Unboxing BoxyCharm, December 2017

Price: $21.00 USD (+$5.00 shipping to Canada)
Number of items: 4-5 full-size items

Boxycharm is a monthly subscription box of full-size makeup, skincare and beauty tools. The theme for this month is “Glitz & Glam”. This is obviously a holiday-centric theme but I like that you can pretty much create a whole look with the items I received.

BoxyCharm Dec 2017_LBL (2)

As a quick update, I subscribed to BoxyCharm earlier this year and originally only thought I’d stick to a three-month subscription. It’s been some time and I’m really loving the box! It’s approx $33.00 when converted to CAD (with shipping) but I love the value of the box and I’ve been able to share or gift a lot of the items. I’m likely to stick with the subscription for a while.

Prices are in American Dollars, converted to Canadian at the end

RealHer Blush Kit
Retail Price: $32.00 USD

BoxyCharm Dec 2017_LBL (9)
This is the third time I’ve received RealHer products in my box but I do like the brand so far so I’m happy to get this blush trio.
BoxyCharm Dec 2017_LBL (1)I originally wasn’t sure if I was going to save this for myself or give it to someone else but after finding that the colours are muted I think I will keep it for myself. I like blushes that are light and buildable.

Beaute Basics Bronze Essentials
Retail Price: $39.95 USD
BoxyCharm Dec 2017_LBL (6)
I was excited about this bronzer until I opened it up and noticed the large strips of glitter. The card from BoxyCharm reads that you can use the pans individually or together.
BoxyCharm Dec 2017_LBL (7)
I like to use a big fluffy brush for bronzing so I’m not sure how well I’ll be able to only use it individually. I’ll give this a try to decide if I might be able to use it but I honestly see this as being something I’d use on my eyes instead.

Makeup Geek Showstopper Creme Stain
Retail Price: $12.00 USD
BoxyCharm Dec 2017_LBL (5)

I love receiving Makeup Geek in my BoxyCharm because I wouldn’t buy it on my own. This is a pretty nude that I would wear myself but I know my sister might like it better so I’m going to pass this along to her.  I’m not sure what the shade name is because it’s nowhere on the packaging.

Tarte Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara
Retail Price: $23.00 USD
BoxyCharm Dec 2017_LBL (8)
I love this mascara and I already have one that’s almost empty so I’m beyond excited to have a new one. This has a rubber brush tip and I like it for fanning out my lashes.

Vintage Cosmetics Illuminating Face Highlighter in Rose Gold
Retail Price: $32.00 USD
BoxyCharm Dec 2017_LBL (4)

I’m in love with the packaging on this product. It’s a heavy duty white plastic with gold detail. It’s so elegant. The highlighter itself is pretty and would work with my skin tone I just think it’s very glittery. I might not use this as a highlight but I think it would work for me as a blush topper or over the lids.

My Thoughts
This box is OK from BoxyCharm. Usually, I’m wowed by everything and this time around I’m feeling so-so. I was hoping that with it being the holidays I’d get something more sparkly or a lip colour that was more festive. I am very happy with the mascara, highlighter and blush set so there are some redeeming elements in this box. Total Retail value: $138.95 USD ($178.77 CAD!)

Did you get BoxyCharm this month? What was in your box?

Lots of Love,


Favourites From the Boxes, November 2017

Did anyone do any Black Friday Shopping? I found myself on the Sephora website at 5:00AM going through their offerings for Black Friday but other than that I didn’t do any shopping. There were quite a few deals and the mall nearby my work was crazy busy. For me it just really feels like November is coming to an end and Christmas will be here before we know it! I’m soooo excited! Anyways, I wanted to share some subscription box favourites below.

