Maybelline New York Fit Me Matte Plus Poreless Foundation

I know it might be a surprise that I would pick up this foundation since I have dry skin. From time to time I do like matte foundations because I like their finish. I think they work for me in the summer. If you are interested, I did a review of Urban Decay’s All Nighter Foundation here, which is also a matte.

I gave this foundation a try for 3 weeks, using it maybe 2-3 times a week (I have other foundations that I love using so I couldn’t commit a whole week to just this, lol!). I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it!
$6.96 CAD on sale with free shipping from when I made an order over $35. Regular price is $10.99 although it goes on sale pretty regularly on

What it is
Ultra-lightweight foundation for normal to oily skin. Tone plus texture-fitting foundation for the ultimate natural fit.

Shade, Coverage & Application
I got mine in the shade 112 Natural Ivory which was a fantastic match for my skin tone and the formula is liquid and light. It gives a medium coverage and it was super easy to layer if I wanted to add more coverage. One draw back is the bottle, I wish it had a pump because it has a wide opening and I’m always worried I might spill it whenever I’m applying my makeup especially because this product is very liquid. It also makes this a bit more messy in general since I have to pour out just the right amount to use on my face.
Whenever I wore this I would add a generous amount of moisturizer first to ensure my skin didn’t get too dry under the foundation. I’m sure the moisturizer helped, but I was left with a nice natural finish. The foundation didn’t accentuate any dryness on my face and my makeup looked really good on top.

I’m really impressed with this formula as I’ve never tried Maybelline foundations and I’m even more impressed at how inexpensive it was. I felt like it minimized my pores or at least made them less visible to the naked eye. I’d want to try the Fit Me Hydrate & Smooth Foundation next time I order.

Wear & Longevity
Since this was matte it wore pretty well into my work day without the need for primer. It might have looked a bit more dry on my nose, but that tends to happen since my nose is dry.
The Breakdown


  • great coverage
  • long lasting
  • worked well on my dry skin


  • No pump

My Thoughts
Sometimes drug store beauty products impress me way more than higher end products. Comparing this to my Urban Decay foundation I like this formula way more! Maybelline’s Fit Me Foundation had great coverage, didn’t oxidize too much on me, and is much more affordable. What’s even more impressive is that this was a product geared for a normal to oily skin but with some adjustment to my skincare routine I was able to get it to work for me. I really hope that the Fit Me Hydrating & Smooth Foundation works well for me too!

Have you tried Maybelline’s Fit Me Foundation? What Drug store foundations would you recommend?

Lots of Love,

My Summer Essentials: 3 Lip Products I Love

During the summer I like to keep my lip products light and easy to match a carefree look. I like products that won’t start bothering me in warmer weather and don’t require reapplication or upkeep. Below are my three faves:

1. Maybelline New York’s Baby Lips Lip Balm (Quenched)

pizap.com14324053687041My best friend suggeted I try Baby Lips after complaining that other lip balms dried out my lips as they wore off, leading to a lot of peeling and cracking. Ever since taking her advice I’ve been so pleased with this product. Even on its own Baby Lips is awesome. It gives off a slight sheen that makes your lips look so healthy. The formula is super smooth, has a pleasant smell and no taste. I also love that it has 20 SPF, which is perfect for lip coverage in the summer. When my lips need a little exfoliation, I’ll put this balm on my lips and then dip my finger into some sugar and lightly rub them over the balm. Sugar is awesome to exfoliate with and wearing the balm beforehand keeps a small buffer so I’m not rubbing against raw skin. As dead skin is removed the balm seeps in and mositurizes. I’ll then wipe my lips and add the balm back on to continually mositurize đŸ™‚

2. Younique’s Lucrative Lip Gloss (Luxe)

pizap.com14324051273751The minute I tried this product I thought it was great. I love lip glosses, but I tend not to wear them because I don’t like how they are so sticky and some can feel so heavy on the lips. The formula in this product doesn’t do that at all. It feels really nice and light and the colour is so perfect for a neutral look with added shimmer in the summer. I like that it also leaves my lips feeling good as it wears off and the large mirror on the side of the barrel means I don’t have to carry a compact in my purse.

3. Victoria’s Secret Pout Lip Stain (Eternal Flame)

pizap.com14324050610801For those nights I’m going out or when I just want to put colour on my lips in the summer I’ll reach for a lip stain because I don’t want to be using a heavy lipstick. I really think that sometimes Victoria Secret makeup is overlooked, but I think they have great lip products. Their lip stain is so fantastic, giving long lasting colour and I like that it’s in a tube applicator because I’ve had trouble with the watery stains that come with brushes (this included spilling the bottle as I was trying to use it..not fun at all!). I like the colour Eternal Flame in this line because it is a true red and looks so nice with a simple black winged liner and once I have it on I really don’t need to re-apply for a few hours. It even has a slight cherry flavour and smell!

For the summer, I feel these three products are my must haves for lips. What are you lip faves? How do you feel about the products I have listed?

Drug Store vs. Beauty Store: Liquid Eyeliner

IMG_0018I wanted to begin comparing Beauty and Drug Store makeup products to determine if, price and brand name aside, they both delivered the same thing.

I’ll first review my favourite makeup, liquid liner. I wear brown liquid liner during the day so I will be comparing Stila’s stay all day waterproof liquid eye liner to Maybelline’s line stiletto. Below are my thoughs:


Stila costs $26.00 CAD and Maybelline is $10.00 CAD.


These two have the same felt tip applicator, although Maybelline’s applicator is a bit larger and rounded while Stila has a sharp tip. If you want a really precise line or a thinner wing you’ll get that easily with Stila. If you wear your eye liner a bit thicker Maybelline will do the trick. Maybelline’s tube is a bit thicker too, like holding a marker compared to the pen-like size of Stila’s applicator. Both are easy to grip which is important when keeping a steady hand.

Look and Feel:

The colour is exactly the same, I almost forgot which was which after I put them on. Maybelline is a bit more watery when you first apply it and can bleed if you’re not careful. Stila gives just the right amount of colour so you don’t need to be very careful. Both have great pigmentation.

Dry Time:IMG_0020

Stila by far knocks this one out of the park. Stila took only 1 minute to dry on my hand while it took about 10 minutes for Maybelline. Once they dried, however, no amount of rubbing could remove either of them from my hand.


Liquid liners come off very easily in comparison to pencil or gel liners with the use of makeup remover. I was a bit dissappointed Stila though. For a waterproof liquid liner, it came off quite easily with only a little bit of water. Maybelline made no such claim so I wasn’t suprised when it came off with water. This is the annoying part of any liquid eyeliner really, if it starts raining, or you start sweating or worse, crying, they are going to come off completely. That’s why I never wear them in my waterline.


I choose Stila. When creating a look with liquid liner, it’s just nicer to have a bit more control over the thickness of the line and I like not having to wait so long for the product to dry. I am impressed with Maybelline though, the price and wear is great. If liquid liner is not something you wear all the time like I do, this works amazingly for those times when you want to add it.

So what do you think? What Drug Store Liner have you tried? Is there a Beauty Store Liner you like?

For those who aren’t very confident putting on liquid liner, I feel your pain. I really sucked at application before I started wearing it everyday. You need to be very patient and practice (I used to apply it over the weekends when I had nothing else to do.) A way that I started getting comfortable is I began by just applying it against my eyelashes. Putting a line right against my eyelashes was 1; easy to do and 2; made my lashes look fuller. When I got comfortable doing that, I started slowly adding a second thin line on top of that from the middle of my eye outward. Then another line on top of that, again from the middle of my eye outward. This is any easy way to get a simple winged looked by building on what I had mastered before.