump.

L'Oreal Blender Sponge (4)

As far as size goes, it’s about the same as my Beauty Blender Pro when dry. It expands a lot more than the Beauty Blender does when wet. Granted the pro blender that I’m comparing this to is a bit different from the original pink blender, but for side-by-side comparisons, I figured it was worth sharing. I think this makes it quicker for applying foundation because the surface area is greater.

L'Oreal Blender Sponge (6)

Now comparing the bounciness of the sponge, the L’Oreal sponge is not as squishy as the Beauty Blender but it’s soft enough that it bounces on my skin. I’ve tried sponges in the past that are just so hard you feel like your punching yourself with it. Not the case with this one, there is just enough give that it feels really comfortable when applying foundation.

L'Oreal Blender Sponge (5)

One thing I really like about the L’Oreal sponge is that the sides are indented. This makes it easy to grip and control. The tip of this is small enough that when I squeeze the top of the sponge I can get it to blend out foundation or concealer under my eyes.

It’s a bit too fat to get a sharp contour or highlight, but if you’re like me and prefer a more subtle or blurred-out look it’s great for that. I use my Beauty Blender in the same way so it’s not so different here.

My Thoughts

I’m pretty surprised at how much I like this sponge. I didn’t do any research before buying it so I didn’t know if this was going to be good or not. For the cost, I would feel comfortable buying this again. This is probably the best alternative to the Beauty Blender that I’ve tried so far and I might start to use this more than my Beauty Blender (at least switching the sponges back and forth so that I’m cleaning one sponge daily).

What beauty sponges are you enjoying lately? What recommendations for sponges do you have?

Lots of love,

Review: L’Oreal True Match Lumi Cushion   

  If you’ve been walking through your drugstore makeup aisle or watching the beauty gurus of YouTube you’re bound to have heard of this product. Although many brands have released cushion foundations, I feel that the one that has received the most buzz is the L’Oreal True Match Lumi Cushion. I don’t own any L’Oreal makeup so I can’t speak to this in comparison to their other foundations in the True Match line, but as someone with really dry skin I know that cushion foundations are marketed for me and I thought I’d try this out.   I had planned to write this one up with other foundations that I’ve tried for the first time this month (Vichy’s Derma Blend Compact Creme and Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum) but decided I would just separate them out so I don’t write one really long post. Here’s what I think;

Price: This retails for about $25 CAD. I got mine on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart (a nice thing about this being a drugstore product is chances you will find this on sale or can use a coupon for it is pretty high)

Packaging: There isn’t really anything fancy here, it’s sturdy plastic case with a cute rose gold tinted lid. I really like the mirror inside. The cushion applicator that came with it is pretty good. I used it a few times and I think it would be really handy should you travel with this product. I did prefer using my beauty blender becase I could apply it a lot more quickly before heading out the door.   Coverage: This provides a sheer but buildable coverage. I would put on one layer of foundation then add concealer and powder for an everyday light coverage look. I did do two layers one day just to see what it looked like and it builds well. It didn’t feel heavy or look cakey on my skin. It comes on so easily, and the liquidity makes it a dream to blend onto the skin for a very flawless finish. It hid any fine lines and I felt like my pores were unnoticeable. I was suprized at the quality of this liquid foundation, I would completely forget that this was from the drugstore because it is so well formulated! It also matched my skin tone very nicely and did not oxidize.   Wear: To improve its longevity, I would highly suggest setting this with powder. I have dry skin and even I felt that this was really wet and needed powder. It felt very hydrating and gave me a very luminous glow. I looked radiant and awake, and I didn’t feel the need to put on any extra highlighter. I was able to wear this for a solid 8 hours, I did have it on for a max of 12 hours one day and it looked faded but still ok.  

I dipped my fingers directly into the foundation, you can see that the cushion creates a stipling effect
 My Thoughts

I am thoroughly impressed! I don’t usually go for drugstore foundations but I am definately getting this one again. The price, colour, and coverage are all perfect for me. It’s also really great for my dry skin which is sometimes hard to get right because a lot of foundations excentuate my dryness and make me look so dull. If you have dry skin and in the market for a new foundation, I would highly suggest looking into this. 

What do you think of this foundation? Would you try it? Any other cushion foundation you’re into lately?

Also, look out for my reviews on Vichy and Bourjois foundations!