Royal & Langnickle Brushes
Received in: BoxyCharm February 2017 and BoxyCharm August 2017

I am so impressed with these brushes. They are extremely soft and blend my eyeshadow perfectly.
20171125_123916I’ll start with the gold set of brushes which I use as shader brushes. This came together as part of the Omnia line. The natural hair large shader brush is great for putting eyeshadow all over my lid. I also really love the synthetic smudger brush for smoking out my eyeliner or blending out the lower lash line. These brushes look really fancy and are super lightweight.

The next brush I received from a later Boxycharm box is this synthetic crease brush which came in a set of three from the Moda Pro line.

The other brushes are for the face and I really like them. This guy is becoming my go-to for blending out the crease. I like it because it’s really fluffy but the tip is tapered so it keeps the eyeshadow in the area I place it. I also really love the design of this barrel. It’s rubberized with a cushion style pattern that makes it super comfortable to grip.

Buff Her House of Exfoliation Vanilla Almond Crumbles
Received in: Ipsy Glam Bag September 2016

20171125_123626I use this whenever I want to turn my face wash into a scrub. I like that I can add in as much or as little I want of this so that I can either have a light exfoliation or a stronger scrub.
20171125_123644They are very large granules so if I do put too much it can be irritating to the skin but a little pinch like the amount I have in my hand below is perfect for me.
20171125_123700I love using this mostly with my foaming wash because then I get a little bubbly exfoliation action going. The scent is very natural too which I do enjoy.

Shu Uemura Essence Absolute Nourishing Protective Oil
Received in: Topbox July 2015

I’ve had this for such a long time now but the oil has held up super well. I have so many hair oils that I rotate through so it’s not a surprise to me that I still have about half a bottle of this left.
20171125_123609While my hair is damp I put about two pumps of this into my hair. I then will let it air dry or I’ll heat style my hair. This leaves my hair feeling really soft and less frizzy. I think this is one of the best items I’ve received in a Topbox, ever!

These were the products I wanted to share this month from my various subscription boxes.

Are there any items you’re enjoying from your subscription boxes?

Lots of Love,

Unboxing Topbox, November 2017

Price: $12.00 CAD (plus tax, free shipping) 4 items.

Topbox is a Canadian monthly beauty subscription service. Each month you have the option of getting a surprise box or to swap it for a prive box where all the products are from one brand and you know what they are. This month I opted for a surprise box!

I usually receive the Topbox spoiler email before the bag arrives in the mail and I ALWAYS read it! haha! This month, I tried hard not to open that email until after I saw the items so I could actually enjoy the surprise and I did!

Prices are in Canadian Dollars

What I received;

LARITZY Cosmetics Silicone Makeup Blender
Full size: $14.00, this is a full size item
Unboxing Topbox_November_LBL9

I once bought one of these silicone style blenders from Amazon and it was awful! It really just made my foundation look like it was sitting on my face and not blended in. This blender has a lot more bounce than the Amazon one does but I wasn’t too excited when I saw this in the bag. I did read in the description that these are useful for applying skincare too and I thought that might be better. I’m sure it would be great for spreading around a mask or something so I’ll give it a shot!

First Aid Beauty 5 in 1 Bouncy Mask
Full size: $38.00 (1.7 oz), Sample size: $7.60 (.34 oz)
Unboxing Topbox_November_LBL4
This is an item I’m excited about! This mask should nourish, calm, firm, plump and refine. I do enjoy First Aid Beauty products and I really hope that this delivers on all the things it promises to do. I also enjoy that this is safe for sensitive skin, is hypoallergenic and fragrance free!

Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer in All Wrapped Up
Full size: $15.83, this is a full size item
Unboxing Topbox_November_LBL6

I’ve recieved Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquers before and I really enjoy this formula. Yes, I don’t wear nail polish, but my toes are just as important! haha! I might actually wear this for a holiday party or something because it’s just so festive! It’s a deep grey/purple with a lot of silver glitter.

Professional Sebastian Shaper Plus Extra Hold Hairspray
Full size: $24.14 (10.6 oz), Sample size: $3.10 (1.36 oz)
Unboxing Topbox_November_LBL8

I haven’t received a hair spray in any of my boxes in a long time so I’m pretty happy to get one now. I did a little search for this online and found that it was sold at Ulta (hurray that Ulta now ships to Canada!) and it has a 4.5 star rating. I don’t fuss too much with my hair, but again with the holidays around the corner I will use this to hold my styles in place. This is meant to be a 24hr hold (who tests this?) that’s not stiff or sticky. It’s also good for high humid areas, I’ll have no problem with that during winter!

My Thoughts
I’m super happy with my Topbox items this month. I get stuff that I’ll be able to wear/use for the holidays and winter rescue (aka the face mask). I’m not the most excited about the blender, but I’ll try it for skincare. Total Value: $40.53.

Did you get Topbox this month? Any items you are excited for?

Lots of Love,

Unboxing Topbox, October 2017

Price: $12.00 CAD (plus tax, free shipping) 4 items.

Topbox is a Canadian monthly beauty subscription service. Each month you have the option of getting a surprise box or to swap it for a prive box where all the products are from one brand and you know what they are. This month I opted for a prive box. It’s not from one brand, but the items are ones I know I will use.

Prices are in Canadian Dollars

Vichy Laboratories Purete Thermale 3 in 1
Full Size Price: $19.95 (200 mL)
Unboxing Topbox Oct 2017_LBL (2)

I love Vichy items. I’ve actually been using this line for about 3 years and I love it. This is 1. Cleansing Milk, 2. Toner, 3. Eye Makeup remover. With this formula you can apply with a cotton pad and don’t have to rinse, I really love that for those nights I just feel a little lazy and want to watch TV and wash my face at the same time. haha! This is also great for sensitive skin.

Nature by Canus Shea Butter Soap
Full Size Price: $3.99 (141g)
Unboxing Topbox Oct 2017_LBL (3)

This is another brand that I really love. I included the bubble bath in my empties in March that added some extra moisturizer. The smell of shea butter is so invigorating plus it has vitamins A and E and rich in essential fatty acids to tone and rejuvenate the skin. I use bar soaps quite a bit so love having them around.

My Thoughts
I am happy with the items in this Prive box because I wanted something different compared to the usual sample size things that I get in this subscription. I know the total value of the box is quite low ($23.94) it’s still worth more than the cost of the subscription and I got items I wanted.

Did you get Topbox this month? What was in your box?

Lots of Love,

Unboxing Boxycharm, October 2017

Price: $21.00 USD (+$5.00 shipping to Canada)
Number of items: 4-5 full-size items
Boxycharm_Oct 2017_LBL1
Boxycharm is a monthly subscription box of full-size makeup, skincare and beauty tools. The theme for this month is “Spellbound”. It really made me start thinking about Halloween and candy corn!

All prices are in USD, converted to CAD at the end

Dr Brandt Poredermabrasion
Retail Price: $58.00 USD
Boxycharm_Oct 2017_LBL4
It is really exciting to receive another Dr Brandt item in my Boxycharm. Now I don’t have to worry about purchasing another one when it runs out. Like the one I received before, this has micro-crystal to deep clean and refines pores.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlight in Presecco Pop
Retail Price: $38.00 USD
Boxycharm_Oct 2017_LBL8

I love Becca highlighters! They are so shiny and creamy, a great formula in my opinion! I already own Champagne Pop and it is a stunning peach shade. Presecco Pop looks like it’ll be a beautiful gold shimmer.

Tarte Tarteist Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint in Homeslice
Retail Price: $20.00 USD
Boxycharm_Oct 2017_LBL7

Hurray for a Tarte product! You may not know but I really love this brand. I’ve tried their matte lip paint formula before and think it is a comfortable lip product to wear that dries really quickly after application. I just don’t think it’s very long wearing.

ncLA Nailed It Tool Kit
Retail Price: $18.00 USD
Boxycharm_Oct 2017_LBL5

This is a pretty interesting item to receive in a subscription box! It’s great to receive a manicure set that I’m sure I’d get a lot of use out of! I definitely prefer items like this over nail polish.

Jonteblu Lip Liner Pencil In Brown Sugar
Retail Price: $5.00 USD
Boxycharm_Oct 2017_LBL6
I don’t wear too many lip liners, but whenever I wear lipsticks I don’t find lining my lips does help. I just wish it came in the same colour as the Lip Paint from Tarte.


Boxycharm_Oct 2017_LBL9

My Thoughts
Boxycharm threw in a few exciting and surprising items this month and I’m totally feeling Fall vibes with them!  Total Value; $139.00 USD ($175.50 CAD).

Did you get Boxycharm this month? What was in your box? What do you think of the items I received?

Lots of Love,

Unboxing Topbox, July 2017

Price: $12.00 CAD (plus tax, free shipping) 4 items.

Topbox is a Canadian monthly beauty subscription service. Each month you have the option of getting a surprise box or to swap it for a prive box where all the products are from one brand and you know what they are. This month I opted for a surprise box!

Prices are in Canadian Dollars

Essie Nail Lacquer in b’aha moment!
Full Size Price: $9.00 (13.5 mL)
Topbox July 2017_LBL (7)
Ah! This colour is so fun! It’s a nice raspberry that is perfect for summer. I have quite a few nail lacquers from Essie because I like the formula. It’s a bit thinner so you need about 3 coats to make it opaque but I like that it dries pretty quickly in between.

LARITZY Cosmetics Undressed Liquid Lip Stain in shade Pebble
Full Size Price: $21.00 (1oz)
Topbox July 2017_LBL (2)
I did a swatch of this on the back of my hand and I find this dries down to a pretty matte. I love the dark nude shade, it’s very pretty although I think I might save it to use in the fall. PLUS I have a few other lipsticks in this colour so I’m not rushing to use this just yet.

Benefit Cosmetics Boi-ing Airbrush Concealer
Full Size Price: $27.00 (5 g), Sample Price: $8.64 (1.6 g)
Topbox July 2017_LBL (5)
Ya! A new Benefit product! This is meant to be a soft-focus, lightweight concealer. To apply you pat and blend this under the eyes or around the face. I used this about a day or two ago and it reminds me of Becca’s Under Eye Brightening Corrector in consistency and it’s as lightweight as that formula but it’s a concealer. I like a little more coverage under my eyes but I do think that it’ll work fine if I’m wearing a full coverage foundation.

Full Size Price: $79.00 (50 g), Sample Price: $23.70 (15 g)
Topbox July 2017_LBL (3)
I love receiving Glamglow samples because the full size of any of their products is so very expensive in my opinion. For this treatment, you apply a thin layer over the skin and after 5-20 mins wash it off. I would probably use this as a spot treatment every week or so and I think this will last me quite a long time.

BONUS! Garnier Skinactive Moisture Bomb
Topbox July 2017_LBL (4)
I absolutely love this little moisturizer. Garnier surprised me lately with their products and I’ve been enjoying them ever since. If you’re curious of my thoughts on Garnier BB Creams or skincare products you can read them here. This sample reminds me of the Bliss drench n’ quench because it’s very light and creamy. It feels almost gel-like.

Topbox July 2017_LBL (6)

My Thoughts

Topbox did not disappoint this month! I received items that I’m very excited to try. I’m really curious about how I like the Benefit concealer as I try it with different foundations and how well it holds up in the heat. I’m also in love with the colour of my Essie polish and can’t wait to clear my skin with some Glamglow masking tonight! Total Value of my box; $62.34 (not including bonus item)

Did you get Topbox this month? Anything excite you from the box?

Lots of Love,

Unboxing Boxycharm, July 2017

Price: $21.00 USD (+$5.00 shipping to Canada) Number of items: 4-5 full-size items.
Boxycharm is a monthly subscription box of full-size makeup, skincare and beauty tools. This is hands-down my favourite box from Boxycharm yet! The theme for this month is CutiePie.

All prices in USD, converted to CAD at the end

blinc Electric eyes palette
Retail Price: $45.00 USD
Unboxing Boxycharm July 2017 (2)I was really excited to see this palette in the box because I’ve seen some of their mascara’s at Sephora. When I opened it I was floored by the beautiful colours! They are jewel tone shades that are  highly pigmented and so creamy to the touch. I love the golds and bronzes and the pop of raspberry here.
Unboxing Boxycharm July 2017 (3)At first glance four of the five shades do look similar but when you actually put them on your eyes or Swatch them on the skin they are completely different. I’ve applied these both wet and dry and the pigmentation is very impressive. The only downside ts that they’re all shimmers so I would have to use it with another matte palette to make it work for the types of looks that I like to do.

Colour-pop matte lip in lock diary
Retail Price: $6.00 USD
Unboxing Boxycharm July 2017 (7)

I love the pigmentation of Colourpop glosses and I do think that for the price they are really great deal. I’m not in love with this particular colour because it is too bright for me personally. I plan on passes this along to someone else that I know will enjoy the colour. I have tried and hauled other items from colourpop that you can read here and here.

Bare Minerals Invisible light translucent powder Duo
Retail Price: $32.00 USD
Unboxing Boxycharm July 2017 (8)This is the one item that completely stole my heart when I open this box. It is a translucent powder that comes with both a matte and a glow side. The matte side will absorb oil and it’s a perfect setting makeup while the glow side adds luminosity and highlighting.
Unboxing Boxycharm July 2017 (9)I love that this Duo is together because I actually love to put highlighting type powders all over my face but also using translucent matte powders under my eye. I also love that they’re pressed powders and I can take them on the go.

Winky Lux unibrows Universal eyebrow pencil
Retail Price: $12.00 USD
Unboxing Boxycharm July 2017 (4)
This Universal shade almost feels a bit dark to be universal but I think it will work with my hair colour and I have thick brows. I use a little bit of pencil to fill in the gaps but I’m never really too concerned about matching my color exactly. I admire this packaging I love the gold hieroglyphics against the creamy white pencil. I love cute packaging! This will make it so easy to find in my makeup case.

Project Beauty spray. What. No. Makeup setting spray
Retail Price: $32.00 USD
Unboxing Boxycharm July 2017 (6)
I’m so happy that I received this in my box because if you saw my empties for June you would have noticed that I did finish up my sample size makeup setting spray from Urban Decay. The only downside with this guy is that the mister more like a jet stream so it’s not very easy to spray it all over my face. If I spray it far enough I might be able to still get away with it but I do like a fine mist so I might have to pour the product into a different spray bottle. I did spray some of this on my face just to see how it felt and it does feel very much like a Mac Fix Plus. I really like it!

Unboxing Boxycharm July 2017 (10)
My Thoughts
I am super happy with this box. I had planned on canceling my subscription after receiving this but I think I might just go for another 3 months because the items in this box were so good and I’m really looking forward to what they might have in store for the next few months. I wish I could pick out a few standout items but honestly they’re all stuff I am super excited to try except for maybe the colour-pop lippie which I’m completely fine with passing to someone else. Total value of my box: $127.00 USD or $160.00 CAD

Did you get Boxycharm this month? What item is a standout for you? What do you think of the items I got?

Lots of Love,


Unboxing Boxycharm, May 2017

Price: $21.00 USD (+$5.00 shipping to Canada) Number of items: 4-5 full-size items.
Boxycharm is a monthly subscription box of full-size makeup, skincare and beauty tools. This month’s theme is Makeup is Art.

IBY Beauty Highlight and Countour Palette
Retail Price: $40.00 US

I never really got into the highlight and contour craze although I did try it out on the blog at one time. If you want to read that post you can here. I’m going to save this palette because I can probably use the lighter shades to set my makeup and the darker shades in lieu of bronzer. I do like the shades here and the thin and sleek packaging.

Crown Pro Round Contour Brush
Retail Price: $24.99 US|

Although I do appreciate the attempt to add a tool that can be used with the palette that was sent in this box I really think this brush is just a bit big on my face to use for contouring. As you might have seen in my previous posts I really love these types of brushes for foundation so I’ll use it for that instead. This brush is super soft and nicely packed. It really puts the ones I’ve been picking up from Amazon to shame! I also love that this came with a cover to protect the brush head.

The BrowGal Convertible Brow
Retail Price: $35.00 US

I swear of heard of BrowGal before, I wonder if I’ve received any of their products in other boxes. I used to only use brow powders when I first got into doing my eyebrows so I’m actually looking forward to using this. I like that you can add a little water to this too to give it more of a pomade texture.  I also like that Boxycharm included the The BrowGal Brow Brush, this one is $14.00 US. I always love having extra brow brushes and mascara wands laying around to use on my brows.

Temptu Liquid Glow 
Retail Price: $29.50 US

Oh I love this pearl highlighter! This was made in collaboration with Boxycharm and the highlighter can be used all over the face for luminous complexion or just on the high points of the face. You are supposed to apply this with your fingers. I’ve actually been using my liquid highlighters all over the face and then dotting concealer where I need it to give me a more dewy, vibrant look for the spring. Highlighter is a hard product for me to finish up because you only need a little but this technique lately is making them multi-purposeful.

My Thoughts
This month feels like we are covering the basics which include contouring, highlighting the face and sculpting the brows. I love that Boxycharm included tools that they hoped could be used with the products they sent. Very useful for someone who may not have a large collection of brushes. I’m REALLY happy with everything I received! Total Value of this month’s box: $143.49 US or $196.79 CAD!! WOW!

Did you get Boxycharm this month? What did you think of the items?

Lots of Love,

Unboxing Topbox, April 2017

Price: $12.00 CAD (plus tax, free shipping) 4 items.

Topbox is a Canadian monthly beauty subscription service. Each month you have the option of getting a surprise box or to swap it for a prive box where all the products are from one brand and you know what they are. This month I opted for the surprise box.

Cake Beauty The ‘Do Gooder Volumizing Dry Shampoo Spray
Full Size: $19.00 (200mL), $4.75 (50mL)

I have few sample size dry shampoos that I’ve been loving but I’m really excited to have received this one from Cake Beauty! I love Cake Beauty for soooo many reasons; they have delicious smelling products that work really well for my skin and they are a Canadian Brand. This product is also cruelty-free and vegan! I tested this out in my hair and I can confirm that this leaves absolutely no residue which is super important to me. I have brown hair so I really don’t like when some dry shampoos have a white cast.

LARITZY Cosmetics Lip Pencil in Retro Red
Full Size: $18.00, this is full size

I haven’t swatched this but I don’t have any red-toned lip liners so I’m glad to be adding this to my collection. It looks like it’ll be creamy like the description says so I’m looking forward to giving this a try. I usually love wearing lip liners and then topping them with a clear gloss for long-lasting, shiny colour.

China Glaze Nail Lacquer in Urban-Night
Full Size: $10.00 (14mL), this is full size

This is a beautiful deep purple that is gorgeous and edgy. For spring I tend towards more pastel and light shades but I totally rock colours like this in the summer and fall! I have a few other lacquers from China Glaze and although it’s not my favourite formula I still like wearing it once in a while.

Pureology Smooth Perfection Shampoo and Conditioner
Full Size: $20.00 (250mL) each, Sample Size: $4.00 (50mL) each
prices based off of zestbeauty.com

I love that this duo is designed for frizzy, colour treated hair. This has 100% vegan ingredients. The label also reads that it has antifadecomplex with camellia oil. I’m going to save this duo for my upcoming summer travels!

BONUS! Garnier Skinactive Moisture Bomb Sheet Mask and L’Oreal Hydra Genius

The L’Oreal samples are foil samples but they feel pretty full. I think you can get two uses out of each which is nice. I will probably pass these along because they are designed for normal to oily-skin. The Garnier sheet mask is an item I’m very excited to try. I love hydrating masks and this one claims to provide deep moisture for softer and more radiant skin! I’m sure I’ll try it before the end of the month so I’ll let you know my thoughts in my next empties post!

My Thoughts
I got a decent amount of hair products – between the shampoo and conditioner duo and the dry shampoo but I’m happy with them! I’m also happy to have a new lip pencil which I will probably wear a lot in the summer and a nice nail lacquer! Total value of my box: $40.75 (not including bonus items).

What did you think of Topbox this month? What was in your bag?

Lots of Love,

Unboxing Ipsy Glam Bag, April 2017

Price: $10.00 USD (+$4.95 shipping to Canada) Number of items: 5 (+a cute bag).

Ipsy is a monthly subscription service that introduces customers to new hair and beauty products.

Ipsy_April_2017_LBL2This month’s theme is sideshow and it’s all about being bold. The bag is meant to represent your ticket to Ipsy’s sideshow. I think the theme and the bag are super adorable.

All prices are converted to Canadian Dollars.

Glamour Dollz x Lisa Frank Angle Blush Brush
Full Size: $6.66 (this is full size)

This gives me serious elementary school vibes! The brush is design by Lisa Frank in collaboration with Glamour Dollz. You might recognize her work creating colourful and whimsical school supplies. I think I used to own the unicorn sticker sheets (I was obsessed with unicorns).

Lisa Frank AmazonThe brush is vegan-friendly and really soft although I wish the brush was just a touch denser. I use angled brushes pretty often for blush and bronzer. I was looking at the Glamour Dollz website and so much of their makeup is affordable! I wonder if anyone has tried any of their items – I’d be interested to know if you have. The unicorn print on this brush is super cute.

Jessie’s Girl Liquid Eye Liner in Black
Full Size: $9.32 (this is full size)

Ipsy_April_2017_LBL5You can’t go wrong with liquid eyeliner and this one is bold and a true black. I did a swatch on my hand that dried pretty matte. I’m happy to have this in my bag.

Avene Rich Compensating Cream
Full Size: $48.99 (50mL), Sample Size: $4.89 (5mL)

Ipsy_April_2017_LBL3This is a daily moisturizing creme made for dry, sensitive skin. I received a different moisturizing creme from Avene before that I was excited to try. I like little samples like this because I can pop them into an overnight bag.

Adesse Cupuacu Butter Lip Balm
Full Size: $31.99 (this is full size)

Ipsy_April_2017_LBL6This butter balm is up my alley! Here’s the description off the Adesse website: Luxurious treatment that soothes, moisturizes and hydrates dry lips. The center core is infused with cold pressed Cupuaçu Butter; derived from the Rain Forest and prized for its rich content of phytosterols that heal, hydrate and combat free radicals (adesseny.com). I’m really into the extra blast of hydration in the centre, plus it makes this look super cool! I haven’t swathced this to see if the pink outter layer is visible colour.

Cite London Bamboo Bronzer in Palm Island
Full Size: $37.32 (10g), Sample Size: $8.21 (2.2g)

Ipsy_April_2017_LBL7This is a pretty bronzer. Ciate is known for their nail polish but I am super impressed with the liquid eyeliner I received in my October Ipsy bag so I’m looking forward to this bronzer being a success too. It’s matte and has oil-controlling properties. I’m excited to give this a try.

My Thoughts
The majority of the items I received this month were full size items! That’s always really nice in Ipsy. I’m excited about all the items in this month’s bag! Total Value of my bag: $61.07

Did you receive Ipsy this month? Anything you’ve been loving in your bag?

Lots of Love,